Hatari Byrd

Bob Stoops to discipline trash-talking celebratory Sooners


Oklahoma had plenty of reasons to celebrate Saturday night after coming back to defeat Tennessee in overtime. Some Sooners got a little carried away with their emotions after taking down the Vols, with linebacker Eric Striker reportedly telling Tennessee fans to send the Vols recruits to Oklahoma, which led to Vols head coach Butch Jones to telling Striker to have some class. Safety Hatari Byrd was also caught on camera flipping the middle finger toward Tennessee fans on his way to the locker room after the game (nothing will ever beat Ohio State’s Marcus Hall and his double-bird flip at Michigan in 2013).

“Their actions in the heat of the moment and all emotionally are absolutely inappropriate, and they’ll be dealt with in an educational manner,” Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops said Monday (via Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman). “We’ll handle it internally.”

That more than likely means no loss of playing time by way of suspensions. And honestly, unless the Big 12 thinks otherwise about the sportsmanship concern, neither one of these actions seem to deserve a loss of playing time at Oklahoma. Should Stoops say something? Absolutely, because no program wants to have this kind of image. If anything, maybe Stoops should be a bit upset another program’s coach went up to one of his players and confronted him about class. Stoops didn’t react negatively to Jones stepping in as he reportedly did.

Busted Sooner: Safety Hatari Byrd cited for drug and alcohol offenses


Oklahoma safety Hatari Byrd will have some explaining to do to Sooners head coach Bob Stoops after being given two citations for drug and alcohol misdemeanor offenses.

As reported by The Tulsa World, police observed Byrd speeding and swerving over lanes early in the morning of January 24. After pulling Byrd over, police discovered a small plastic bag of marijuana and a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey in the front of the car. Byrd was cited for drug paraphernalia and unlawful possession of alcohol.

These offenses appear to be minor in nature, and it is unknown if Byrd will face any further disciplinary action from Stoops and the Oklahoma program.

Byrd, a junior, recorded 17 tackles for the Sooners in 2014.