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College Football in Coronavirus Quarantine: On this day in CFT history, including Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs/Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy arrested for allegedly assaulting UCLA’s strength coach with a kettlebell

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The sports world, including college football, has essentially screeched to a halt as countries around the world battle the coronavirus pandemic. As such, there’s a dearth of college football news as spring practices have all but been canceled at every level of the sport. And there’s even some concern that the health issue could have an impact on the 2020 college football campaign.

In that vein, we thought it might be fun to go back through the CollegeFootballTalk archives that stretch back to 2009 and take a peek at what transpired in the sport on this date.

So, without further ado — ok, one further ado — here’s what happened in college football on June 22, by way of our team of CFT writers both past and present.

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THE HEADLINE: Reports: UConn could leave American for Big East
THE SYNOPSIS: Four days later, the Huskies confirmed non-football sports will be moving to the Big East.  2020 will mark UConn’s first season as a college football independent.


THE HEADLINE: Chad Morris finally finalizes $3.5 million contract with Arkansas
THE SYNOPSIS: One year and five months later, the Razorbacks fired Morris.  After two seasons as head coach.  Now the offensive coordinator at Auburn, Morris is owed a $10 million buyout from UA.


THE HEADLINE: Washington State coach Mike Leach not going quietly after Twitter spat, continues to blast reporter
THE SYNOPSIS: Leach is not one to shy away from creating controversy via the Twitter machine. Even if it costs him some players.


THE HEADLINE: Kansas planning $300 million stadium renovation and new indoor football facility
THE SYNOPSIS: Just wanted to put this out there as a reminder.  In the last three seasons (2007-09) under Mark Mangino, KU won 25 games.  In the past 10 seasons (2010-19) since Mangino was fired, the Jayhawks have won 21 games.


THE HEADLINE: Reports: UCLA strength coach assaulted by Diddy
THE SYNOPSIS: Diddy Day in college football included a kettlebell as the alleged weapon of choice.  The mogul, whose son, Justin Combs, was a Bruins defensive back at the time, was initially arrested on felony charges.  The felony charge was subsequently dropped.


THE HEADLINE: Is Texas A&M actually running the state? YESSIR!
THE SYNOPSIS: This one garnered nearly 200 comments.  It’s almost like this is a college football rivalry that should still be played or something.


THE HEADLINE: Was Nick Saban‘s ‘mea culpa’ a ploy to get back to NFL?
THE SYNOPSIS: A decade later, the answer is still the same.  No.  Probably.

Arkansas places RB T.J. Hammonds back on scholarship

Arkansas football
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The up-and-down career of one Arkansas football player is on the uptick.

In late February of last year, then-head coach Chad Morris confirmed that T.J. Hammonds was not a part of his Arkansas football team “right now” as the running back looked to get his academic house in order.  Three months later, Hammonds was back with the program.

In late August, however, Morris announced that Hammonds would be suspended for the first four games of the 2019 season.  Hammonds ultimately returned for the fifth game of the 2019 campaign.  Upon his initial return in May, however, Hammonds had his scholarship stripped.

Morris, though, was fired.  Wednesday, Morris’ replacement confirmed that Hammonds is back on scholarship.

We’re happy to be able to do that,” Sam Pittman said about the move. “He’s fast. He’s got a lot of speed. You can beat two ways as far as physically. You can beat them with speed or you can beat them bigness. You can eat them with large humans. Right now it’s a little faster for us to get fast guys than it is get a whole team of big guys.

“He’s fast, but the bottom line is he did what we asked him to do in school and he did what we asked him to do in the offseason in the eight-week program when we were here. He’s athletic and he did what we asked him to do so, in my opinion, he earned the right to get his scholarship back.”

His first three seasons with the Razorbacks, three seasons, Hammonds, a four-star 2016 signee, ran for 378 yards and two touchdowns on 57 carries. Just 28 of those yards came in 2018, although he did catch four passes for 84 yards and a touchdown that season.

After returning from his suspension last season, Hammonds ran for 65 yards and caught four passes for 10 yards.  He’ll be a fifth-year senior in 2020.