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Ole Miss DB Kendarius Webster confirms he is out for the season

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Early in the game Monday night against Florida State, Ole Miss saw starting defensive back Ken Webster suffer one of the more gruesome leg injuries imaginable, leaving him to be carted off the field in tears. While the exact specifics and extent of the injury have not been confirmed just yet, Webster went online to announce he is done for the season. Anyone who saw the image or video of the injury likely suspected that would be the case.

“I would like to [thank] every single last person for getting out to me,” Webster said on his Facebook account. “I am out for the season. Things happen for a reason and the man above got a great for me.”

Webster went on to say he will have a full year to focus on rehabbing and getting back in shape to play again for the Rebels.

Ole Miss strikes quickly, loses DB Ken Webster to gruesome leg injury

AP Photo/Thomas Graning

In the final giant matchup of the greatest opening weekend in college football history, Ole Miss struck first with a quick touchdown drive led by quarterback Chad Kelly, but the major development in the first few minutes of the Camping World Kickoff in Orlando is the awful leg injury suffered by Ole Miss defensive back Ken Webster.

I’ll do you the courtesy of skipping any Vines or GIFs or any other visual of the injury. Let’s just say, his left leg is not supposed to bend that way. ESPN aired the replay of the injury once, and that was more than enough for most of the viewing audience. ESPN went to commercial as Webster was attended to on the field and when they came back from commercial there was a shot of Webster in agony and emotional disbelief that reminds you just how human these star athletes can be. At the same time, he was being carted off and dealing with the reality of the injury, Webster maintained his veteran role on the Ole Miss defense and yelled instructions or motivation to his teammates about to resume playing.

We’ll wait for more information on the injury, but it is very safe assumption to suggest he is going to be missing some considerable playing time as a result.

Ole Miss moved quickly down the field on the opening possession of the game, driving 75 yards on six plays. The key plays were a 36-yard pass from Kelly to Evan Engram, which was followed a few plays later by a penalty on Florida State’s Derwin James for unnecessary roughness, a late hit on Van Jefferson following a three-yard loss on a pass play that took the receiver to his knee. Kelly completed a short touchdown pass to Damore'ea Stringfellow to cap the touchdown drive.

Ole Miss is leading Florida State, 7-0, midway through the first quarter.