Jabrill Peppers

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Jabrill Peppers on Heisman experience: I wish I could do it again. Hopefully I can do it again.

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Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson took home the Heisman Trophy Saturday night in New York, which was to be expected. Michigan’s all-around standout Jabrill Peppers was invited to New York as a finalist, and he made sure to soak it all in because you just never know if you will receive that kind of unique experience again. In a post-Heisman Trophy interview with Big Ten Network, Peppers may have potentially let his future plans slip (well, maybe).

“It was a tremendous experience. I wish I could do it all again,” Peppers said reflecting on the evening. “Hopefully I can do it again.”

Some might hear that and think Peppers just spilled the beans on his future plans by suggesting he will not have this experience again as he could be heading to the NFL in 2017. Peppers has not confirmed that will be happening as of yet, but there was no doubt he did in fact enjoy the entire experience of being in New York.

“I’m just going to keep doing whatever it takes to win. I’m going to keep proving the haters and the doubters wrong, and keep doing what’s best for me and my family,” Peppers said later in the interview when asked what he wants people to know about him following his Heisman finalist experience. “Whoever don’t like it, so be it, but they’re going to watch me be great.”

It sure sounds like Peppers is about to leave for the NFL, but we will just have to continue waiting to see for sure.