Derreck Edwards

Texas Tech receiver triple jumps to join track team too

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Texas Tech wide receiver Derreck Edwards will be pulling some double duty this spring. Edwards, a reserve wide receiver for much of the 2013 season, will join the Texas Tech track and field team according to Dallas Morning News.

Edwards will get started with his second sport this weekend at a track meet at Texas A&M, where he will compete in the triple jump. In high school Edwards was a track star, having finished with a medal twice in the Texas state track and field meet. Edwards finished third in the high jump in 2010 and second in the triple jump in 2009.

Edwards backed up senior Eric Ward on the depth chart for much of the 2013 season, including the bowl game against Arizona State. It is expected Edwards will compete for a starting job as Ward moves on, so football practice will be a top priority when the schedules for both sports overlap later this spring. It is reported Edwards will be taking on track and field on a schedule that will not interfere with Texas Tech’s spring football schedule in March and April. Once spring football is done, Edwards will return to the track and field team.