Game of Thrones

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Kyle Whittingham is confused by Game of Thrones questions on Twitter


Did you watch Game of Thrones on Sunday night, or are you avoiding spoilers until you can catch it on your DVR later tonight? The hit HBO series unquestionably has a dedicated fanbase. Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham is not among them.

On Monday, with the start of a new season in sight this week, Whittingham was taking questions from fans in a Twitter Q&A. At times, Whittingham seemed puzzled by the questions being thrown his way, and he took the opportunity to let everyone know he was completely clueless when it came to the Game of Thrones questions.

Of course, there were questions about the team and specific players heading into the start of the new season, as well as a question about whether or not he will be keeping his beard, but when it came to

Whittingham eventually had the light turned on with regard to the line of questions ffromsome fans, and which point the Utes head coach confessed to never having seen an episode.

Did Whittingham really not know what the questions were about, or did some savvy Utah staffer let him in on the joke and turn this into an opportunity to gain a little media attention over a fun Q&A to cash in on the Game of Thrones hype? Whatever the case, we can probably safely assume there are a good number of football coaches who are not spending time staying up to date on Game of Thrones. If they don’t even get enjoyment out of solar eclipses, why would they stay plugged into a show about dragons?