George Rushing

AP Photo/Tony Ding

Wisconsin WR George Rushing sparks Twitter controversy about Jourdan Lewis’ one-handed INT


Michigan’s Jourdan Lewis made a fantastic one-handed interception to essentially seal a victory over Wisconsin in Michigan Stadium on Saturday afternoon. Odds are you have seen the play a number of times by now, but feel free to give it another look before we move on…

Wisconsin receiver George Rushing thinks the interception never should have counted, and he tweeted photo evidence suggesting why (the tweet has already been deleted, but here is a screen shot of the deleted tweet)…

George Rushing deleted tweet

As you can see from the photo shared here, Lewis has his arm draped around Rushing’s body as the ball is coming their way. No penalty flag was thrown for holding or pass interference, so Lewis’ interception was uncontested by the officials. After seeing this image make the rounds on the Twittersphere, Lewis responded.

Alright then. What do you think? Did Lewis get away with one here? Would it have mattered if he was flagged?