Tavarres King

UGA’s Malcolm Mitchell out for rest of Clemson game


Georgia has already suffered one devastating blow in its game with Clemson, and may have suffered a second one.

Late in the first quarter, wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell suffered what appeared to be an injury to his right knee.  With an ice bag wrapped around the area, ESPN on its broadcast that Mitchell will not return for the remainder of the game.

Mitchell was the second-leading receiver for the Bulldogs last season and, with Tavarres King’s departure, was easily UGA’s leading returning receiver.

That’s not the only injury scare for UGA, though.

Shortly after Mitchell’s injury, leading rusher Todd Gurley limped into the locker room for treatment for an undisclosed injury.  While Gurley returned back to the sidelines in full uniform, he was seen riding a stationary bike and is deemed “out for now.”  Fortunately, Keith Marshall is an experienced — and extremely talented — backup.

At the time of this posting, the Tigers and Bulldogs were tied at 14-all with just under three minutes remaining in the first quarter.

The Fifth Quarter: Week 8 Rewind


As is the case each and every season, each and every week, any omission below is not on purpose, it’s merely intentional.


Four-pack separates themselves
While there is still myriad uncertainty as it pertains to several aspects of the 2012 season, one thing crystallized itself in Week 8: No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 Oregon, No. 3 Florida and No. 4 Kansas State are head and shoulders above anyone else in the nation this season, and any combination of the two could very well find themselves in Miami vying for the right to hoist the crystal at season’s end.  In the games involving those teams this weekend, the undisputed top four teams in the country rambled over, around and through their opponents by a combined score of 186-59.  While it appears in the here and now clear how this quartet stacks up against the rest of the college football world, the final few weeks are fraught with potential scheduling landmines:

Alabama: No. 15 Mississippi State (Oct. 27); at No. 6 LSU (Nov. 3); No. 20 Texas A&M (Nov. 10); and the annual Iron Bowl game with Auburn (Nov. 24)
Oregon: at No. 11 USC (Nov. 3); No. 22 Stanford (Nov. 17); and the annual Civil War game at No. 8 Oregon State (Nov. 24)
Florida: No. 13 Georgia (Oct. 27); and No. 12 Florida State (Nov. 24)
Kansas State: No. 18 Texas Tech (Oct. 27); at No. 23 (in BcS standings) TCU (Nov. 10); and No. 25 (in BcS standings) Texas (Dec. 1).

Certainly if any of those teams navigate those obstacles without a misstep, they deserve a shot at a BcS title.  If three of those teams — Alabama and Florida would hypothetically meet in the SEC championship game — continue traveling the unbeaten path, and are possibly joined by an undefeated Notre Dame team?  The uproar from the two/three snubbed fan bases as well as the media would be deafening and drown out any other college football-related discussion… especially if a one-loss Tide/Gator team faced an unbeaten Tide/Gator team in what would be the second straight all-SEC BcS title game.