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Greg Schiano takes a pay cut as Rutgers adjusts to COVID-19 impact

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Minnesota head coach PJ Fleck is not the only Big Ten football coach taking a pay cut in the COVID-19 pandemic. Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano will be among those taking a pay reduction after Rutgers announced a number of financial adjustments in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Like so many colleges and universities around the country, Rutgers has been faced with an unprecedented financial hit due to the impact of the spread of the coronavirus. In a letter to the Rutgers community on Friday, Rutgers president Robert Barchi says the university anticipates a shortfall of approximately $200 million from the school’s anticipated budget for the remainder of the fiscal year. To address the finances of the university, Barchi has recommended a temporary freeze on undergraduate tuition, which naturally is another financial concern for the university.

To help counterbalance that decision as much as possible, Barchi, chancellors, executive vice presidents, Rutgers athletics director Pat Hobbs, Schiano, men’s basketball coach Steve Pikiell, and women’s basketball coach Vivian Stringer are taking 10% pay cuts. The 10% reduction has become a bit of a standard for schools reducing pay for university officials and the highest-paid head coaches. A handful of other administrators within the university will take pay cuts of 5%.

It was previously reported Rutgers will pay Schiano an average of $4 million annually.