Launched in January 2004, CollegeFootballTalk.com has managed to achieve a niche in the world of college football — the presentation of up-to-date football news in a one stop, humorous and ball-busting way.  From our sermons to what’s wrong with college football to links that take the reader to daily articles on the Division I-A teams, we here at CFT present your football news in a concise and entertaining manner.

We don’t have editors, we don’t have agendas, we don’t owe anyone anything and we don’t care.

Our Daily Rumor Mill gives you all the daily poop about the teams you love (and hate) — and we include our own comments that usually involve some slap-ass jock or administrator proving once again that the necessity of a brain is not a requirement for college football. We pour over the nationwide newspapers every day (or nearly every day), separating the cream from the crap and summarizing it in a quick, easy-to-read format.

We’re the first to admit that we don’t always adhere to pure journalistic standards. We don’t seek reactions from players, coaches, and/or agents before posting controversial stories. However, we’ll give anyone who objects to one of our stories an opportunity to respond. And we won’t run anything that we know or have reason to know is untrue.

So make us part of your regular surfing sequence. Without us, your college football knowledge simply isn’t complete.

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