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Kirk Ferentz on Iowa’s spring progress: We’re not a very good team right now

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If you thought all of the talk from coaches in the spring had an optimistic outlook, think again. Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz is calling it like he sees it so far this spring, and the picture is not a very pretty one for the Hawkeyes.

We’re not a real good football team right now. Don’t expect to be in April, and the objective is to be ready when the season start,” Ferentz told reporters on Friday. That seems kind of blunt, but that is fair. Every team figures to have some room for improvement in the spring, even for a defending national champion like Clemson or an annual powerhouse like Alabama or Ohio State. The good news is Ferentz did have at least a couple of positive things to say about this team so far this spring.”We see a lot of individual improvement going on right now. We’re doing some good things at time, but…we can’t get lined up sometimes. The formations are different, the language we’re using is different. So the guys are getting used to that still, and we expected that.”

“We see a lot of individual improvement going on right now,” Ferentz said. “We’re doing some good things at time, but…we can’t get lined up sometimes. The formations are different, the language we’re using is different. So the guys are getting used to that still, and we expected that.”

Part of the issue for Iowa comes from learning a new scheme being put into motion by Brian Ferentz, the team’s new offensive coordinator and son of the head coach. Any time a new offensive strategy is put in place, it can take some time to adjust and fine-tune.

”They’re doing some good things. But again, we’re not real consistent,” Kirk Ferentz said. ”I’m not expecting this thing to just clear up in the next two weeks.”

“There’s a lot more motions,” Iowa wide receiver Devonte Young explained. “A lot more deep routes, a lot more run-pass concepts so you don’t know like what’s going to happen.”

Are we about to see Iowa air it out down field more in 2017? That would certainly be a change of pace for the Hawkeyes.

All in the Hawkeye family: Iowa names Brian Ferentz offensive coordinator

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Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz did not have to look very far to find his new offensive coordinator. Not only did he have to look outside the Iowa program, but he didn’t even have to look outside his own family. Brian Ferentz, son of the Hawkeyes head coach, has been named the new offensive coordinator of the Iowa program.

The younger Ferentz had been serving a role on the Iowa coaching staff as offensive line coach and run game coordinator. He was also a three-year letterman at Iowa and has been on the Iowa staff for the past five years. Under his leadership in 2016, Iowa’s offensive line won the Joe Moore Award, which is presented annually to the top offensive line in the country (Alabama won the inaugural award in the 2015 season).

“Brian has been an integral member of our offensive coaching staff for five years, bringing national recognition to our offensive line and new levels of success in our running game,” said Kirk Ferentz.  “Brian’s coaching experience here at Iowa, coupled with his time in the NFL, has prepared him well for his new responsibilities as the offensive coordinator for Iowa football.”

Brian Ferentz replaces Greg Davis, who retired from his position on the Iowa staff last week.

Kirk Ferentz shakes up Iowa’s coaching staff


A month ago, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz promised he would reevaluate the Hawkeyes program and possibly make changes in hopes of improving upon last year’s 7-6 campaign.

The coach’s first offseason move was placing sophomore quarterback C.J. Beathard over junior Jake Rudock on the team’s depth chart.

Ferentz made his second move Thursday.

The school announced multiple changes to the team’s coaching staff. Assistant coaches LeVar Woods, Seth Wallace and Brian Ferentz will have different responsibilities next season.

Woods will take over tight ends after serving as the team’s linebackers coach. Wallace, who is also the program’s recruiting coordinator, switched from being a defensive line assistant to taking over the cornerbacks. And Brian Ferentz will remain the offensive line coach, but he’ll also contribute as the team’s run game coordinator.

“I believe these adjustments in coaching responsibilities will add to our efficiency and productivity as a staff,” Ferentz said in a statement.  “We have an outstanding group of teachers and we look forward to the challenge of building a strong 2015 Hawkeye football team.”

Instead of bringing in new blood, Kirk Ferentz decided changes within the current staff was a more pertinent course of action. He previously experienced positive results after making a similar move.

If the goal for Iowa is to improve, these types of move are easily acceptable. If the ultimate goal is to challenge for the Big Ten West title each year, these changes come across as nothing more than a temporary band-aid.