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Nebraska lineman’s motion for reduced jail sentence rejected

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Nebraska offensive lineman Alex Lewis will have to serve a jail sentence as originally sentenced after having a motion for a reduced sentence rejected by a Colorado court.

Lewis pleased guilty to one count of third-degree assault following a fight that saw an Air Force cadet injured and knocked out. For his role in the act of violence, Lewis was sentenced to 45 days in a Colorado jail in March. Hoping to be given some leniency in order to keep up with summer classes at Nebraska, Lewis filed a motion asking for a reconsideration of the sentence. That effort was futile in the end, meaning Lewis will have to miss some offseason workouts for the Huskers.

“The (defendant) was given a chance to complete the spring semester,” Boulder District Judge Patrick Butler wrote in his ruling, according to Boulder News. “He should not have registered for summer school knowing of this sentence. His football obligations and civil liability are not priorities for this court.”

Nebraska o-lineman sentenced to 45 days in jail


Offensive lineman Alex Lewis will serve some time in jail, but the Nebraska player will be allowed to finish out the spring semester before doing so. Lewis has been sentenced to 45 days in jail and will serve two years of probation for a fight last spring in Colorado.

Lewis was involved in a fight that left an Air Force cadet unconscious. Police had also arrested Colorado quarterback Jordan Webb at the same time. Lewis pleaded guilty to a third-degree assault charge in December and had a handful of other charges dropped as part of a plea deal. A district judge decided Lewis may finish out the spring semester at Nebraska before serving his time. Lewis transferred to Nebraska from Colorado last year.

“When somebody is doing something and doing something well, we want to encourage that going forward,”Boulder District Judge Patrick Butler said, according to the Boulder Daily Camera. “But I got to tell you, even though I think you are trying to accept responsibility for this, there is some minimizing still. I don’t think a couple of pushes did this.”

Being able to finish out the spring semester at Nebraska allows him to keep up with his schoolwork and should mean he is eligible to finish out the spring practice schedule with the Huskers. It seems he is realizing the severity of his actions, at least if you can take a quote at its word.

“It scares me to know I had an impact on someone else’s life,” Lewis said, according to Lincoln Journal Star. “Hard to come to terms with the fact that I had a problem, but I did get help. … Off the field I’ve grown exponentially as a man.”

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