Katy Perry

Trevor Knight probably missed his shot with Katy Perry


Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Trevor Knight was, for one day at least, the diamond in the eye of music sensation Katy Perry. Perry, while appearing on ESPN’s College GameDay in the fall, put out a public invite to Knight to give her a call sometime. Knight was a bit busy at the time, preparing to play football and such, but he took note of the moves being put on him. It just took him a while to get back to her.

Perry was the halftime performer during the Super Bowl on Sunday, so naturally she was the buzz on Twitter. One of the many tweeting about Perry was the Sooners quarterback.

You may be too late there Trevor. Katy has since been charmed by Houston Texans defensive star J.J. Watt during a magazine photo shoot and most recently said she exchanges texts with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Let this be a lesson to be learned for any college football player out there. If a music superstar drops a hint, pick it up immediately.