Jalen Watts-Jackson

Spartans special teams hero undergoes surgery in Ann Arbor


One day after giving Michigan State one of the more improbable wins ever witnessed in the history of its rivalry with Michigan, Jalen Watts-Jackson had to go through surgery Sunday morning in Ann Arbor. Watts-Jackson returned a fumbled punt attempt in the closing seconds against Michigan to give the Spartans a thrilling victory to remember for the ages.

On Sunday Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio announced Watts-Jackson had dislocated and fractured his hip. Dantonio said Watts-Jackson told him the injury happened as he was being tackled into the end zone on the miraculous play, although his teammates jumping on him in celebration surely did not help the cause.

“It’s unfortunate everyone piled on him,” Dantonio said.

Watts-Jackson was carted off the field and stayed in Ann Arbor overnight so he could go through surgery on Sunday morning. No cast was needed, but he will be out of action for the next three months without being able to put any weight on his hip. With that being the case, the fumble return for a touchdown will more than likely be the final play Watts-Jackson makes this season, and that is one heck of a way to end the season.