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Three dead, dozens injured as car plows into Homecoming parade at Ok. St.


A day of celebration has turned into a day of tragedy on the campus of Oklahoma State University.

Ahead of Oklahoma State’s Homecoming game against Kansas this afternoon, the university held its annual Homecoming parade.  At some point during the parade, and for reasons that are currently unknown, a car plowed into the participants at a high rate of speed.

At the time of this posting, there were three confirmed fatalities.  At least 10 people were critically injured, with a total of 27 individuals being airlifted away from the chaotic scene.

The driver of the vehicle, who is reportedly a woman, is in custody.

From the Stillwater News Press:

At first we thought it was part of the show,” Walker said. “People were flying 30 feet into the air like rag dolls.”

“We were probably 10 feet away, when the vehicle came barreling through. We heard somebody scream, ‘Look out!.’ (He) plowed through a police motorcycle, and then a crowd of people,” Kapple said. “People were flying everywhere.”

“I was sitting right here and she came plowing through,” Larry Smith, a parade goer said. “All I saw was bodies flying, kids flying. It was horrible.”

While it’s utterly meaningless given the tragic turn of events, the game between the Cowboys and Jayhawks is still scheduled to kick off at 3:30 p.m. ET.

UPDATED 1:54 p.m. ET: Another layer has been added to an absolute tragedy in Stillwater.