David Grimes

Brian Kelly wishes his aggressiveness with assistant never happened


Or maybe he simply wishes it was never captured on camera.

While Notre Dame was in a tussle with Temple Saturday night, Irish head coach Brian Kelly was caught on camera getting a little feisty with one of his assistants on the sideline. Kelly grabbed assistant strength coach David Grimes in a moment Kelly would probably rather not have had captured on camera. It did, and now he regrets it happened.

On Saturday Kelly explained the situation as merely gaining control of his sideline after seeing Grimes mouthing off with an official. Kelly said Grimes was about to get a 15-yard penalty and he was not going to allow that to happen. Kelly grabbed a hold of Grimes and backed him away from the official with some force. It was a bad look that got analyzed and criticized on Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday, Kelly got a chance to address his actions one more, and perhaps one last time.

As transcribed by our friend JJ Stankevitz of CSNChicago.com;

“I’m responsible for the sideline,” Kelly said Tuesday. “Our sideline was not where it needed to be. There were some things going on on the sideline that were unacceptable. It falls on my shoulders. If we were to get a penalty in that time of the game, it would have fell on me as being somebody that can’t control the sideline.”

“I wish the situation never occurred,” Kelly said. “I regret that it happened. David and I have met. We have met about the situation. We’ve moved past it.”

Kelly will look to keep his sideline under control this week as the Irish move on to play Pittsburgh in a second straight road trip to Pennsylvania. Notre Dame and Pitt kick off at noon on Saturday.