Aregeros Turner

Another NIU player caught a pass while doing a backflip

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What are they putting in the water at Northern Illinois? Whatever it is, it has Huskies players making some incredible catches on the practice field.

Earlier this week we were given a glimpse of wide receiver Aregeros Turner catching a football while simultaneously leaping in the air to do a backflip. But apparently he is not the only NIU player capable of such a feat.

Behold, safety Marlon Moore getting in on the act…

MACtion, it would seem, is always in season.

MACTION! Watch this NIU receiver catch a football while doing backflip

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Catching a football? Not so hard.

Doing a backflip? That’s a bit more difficult.

Doing a backflip and catching a football? Now that’s some pure skill.

NIU wide receiver Aregeros Turner is going to be making the rounds on the college football social networks with this impressive show of athleticism, as he catches a football while transitioning directly into a backflip on a practice field.

Hopefully this will satisfy your craving for some MACtion for now, and the next time you are watching NIU the odds are pretty good you will be waiting for Turner to make a play of this caliber in the fall.