A.J. Schurr

Army QB still dealing with injury, nears return to practice

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Army quarterback A.J. Schurr wasn’t with the team at the start of training camp. Despite being projected as the team’s starting signal caller, Schurr was held out of practice altogether due to a mystery injury.

In recent days, Army head coach Jeff Monken finally discussed the quarterback’s ailment. Schurr is dealing with hamstring issues.

“I wish we could get A.J. in there…It’s pretty significant (injury) obviously,” Monken told HudsonValley.com’s Sal Interdonato. “He’s been out for the last week and half or workouts and all this week of camp. He’s getting better. He wants to go. I’m just concerned if he really accelerates off of that or has to have a quick deceleration that he pulls it again and we are back to square one and another three weeks away. We are going to try and let him get healthy and when our training staff feels comfortable we’ll get him back him in there.”

Despite the severity of the injury, Monken will allow Schurr to participate in practice this week in a very limited capacity.

“He’ll probably throw the ball some this afternoon (Monday) where he doesn’t have to run down the line or sprint out,” Monken said. “A lot of shotgun which will be good for him to get in there and do that.”

While Schurr is out of the lineup, Monken tried to rely heavily on senior quarterback Angel Santiago. Unfortunately, Monken had to hold Santiago out of a few practices after “taking a shot to the outside of his thigh the other day (Friday) and it was sore and pretty swollen and bruised.”

Santiago returned to the practice field Monday, but he was also a limited participant.

Freshman Kado Brown might receive significant playing time this season if Schurr and Santiago can’t remain healthy.

“Coach Monken always talks about giving your best effort when you are out there and that’s one thing that I’ve tried to internalize since I’ve been here,” Brown told Interdonato. “Any time I get the chance, I try to make the best out of my opportunity and give it all I’ve got. I’m still in the process. I’m not going to say I’m confident but I am comfortable. Once I grasp it better, I think I will gain more confidence.”

Army’s QB is M.I.A. during start of camp


A.J. Schurr left spring practice as Army’s projected starter at quarterback. As fall camp opened, Schurr was nowhere to be found.

According to HudsonValley.com’s Sal Interdonato, Schurr was not at practice Monday due to an undisclosed injury. Army head coach Jeff Monken didn’t elaborate on the situation other than to say Schurr won’t attend camp until he’s “healthy enough to practice.”

During Schurr’s first two seasons with the Black Knights, he played in 10 games, threw for 326 yards and rushed for 147 more. He’s expected to finally take over at quarterback, but he can’t when he’s not even at practice.

Schurr’s loss will likely be Angel Santiago’s gain. Santiago, a senior, started in 11 games last season. His experience will help Army as the team transitions under their new head coach.

Schurr wasn’t the only player missing from practice. Senior safety Geoff Bacon, who is a team captain, is in the same predicament as Schurr. With Bacon out of the lineup, sophomore Steven Johnson received first-team repetitions at free safety.