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Randy Edsall has an oopsie moment on Twitter


Being a head football coach that is connected on Twitter can lead to some unfortunate moments you’d like to have back. In the case of UConn head coach Randy Edsall on Monday evening, a possible quick retweet of a link definitely came at the wrong time.

In a flurry of retweets showing off the recently renovated locker rooms the UConn Huskies will be using, it seems Edsall may have accidentally retweeted a link to a story that essentially suggests UConn is passing on its chance to be a big-time college football program. A tweet briefly retweeted by Edsall linked to a column by Mark Blaudschun of College Sports Maven. In his column, Blaudschun wrote about the recent headlines about UConn leaving the AAC to join the Big East in basketball and leave the football program stranded in uncharted waters.

“But the issue of football remains and there is really no answer that can make UConn a major player in the wide world of big time college football,” Blaudschun writes. “The dye has been cast. Big time football at UConn, RIP.”

Certainly, had Edsall read the story, then he would have refrained from retweeting the story. It didn’t take long for Edsall to remove the retweet from his Twitter timeline either.

Edsall has been busy on Twitter over the last couple of days following the reports the school was setting up to rejoin the Big East for basketball without a concrete plan for what will happen with the football program.

When you are tweeting as often as Edsall has been while trying to keep the spirits up for the Huskies football program and their fans, an accidental retweet is easy to let slip by. Mistakes happen. Edsall corrected this one and moved on doing what he needs to do to keep UConn football moving forward regardless of where “forward” actually leads for the program.

Randy Edsall takes pay-cut to cover $150,000 raise for offensive coordinator

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Success may not have been shown in the win column for UConn in 2018, but offensive coordinator John Dunn is getting a bump in pay in 2019 with a $150,000 raise. In order to make that possible, UConn head coach Randy Edsall agreed to a revised contract that reduces his salary by $150,000, according to a report by The Courant.

According to the report, Edsall initiated the idea of taking a cut in pay from his supplemental salary. Per The Courant report;

The agreement states that Edsall “voluntarily and independently approached the University and requested to reduce his supplemental salary by $150,000 in the 2019 and 2020 calendar year. … Mr. Edsall has made this request in order to provide the University with additional funds to support the Football team.”

This certainly does speak to the dedication Edsall has for wanting to improve the UConn football program. The Huskies have been a far cry from the team Edsall took to a Fiesta Bowl before he left the program for a shot to coach at Maryland in the ACC and later in the Big Ten. Edsall’s first two seasons back at UConn have not gone particularly well with a record of 4-20 and a good helping of embarrassing losses in that mix. The 2019 season may just be year three back with the program, but it may be time for Edsall to start showing some signs of progress this fall in order to calm some nerves around the program.

Taking a cut in pay in order to accommodate the salary for the assistant coaching staff he desires is either a sign of commitment to a program struggling to improve in the challenging environment of a Group of Five program or perhaps a last-ditch effort to make this all work.

It is worth noting that Edsall has a contract that has been documented pretty thoroughly last season when it comes to incentives. As of early November, Edsall had earned $32,000 in bonus money for in-game achievements such as having a better third-down conversion rate than UConn’s opponent or recording more tackles for a loss or better red zone success.

Yesterday, it was announced UConn was hiring Lou Spanos to be the defensive coordinator after spending time as a defensive analyst at Alabama.

Randy Edsall has earned $10,000 in bonuses for UConn scoring first this season

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UConn head coach Randy Edsall has been trudging through an incredibly difficult season with the Huskies currently 1-8 with the lone win coming against Rhode Island in a 56-49 shootout. It is only Year 2 of Edsall’s return to UConn, where the hope is he is capable of leading UConn back up the ladder within the American Athletic Conference as he previously did in the Big East, but how long he will last in his return to the program is very much in doubt at this point.

But you have to hand it to Edsall and his agent for having a contract that finds ridiculous ways to get paid an incentive even when his program loses by 30 to a team that scored just its second win of the year against him (Tulsa is now 2-7 after a 49-19 victory against UConn on Saturday). According to USA Today reporter Steve Berkowitz, UConn paid Edsall a bonus of $2,000 because the Huskies were the first team to score in the game.

That is amazing. It gets even better, as USA Today reports Edsall also receives bonuses every time the Huskies win the turnover margin, record more tackles for loss or performs better in the red zone. In total, USA Today says Edsall has racked up $32,000 in bonus money for these in-game achievements.

Now that we know about that incentives in Edsall’s contract, we know that Edsall has earned $10,000 in bonus money for UConn scoring first this season; they did so against Rhode Island, Cincinnati, South Florida, UMass, and Tulsa.

How an incentive like this even comes up in the negotiating process is beyond me and probably why sports agents earn their money. But if you expect Edsall to repay any of that incentive money, you can probably expect the response to be “Not a dime back,” as is UConn tradition.

UConn hiring of Randy Edsall’s son questioned for ethics

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Football coaches having their sons on a football staff is nothing new. It’s been done for decades, and is still done to this day. That is not stopping the Office of State Ethics in Connecticut from digging into a recent hire at UConn, where the hiring of Corey Edsall has come under investigation. Edsall is the son of UConn head coach Randy Edsall. Apparently, this line of questioning has been going on for months, according to The Courant.

The Office of State Ethics is concerned whether or not the hiring of a head coach’s son as an assistant coach is in violation of the university’s Code of Ethics. According to the code, state employees are banned from using their position to benefit family members. The board has asked for an advisory opinion to address this concern and a request from the UConn associate general counsel to deny was voted down unanimously by the board. The advisory opinion is scheduled to be shared at the next board meeting on April 20.

UConn has stood by the hiring process and feels there is no violation of ethics. A statement from the university reads;

“When UConn was negotiating [Randy Edsall’s] contract, university ethics staff consulted with the Office of State Ethics on Coach Edsall’s behalf and sough an informal opinion regarding the potential hiring of the coach’s son. … In keeping with standard practice, the university presented this as a hypothetical scenario that mirrored the facts: specifically, that the university was negotiating with a candidate as that part of the negotiations included a contractual provision regarding the potential future employment at UConn of a member of the candidate’s family, who would work in the same department as the candidate.”

In the end, the hiring of Corey Edsall is unlikely to be overturned. The biggest impact this process seems to have is finalizing contracts. Randy Edsall’s contract still has yet to be officially finalized, but that appears to be a mere formality before being approved by the board. Corey Edsall’s contract is also being hung up as a result of this, but this also should be cleaned up once this ethics concern is sorted.

Corey Edsall is UConn’s tight ends coach. He spent the previous two seasons working as a staff member at Colorado as a graduate assistant working with the defense. The 24-year old has also spent two summers working as a scouting intern with the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

Buckeyes flip Maryland’s top two Class of 2016 recruits

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With the bowl season behind us and National Signing Day just around the corner and the dead period in recruiting lifted last week, we are in prime flipping season. On Monday, Ohio State finally had something go their way at the expense of a division foe, Maryland.

Dwayne Haskins, a four-star pro-style quarterback and Top 100 player according to Rivals, has officially changed his commitment from in-state Maryland to Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Haskins previously committed to Maryland last May, but The program has undergone some changes since that point in time, of course. Randy Edsall was fired and Mike Locksley is no longer a part of the staff either. Both were influential in recruiting Haskins.

“It has been a dream of mine to play for The Ohio State University,” Haskins said in a released statement. “This prestigious university best represents my family values and playing under Coach Meyer, Coach Beck and the rest of the coaching staff best exampled strong leadership abilities and a people that I can have a relationship with after football was important. ”

As if nabbing a four-star player at a position of great need for Maryland was not hard enough for the Terrapins, Ohio State also managed to successfully flip linebacker Keandre Jones. Jones had committed to Maryland in December 2014 but took the opportunity to re-evaluate his standing in the recruitment process amid the staff changes in College Park. Jones took an official visit to Ohio State over the weekend and came away with a change of heart. He informed Maryland head coach D.J. Durkin of his plans on Monday morning. Jones is the top-rated player in the state of Maryland and the 30th best player in the country according to Rivals.

So to recap, Ohio State swooped in and took two of Maryland’s top recruits in the Class of 2016 with just a few short weeks remaining before signing day. Ohio State currently owns the top-ranked recruiting class in the updated team rankings assembled by Rivals. Maryland has slumped to No. 63.