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College football Twitter’s favorite GIFs of the past decade

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Happy new year, college football fans. Although the 2019 season still has some business to attend to before putting the final stamps on the college football season, a new year is now officially here. With 2020, we also brought a close to the past decade, which has been cause for celebration of the highs and lows of the past 10 years in all walks of life. You would have to be tiptoeing pretty carefully around the social media world to avoid running into a list of the top 10 moments, top 10 games, or top 10 players of the past decade in some form or another. We here at College Football Talk got in on the fun with a look at the all-decade team, for example.

One part of what makes College Football Twitter so fun is the GIFs that pop up every week of the season. College football has been full of brilliant memes and GIFs over the past decade, especially as Twitter became more and more mainstream. And with the abundance of moments over the past decade’s worth of games, with a transition from the BCS to the College Football Playoff and so much more, there was no shortage of GIFs that helped capture some of the top college football moments, both high and low and just funny.

I took to Twitter to randomly gather some of your favorite GIFs of the past decade, and there were a good number of responses worth relaying as we sit back and usher in 2020 with high hopes for more fun GIFs to come.

Pain to the Victors

There was this moment of panic from Michigan punter Will Hagerup against Ohio State in 2011…

Sticking with Michigan, who could forget this fan?

I promise this won’t all be about the misfortune of the Wolverines, but this post could not possibly have been constructed without South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney decapitating a Michigan player in the Outback Bowl to start 2013.


Sometimes you just know where to find the camera, as Ole Miss defensive end Breeland Speaks did after recovering a fumble in the Egg Bowl in 2017…

Virginia may be coming off a successful season in 2019, but the iconic image of the Cavaliers football program in the past decade is unquestionably this dejected fan as his Cavaliers failed to pull off an upset of Notre Dame in 2015.

Sad fans are always good for a few GIFS throughout the season, and sometimes they just have a smirk that says it all when the going gets tough.

And who could forget about this LSU fan?

Capturing the best and weirdest plays

Some of the best GIFs are the crazy plays that happen. Like when Rutgers threw a pick-six in the end zone against USF.

Or Ezekiel Elliot running Ohio State to victory over Alabama in the first College Football Playoff.

Personally, I feel this GIF is more iconic from the same inaugural season of the College Football Playoff in the other semifinal game. Sorry, Jameis Winston.

An assortment of memories

Some more GIFs with no additional context worth remembering…

This barely scratches the surface of all the internet gold to be found out there, so feel free to share your other favorite GIFs on Twitter.

Happy new year, college football fans. Keep those GIFs going in the new year.

Michigan close to adding punter from down under


Michigan is looking to fill a spot on special teams at the punter position, and one option the Wolverines could come from Australia. Well, technically.

Blake O’Neill, born in Australia, is a graduate from Weber State. He is hoping to land a walk-on spot at Michigan for the fall. He would be eligible to play right away as a graduate transfer. The former Australian Football player averaged 44.1 yards per punt last season according to Nick Baumgardner of MLive.com. That is about a yard and a half more per punt compared to Michigan’s team average last fall. O’Neil announced he is scheduled to visit Michigan today.

Michigan was solid in the punting game last season with Will Hagerup getting plenty of work in 2014. Hagerup has graduated and moved on, leaving the Wolverines with a key spot to fill at an often overlooked position. In football, you don’t know how valuable a punter can be until you lose a good one.