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Ryan Day releases detailed practice update to remind you Ohio State is still practicing

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The larger focus in Columbus may be on the ongoing story revolving around head coach Urban Meyer, but the Buckeyes still have work to do in camp at Ohio State. On Friday, interim head coach Ryan Day released a full rundown of each position group to update the media and fans on the current status of the team, with no mention of Meyer or the investigation expected to come to a close in the coming days.

Day shared his detailed practice update on Twitter.

If nothing else, Day’s first chance addressing the current status of the Buckeyes is a reminder that no matter what is happening off the field, there is still work to be done by the coaching staff and players as the new college football season quickly approaches. Meyer may not be able to have contact with the team, but Day’s job is to continue having the program move forward for as long as necessary. In the meantime, Ohio State has shut off media access to the program, including coaches and players, with the exception of brief glimpses at practices as training camp has been going on. Ohio State will allow more availability to watch practices this weekend as Ohio State brings training camp to a close for the summer. Regular practice schedules are scheduled to begin next week as Ohio State opens classes for the fall semester.

Day was named the interim head coach at Ohio State at the time Meyer was placed on administrative leave. Meyer remains out of action while the university conducts an investigation into the allegations connected to him from a report related to former wide receivers coach Zach Smith. Smith reportedly spent hours interviewing with officials leading the Ohio State investigation earlier this week. Day has admitted to leaving Meyer in the dark regarding a previous OVI but has sided with Meyer in acknowledging that athletics director Gene Smith was aware of the allegations of domestic abuse connected to Smith that ignited much of this current situation.

With Ohio State’s 14-day timeline for this investigation coming near the expiration date, we may find out much more about the immediate future of Ohio State football and Meyer fairly soon.

Ohio State to open portion of camp practice to media, but still no interviews

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After Ohio State placed head coach Urban Meyer on administrative leave, the program announced it was shutting off all media access to coaches and players until further notice as summer camp opened up. On Tuesday, access for cameras will be granted, but there will still be no interviews allowed.

Ohio State announced on Monday it will allow members of the media to observe a portion of camp practice scheduled for Tuesday.

“We are unable to comment on the details of the investigation into Coach Meyer being directed by the independent working group of the Board of Trustees,” a statement from the university’s athletics department said. “The university is committed to supporting our student-athletes as they prepare for the upcoming semester.

Ohio State announced Sunday night the investigation into Meyer and the entire case regarding the awareness of domestic abuse allegations against former wide receivers coach Zach Smith is expected to wrap up in 14 days, and a decision by the university president will be made following a consultation with the Board of Regents. In the meantime, Ryan Day is serving as the interim head coach of the Buckeyes as summer camp practices continue.

Ohio State sets 14-day timeline for Urban Meyer investigation


Late Sunday night, Ohio State released an updated statement regarding its investigation into the allegations made against head coach Urban Meyer related to his knowledge of domestic abuse by a former assistant coach. According to the statement from Ohio State, a conclusion to this investigation is expected within 14 days.

Ohio House Speaker Jo Ann Davidson has been assigned the role of the chairwoman for the working group, which was previously announced by the university late last week. Once the investigation is completed, the university president will make an ultimate decision on what happens next following a consultation with the Board of Trustees. It is unclear if the board and president will make their decisions within the 14-day time span, although the way the statement is worded suggests that may not be the case. If the investigation takes 14 days in full to complete, then a decision may be at least another day away from being made, whatever that may be.

“Ohio State is committed to a thorough and complete investigation,” Davidson said in a released statement. “We look forward to sharing the results of this investigation and any action the university may take.”

It is clear, however, Ohio State is working to bring some resolution to this situation ahead of the football season. To some, it may appear Ohio State is rushing this process in order to have the football team in position to begin the season knowing who exactly will be the head coach, whether it be Meyer returning from his administrative leave or interim head coach Ryan Day (or somebody else?) leading the Buckeyes. But a two-week time span to review the facts already known and any information previously reported feels appropriate for a comprehensive review as long as all parties involved are transparent and forthcoming in their stories.

After initially stating he was unsure how a story like this was even manufactured at Big Ten media day, Meyer has since announced he was aware of the alleged domestic abuse by former wide receivers coach Zach Smith. Furthermore, Meyer claimed to report the news up the chain of command, thus putting the focus on athletics director Gene Smith. Zach Smith also confirmed Gene Smith was aware of the situation. Zach Smith continues to deny he committed acts of domestic abuse against his wife but has admitted confrontations between the two had gotten physical at times and those interactions may have resulted in scratches and bruises and more even though Smith claims any injuries he was responsible for were in acts of self-defense.

Ohio State’s football season begins on September 1 at home against Oregon State. Kickoff is in 26 days. By then, we should know who the head coach of Ohio State will be, one way or the other.

Ohio State announces independent group to direct investigation of Urban Meyer

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As expected, Ohio State has formed a committee that will handle the investigation process regarding allegations made against head coach Urban Meyer and his alleged knowledge of domestic abuse by a former assistant coach. On Thursday evening, Ohio State announced the members of the independent working group formed by the Board of Trustees.

Per the Ohio State release, the group working on the investigation will include Board of Trustees members Alex Fischer, Janet Porter and Alex Shumate, former Ohio House Speaker Jo Ann Davidson, former acting U.S. Deputy Attorney General Craig Morford and former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio Carter Stewart.

No timeline for the investigation has been outlined, as it is expected the investigation will be given as much time needed to complete a thorough investigation that the school can have confidence will provide the most accurate information possible to make whatever decisions may have to be made moving forward.

Meyer was placed on administrative leave on Wednesday afternoon hours after a report suggested the head coach of the Buckeyes was aware of domestic abuse by former assistant coach Zach Smith against Smith’s wife. Meyer had previously denied having knowledge of the incident originally and suggested he came to be aware of the incident much more recently. A report says Meyer’s wife, Shelley Meyer, exchanged text messages with Smith’s wife about the abuse and other text messages claimed Urban Meyer had a conversation with Smith about an incident in 2015.

Smith was fired just before Meyer was scheduled to appear at Big Ten media day. Meyer claimed the firing of Smith had nothing to do with the revelation of domestic violence arrests of Smith in the past.

Bovada odds favor Urban Meyer to NOT be head coach of Buckeyes in Week 1

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One sportsbook is standing by their previously reported odds favoring Urban Meyer to be the head coach of Ohio State in Week 1, but another sportsbook is going the opposite way with the odds.

According to the line from Bovada, the odds of Meyer coaching Ohio State against Oregon State on September 1 are 9/5 (+180), while the odds someone other than Meyer is coaching the game are leading the way at 5/11 odds (-220). In other words, you can win $180 if you bet $100 on Meyer coaching Ohio State in Week 1 but you’ll have to wager $220 in order to win $100 if you think Meyer will not be the coach in Week 1 on the Ohio State sideline. Keep in mind these odds specifically focus on who will coach Ohio State in Week 1, and not necessarily focus on whether or not Meyer will keep his job or be let go on a permanent basis.

Meyer was placed on administrative leave by Ohio State on Wednesday following a bombshell report suggesting Meyer may have known about former assistant Zach Smith‘s domestic abuse issues with his wife in 2015. The administrative leave will continue while officials at Ohio State begin investigating and verifying information from the report and eventually make a decision on which way to go with the program moving forward, whether it is with Meyer or somebody else as the head coach.

Assistant coach Ryan Day has been named the interim head coach at Ohio State.