Morgan Burke

Drew Brees donates $1 million back to Purdue football


dIt has been a while since Purdue had a player of the caliber of Drew Brees, a Super Bowl MVP on top of a long list of NFL accolades to his name. Brees has had quite the NFL career, but it started for him at Purdue, where he helped take Purdue to a Rose Bowl appearance (seriously, Purdue played in the Rose Bowl), and he continues to give back to support the program that helped prepare him for the NFL.

Purdue released a statement today to announce the acceptance of a $1 million from Brees and his wife, Brittany. The donation helps to fund the school’s Purdue Football Master Plan. The master plan is the product of current athletics director Morgan Burke and head coach Darrell Hazell to improve the state of the football program through raising funds to improve facilities and resources for the program. Purdue has won four games over the past two seasons and Hazell is entering his third year on the job. With the support of Boilermaker alums and stars like Brees, Purdue can continue to focus on taking the next step in what could be a lengthy rebuilding project.

“We care so much about Purdue University,” Brees said in a released statement. “Purdue has meant so much to me, and it has provided so many things. From the education I received and playing for coach Joe Tiller, to winning a Big Ten championship and going to the Rose Bowl, to the relationships I was able to form with many of my teammates and meeting my beautiful wife … we are so blessed and so thankful.”

Brees and his wife made a $2 million donation to Purdue back in 2007, which was intended to help improve academic resources in the athletics program.