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Tressel asks for, receives same five-game suspension as players

Ohio State University head football coach Tressel speaks during a news conference in Columbus

We were one of the many, many people who were very, very vehement in their opinions that the two-game suspension given to Jim Tressel by his Ohio State amounted to nothing more than a feathery slap on the wrist.

Apparently the head coach agrees as he’s asked the school to hit him harder.  And they’ve obliged.

Shortly after it was officially confirmed by the NCAA that the five Buckeyes found to have received impermissible benefits had their appeal on a five-game suspension denied, Tressel announced that he had asked for, and received the same five-game suspension as his players.

“Throughout this entire situation my players and I have committed ourselves to facing our mistakes and growing from them; we can only successfully do that together,” Tressel said in a statement. “I spoke with Athletics Director Smith, and our student‐athletes involved, and told them that my mistakes need to share the same game sanctions. Like my players, I am very sorry for the mistakes I made. I request of the university that my sanctions now include five games so that the players and I can handle this adversity together.”

The PR maneuver news of Tressel upping his own punishment was first reported by the Columbus Dispatch.

Tressel was suspended for two games by the school earlier this month after emails were discovered January 2011 which showed the coach knew in April of 2010 that at least two of his players — quarterback Terrelle Pryor and wide receiver DeVier Posey — had likely received impermissible benefits.  Tressel, as revealed in the school’s letter to the NCAA announcing his suspension and $250,000 fine, had at least three opportunities between April of last year and January of this year to forward the information he received from a former OSU player/current attorney to school authorities.  Instead, he squatted on the information based on a limp confidentiality defense and, in at least one instance, lied to the NCAA based on his signature on a compliance form.

Still to be determined is whether what’s now a five-game suspension will be the end of the sanctions Tressel faces, or whether the NCAA will tack on additional time away from the game-day sideline.

As it stands now, Tressel and the Buckeye Five will miss games against Akron, Toledo, Miami (Fla), Colorado and Michigan State.  Only the game against the Hurricanes is on the road.

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101 Responses to “Tressel asks for, receives same five-game suspension as players”
  1. bobulated says: Mar 17, 2011 9:16 PM

    At the very least their Sugar Bowl victory should be vacated if not the whole 2010 season.

  2. Slim Charles says: Mar 17, 2011 9:16 PM

    Throwing himself on the mercy of the court. Tressel knows he’s donezo.

  3. WingT says: Mar 17, 2011 9:30 PM

    Once the appeal was denied it was obvious that the NCAA would come down hard on Tressel. Not a bad move on his part to ask for more punishment because he was obviously going to receive a stiffer sanction than the one the University applied.

    I bet the NCAA hits him harder than 5 games.

    Does anybody know if he will be allowed to coach practices and hold staff meetings etc?

  4. frug says: Mar 17, 2011 9:46 PM


    That’s what I was wondering. I mean does suspension mean he’s not allowed to have any contact with the team or does it just mean he can’t attend the games (in which case the suspension wouldn’t be all that bad since he could still put together game plans and then have his assistance carry them out).

  5. inconsonance says: Mar 17, 2011 9:51 PM

    In terms of conduct, the coach should be held to higher, stricter standards than the players. This may be his attempt to fall on his sword and attempt to appease his detractors, but it’s not gonna work. At the very least, he should be fined heavily, fired, and banned from actively coaching for a season or three. He’s the perfect candidate for showing what happens to coaches who don’t follow the rules as they’ve been set.

  6. John Taylor says: Mar 17, 2011 9:55 PM

    @WingT: This is what OSU stated in their letter to the NCAA earlier this month regarding Tressel’s suspension under “Punitive Measures”:

    Suspend Coach Tressel from the first two games of the 2011 season. This suspension shall preclude Coach Tressel from: (i) participation in any game-day activities; (ii) being in the facilities where the games are played during game day; (iii) having any contact with members of his coaching staff while the games are ongoing.

    Obviously, there’s nothing that pertains to maintaining his normal day-to-day activities outside of game day. Whether that remains the case after the NCAA issues their ruling remains to be seen.

  7. WingT says: Mar 17, 2011 10:02 PM

    Thanks for the info John. Any guess when the NCAA might rule on this one?

    Also, your articles are absolutely fantastic. I really appreciate the hard work you do even if you sometimes call my coach woodcock, lol

    roll tide

  8. gatorprof says: Mar 17, 2011 10:05 PM

    What top program would first suspend a coach for 2 games and extend it to 5 before the NCAA rules on admittedly lying about covering up major violations?

    Common sense dictators that most programs would just fire him if he didn’t have the class to fall on his sword and resign.

    I know that USC is very happy that OSU has overtaken them for the laughing stock of the college football world.

  9. John Taylor says: Mar 17, 2011 10:13 PM

    You’re way, way, way too kind WingT.

    And have you never noticed the physical similarities between Saban and Billy Bob Thornton’s character in “Coach Woodcock”?

  10. WingT says: Mar 17, 2011 10:15 PM


  11. stuckonwords says: Mar 17, 2011 10:40 PM

    This is the best part:
    “PR maneuver news of Tressel”
    Also, shouldn’t:
    “my players and I have committed ourselves to facing our mistakes and growing from them”
    be followed by:
    “(when and if we get caught)”?
    And what in the world difference does it make if he coaches those games anyway? He gets to coach all week (I see you researched that…good on ya…but that’s usually how these things work) and then take the day off every Saturday for 5 weeks in games when 5 starters won’t be playing. You think anybody in Columbus is going to blame him if they lose a game? They’ll be celebrating that they’re perennial National contenders got years of mileage out of his shenanigans, and they only have to pay the price of a couple games loses (if that) in one year.
    And would somebody please tell me how they got to play those 5 players in the bowl game last year, but a suspension of 5 games was determined to be justified before that bowl?

  12. stuckonwords says: Mar 17, 2011 10:42 PM

    My strikeout of “PR maneuver” didn’t work. Lemme try a different tag.
    PR maneuver

  13. stuckonwords says: Mar 17, 2011 10:42 PM

    There we go. :-)

  14. edgy says: Mar 17, 2011 10:56 PM

    I think that Tressel stopped the bleeding as far as what the NCAA will do to him but I’m not sure that it may be enough to stop the NCAA from taking some action that will result in vacating wins from last year. I think that they might tack that on but I also think that this will probably keep them from piling on more than just the vacated games. This was a good move by Tressel because the school was going to have to bend over much further if they had left it at two games.

  15. massappeal12345 says: Mar 17, 2011 11:00 PM

    This is just damage control. Lying warrants a suspension. lying multiple times warrants at least 5 games.

    Signing a compliance form untruthfully warrants anyone to be fired. At least in any reputable institute of higher learning.

  16. imjustsayin2626 says: Mar 17, 2011 11:01 PM

    First, and as a Buckeye fan, I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to learn of what occured and the lack of action by coach Tressel.

    That being said, he’s owning up to it. He’s taking his punishment via suspension and $250K.

    Regardless of your like, or dislike of OSU, he made an error in judgement. He should have reported as soon as the information was shared with him. I for one can see where it being a part of a Federal investigation may cloud what action that should be taken. But I won’t make excuses for his lack of action. That is a fact.

    I value and appreciate his current efforts and ownership of his actions. His track record at OSU speaks for itself and I am glad he is our coach.

  17. lbijake says: Mar 17, 2011 11:02 PM

    Hopefully suspension will include loss of pay. Cannot believe that lying cheat still has a job. That type of behavior would not fly here at the Little Sisters of the Poor.

  18. ernieernie says: Mar 17, 2011 11:08 PM

    Gee lets see, 4 games are home games against nobodys and one game against a good miami team. So he and his top players come into the season, what 5-0 ‘or 4-1. Not exactly dooms day scenario from what I see.
    No big ten team is going undefeated next year so he is right in the mix again.

  19. oregontrash says: Mar 17, 2011 11:09 PM

    Hey Gatorprof, how many players have been arrested and UF the past 5 years? LOL, that record will probably never be broken.

  20. mogogo1 says: Mar 17, 2011 11:21 PM

    @imjustsayin2626: I doubt you’d be so understanding if he was coaching someplace else. I’m not sure where you see him “taking ownership for his actions” because the evidence suggests a guy doing the exact opposite. First, the original explanation last season for why the players got to participate in the bowl game was seriously strained logic; then when you compare the email to his official story you can’t help but come away thinking he outright lied; and he didn’t ask for his suspension to be lengthened until AFTER it became clear he couldn’t get his players off easier.

  21. southernpatriots says: Mar 17, 2011 11:25 PM

    Tressel and his AD Smith and their president (oh God, yes it is Gordon Gee!) heard from alumni, fans, and supporters from all over the U.S. When the NCAA denied the appeal, it was obvious to all that something more had to be done, so they did it, to try to forestall a likely even stronger penalty by the NCAA as we and many other posters have said over and over again since the story broke here at CFT.

    This may well accomplish what they want it to. Tressel and the story will settle down and stop all the hemorrhaging that was going on. The NCAA likely will accept the penalty. However, some fair minded college football fans may readily advocate that Ohio State forfeit their bowl win and a few other tweaks, but Tressel may have preempted this penalty by this action. Time will tell.

  22. hoosierstate says: Mar 17, 2011 11:34 PM

    Everyone is so punishment happy. Did you all hold OSU in such high regard that you revel in this embarrassment?

    Seriously, in game violations warrant extreme measures for the safety of players. I cannot agree that petty regulation issues that do not affect game play would merit more than a “slap on the wrist”.

    This punishment is about PR and PR only. This will not happen again in the sport, and not because of the punishment, but because of the respect the alumni demand of the programs.

    Lastly, if Tressel had reported this information when it was sent to him it would have meant violating the relationship he had with his players. There are reasons it is unlawful to require a spouse testify, and similar respect should be taken here.

  23. BrownsTown says: Mar 17, 2011 11:41 PM

    Haha, exactly! This knob, gatorprof, completely ignores the crIminal activities of his UNRANKED football team. Hell, one of his heroes texted “time to die” to a woman and was on the field a few weeks later.

    Nice credibility.

  24. thefiesty1 says: Mar 17, 2011 11:56 PM

    Resign and retire from coaching is fitting punishment.

  25. tryagainplease says: Mar 17, 2011 11:56 PM

    i hope he gets more- i don’t even really dislike the guy that much but i think he deserves punishment that’s not self-imposed. and yes, oh yes, pr move is written all over this.

  26. gatorfan1 says: Mar 18, 2011 12:17 AM

    Give Tressel credit at least he stepped up to the plate and is taking the same punishment he made the players take! Good for him.


    Give me a break with the “unranked crap”! You really think Florida is not a top program?? Just showing your BIG 10 ignorance like usual!! If the NCAA makes OSU forfeit games because of illegal players (which they should)…OSU will be unranked too for last year.

    Oh by the way…isn’t that the whole point with this WHOLE Tressel incident…he kept quiet BECAUSE his team wouldn’t of been worth a crap without Pryor and some of the others!!! Think OSU would’ve been ranked if those five players had been suspended 4 – 5 games???

    Oh yeah that’s right…they play in the BIG 10!!!

    I guess we’ll see how this ends up with the NCAA. You may not be yucking it up much when they get done with Tressel & OSU!!!

  27. cdgolfs says: Mar 18, 2011 12:18 AM

    Nice try Coach. That’s kind of like asking Mom to punish you before Dad gets home, thinking Dad will figure you’ve already been punished. How about ban you from the program until game six?

  28. imjustsayin2626 says: Mar 18, 2011 12:31 AM


    Everything that has happened at OSU is a result of self auditing and reporting. Even the emails were a part of a self-imposed review and reporting process.

    Yes, I am partial, I can admit that. I’m also a fan that will follow his team through good, and bad. I’m not bashing another team only supporting mine.

    That being said, he’s not fighting, denying or otherwise running from the issue. That is my point about “taking ownership for his actions” . Although late, he is still owning up to the process and taking his punishment. This, in my humble opinion, is more than a lot other coaches have done in the past, regardless of what program they coach.

  29. mogogo1 says: Mar 18, 2011 12:56 AM

    @imjustsayin2626: Oh, I’m not trying say he’s worse than some other coaches, just that he’s no better.

    I respect you for sticking up for your guy, but even you must have raised your eyebrows at his “scared to tell the school because of the feds” story after reading those emails. He never comes across as overly concerned but if he was scared, how come he broke confidentiality to talk to the players about it? He tipped off the ones directly involved in the investigation but kept the school in the dark to avoid interfering with the investigation?

    And please explain the logic he used to justify those guys playing in the bowl game, because it didn’t make any sense at the time and it makes even less sense now. His putting off their punishment could very well lead to them vacating that bowl victory.

  30. motherscratcher23 says: Mar 18, 2011 1:07 AM

    I’m OSU alum. I think the wins and the Bowl for 2010 should be vacated. The Buckeyes played with ineligible players. That’s pretty much case closed.

    A couple things though:

    1. Tressel didn’t decide (as has been suggested) to let those players play in the bowl. That was the NCAA, probably with a lot of pressure from the Sugar Bowl.

    2. A lot of people here are saying that they are not satisfied because the sanctions are self imposed. By this logic OSU shouldn’t try to take any responsibility and wait for the NCAA investigation to end. It doesn’t make much sense. Yes, it’s a PR move obviously, but that doesn’t mean the punishment isn’t fitting. And, they will obviously abide by what the NCAA determines also.

    3. I find it a little unsettling how easily so many people suggest stripping a man of his livelihood. Especially a reportedly good and decent man who undoubtedly messed up big time. But being good doesn’t make you infallible. I try to do the right thing, but I’ve messed up, and I will again. I hope people are more understanding. Of course, in my situation, it probably won’t be about anything as life and death important as football games.

  31. swcoach says: Mar 18, 2011 1:16 AM

    I find it funny and pretty ridiculous that people are more upset about what Tressel did then what Kelly did.

    I’m not agreeing with what Tressel did but he is paying for it and yet Kelly puts a kid in harms way and it cost’s the kid his life and nothing happens to him. Don’t you think if anyone should quit it should be Kelly?

  32. frug says: Mar 18, 2011 2:10 AM


    if Tressel had reported this information when it was sent to him it would have meant violating the relationship he had with his players. There are reasons it is unlawful to require a spouse testify, and similar respect should be taken here.

    I’m normally not prone to hyperbole, but that has to be the single dumbest thing anyone has said regarding this issue. Tressel is contractually bound to report any potential violations to the University. Period. End of story. No exceptions short of a gag order and the players knew this (or should have known this) when they agreed to play at OSU.

    And your statements regarding spousal privileged are even stupider. Since

    A) The law most certainly requires a subpoenaed spouse to testify and treated just like any other witness except with regards to communications that took place between the married individuals

    B) The action Tressel concerned an action by the players he learned about from someone besides the players

    C) (and most importantly) There is no such thing as “coach-player confidentiality”

  33. tryagainplease says: Mar 18, 2011 2:12 AM

    motherscratcher23 – well i’m a hog fan and i don’t care if osu has to vacate last year or not- we lost simple as that and that fact is not going to change. i don’t feel a. 5 games is fitting or b. that tressel deserves to make the call on his punishment- so even if you find b. suspect logically, i still have a. to fall back on in the court of my own opinion. i really don’t think tressel should lose his job but i think a harder slap on the wrist is deserved.

  34. fightingwombat says: Mar 18, 2011 2:25 AM

    I agree with motherscratcher23 on the vacating of wins and the bowl game – Tressel used players that violated NCAA rules, and shouldn’t played until the school/NCAA reviewed and took action on the players.

    What bothers me most is Tressel’s actions from April until the news of the violations hit and the actions he took towards the players prior to the bowl game – it brings his personal integrity into question. He know back in April that his players had “crossed the line” and could have disclosed the issue at that time – but didn’t. Later on, he’s asked to sign a certificate of compliance note – and could have disclosed the infractions at that time, and does not. Things are kept quiet until prior to the bowl game, then the team/school goes into damage control mode and decides to suspend the players after the bowl game.

    From my point of view, Tressel has a huge creditability issue – he failed to come clean when this came to light, and had at least one opportunity to tell the school and NCAA that there was a problem. Should he be held accountable for his actions – yes, I agree with that. My question is how much did Ohio State know about this? Did Tressel disclose info to them back in April or did he drop the proverbial “bombshell” on the school in December? If the school did know about this prior to the bowl game, then the AD and the school need to be held accountable for their actions in this.

    Will the NCAA “punish” the school – that depends on your definition of punishment…

  35. hoosierstate says: Mar 18, 2011 3:55 AM


    You are right, my hyperbole was a little reaching. My point was on the respect of relationships and violation of trust.

    I think many of us have been in a situation in which we will not lie, but we will not necessarily report an activity we know is wrong.

    We learn as little kids to not be that guy, and now you want to punish him for it. Now, before anyone points out that childish games are for children, remember the emotion that is involved in football. I am sure every current and future player will remember this and know that he is on their side.

    He/they will and should pay for their mistakes, no question, but may the punishment fit the crime.

  36. gatorprof says: Mar 18, 2011 6:31 AM

    I love the mentality of the OSU fans…

    1) Your coach gets information of major infractions by his players.

    2) He sits on it and tells no one.

    3) The wrong doing is finally discovered by OSU and they self report. The coach signs a document saying that he knows nothing.

    4) OSU finds the smoking gun emails and suspends the coach. The coach issues a “I’m sorry I got caught apology” which is heavily criticized by about everyone, including OSU fans that aren’t brainwashed.

    5) After realizing his blunder, the Vest asks for 5 games?

    Are these the moves of an honest, high character coach that is trust worthy of running a top program?

    Yes, talk about UF’s arrests all that you want. I have NEVER defended them and criticized Meyer roundly and have stated many times that Boom needs to reverse the trend.

    Yes, talk about UF’s poor season LAST YEAR, but make sure that you don’t mention the 2 national titles in the past 6…one of which was a historic beat down of the Vest.

    Yes, mock and make fun of everyone pointing out the 5 facts listed above.

    NONE OF THIS will change the fact that the VEST and OSU are tarnished for the foreseeable future and likely will be hammered by the NCAA.

    I do believe, that like USC under Petey, OSU under the Vest has been chronically dirty…just too much smoke with every major star recruit having “issues”. Then again, Youngstown was dirty as well.

  37. southernpatriots says: Mar 18, 2011 8:43 AM

    gatorprof: We were the first to win 2 BCS National Championships (and hope to win another this year) but you and your team are the only other team to win two, so we respect your team greatly.

    You presented the truth about Tressel and OSU and at least some of its fans, succinctly and clearly. You addressed it in a manner that anyone with an 8th grade education could understand it. We completely agree. How anyone could give you any thumbs down indicates to us that those do not want to accept reality and truth. These are the worst examples of “fans” which are not fanatics at all, but rather probably rabid.

    We wish you and your team very well this year. The only game we hope you lose all year is when you play us (of course!), but in every other sense we honestly thank you for your wonderful contribution to the discussion!

  38. toasale says: Mar 18, 2011 9:07 AM

    He’s a joke; the system’s a joke and those who run it are jokesters.

  39. dkhhuey says: Mar 18, 2011 11:14 AM

    Christ, if he threw himself off the highest building some of you morons would still be whining it wasn’t enough. Tressel is a decent man and has a long history of positive deeds that have benefited many many people in the community and at the university. The man made a huge mistake with his lapse in judgment and will pay the price for that. He will pick up the pieces, make amends, learn from his mistake, and move on to be a better person.

    I have to say that I am thoroughly amazed at the number of people on this site who have led such absolutely perfect and mistake free lives.

  40. edgy says: Mar 18, 2011 11:28 AM

    What makes me laugh is the continued denial by the OSU apologists. Let’s face facts: if this were Florida, USC or Alabama, you’d be in here screaming to the highest mountain and getting on your moral high horse but now, that the shoe is on the other foot, you’re acting as if you’re the aggrieved party and that the world hates you because you’re OSU and won’t accept the real reason, which is that you’re a bunch of hypocrites. Thumb me down all you want but the fact is that you made your bed so lie in it (Oops, shouldn’t use that word because that would just be describing what Tressel keeps doing).

  41. lbijake says: Mar 18, 2011 12:19 PM

    @southernpatriot ” we were the first team to win two national championships”. What position did you play on those two teams. Unless you were a player on both teams, or a coach, it is presumptuous to use the “Royal” we. It would lead one to believe that you are living in your mother’s basement. If you did indeed play on both teams, hats off to you.

  42. motherscratcher23 says: Mar 18, 2011 12:21 PM

    I, for one, am greatly relieved that there is someone like Edgy here who can tell me what I and all other OSU fans think.

    I am advocating vacating the entire 2010 season, and I wouldn’t be surprised, or upset, if Tressel received a suspension for the entire 2011 season.

    But OSU fan = OSU apologist, I guess. What I think must obviously be wrong due to the fact that I went to school there.

    I see now that nothing short of the SMU death penalty for the program and castration/hanging for Tressel would be appropriate.

    I’ll be right back. I’m pretty sure I have some rope in the basement.

  43. dkhhuey says: Mar 18, 2011 12:41 PM

    @edgy – WOW – SHOCKER!!!! Here you are once again vomiting out more delusional garbage and stereotyping every single OSU fan into whatever fits your brainless self. Sorry, at no point have I played the victim card, made excuses, denied violations occurred, or screamed about any other school’s issues. Yet here you are, telling me what I think and how I act. You always have been and always will be a complete idiot.

  44. edgy says: Mar 18, 2011 12:50 PM

    motherscratcher23 says:


    So much for the superior education that you boobs keep saying that you get. I said “OSU apologists” and NOT “OSU fan” and if you can’t understand the difference then YOU like the rest of the Northern Hillbillies here need to stop touting that superior education. The apologists are Baby Huey and BuckeyeGirl and others that are well known AND that the SEC fans here can point out to you. If and when you start joining them in their moral hypocrisy THEN you’ll be labeled as an apologist.

    Oh and Baby Huey – APOLOGIST is NOT equal to FAN. You are also an example of how stupid the OSU people are (fans OR apologists) when they claim a superior education, either at the school or in your state.

  45. dkhhuey says: Mar 18, 2011 1:02 PM

    @edgy – again, you are a complete and utter idiot. You have raised the bar to extreme levels with your gross stupidity. The fact that you use the word ‘apologist’ as something bad is hysterical. Perhaps the following definition will help you out retard:

    A person who argues in defense or justification of something, such as a doctrine, policy, or institution.

    How despicable I am for defending my college from stereotyping idiots like yourself!!!

    As for your other babbling dribble, please provide exact proof of my posts that you’ve claimed I made. Here’s a hint – there aren’t any!!! You are a liar, an idiot, and completely delusional with your hatred of OSU.

  46. motherscratcher23 says: Mar 18, 2011 1:14 PM

    @ Edgy – I’d like you to please go back and find for me where I wrote anything about my superior education.

  47. gamustangdude says: Mar 18, 2011 1:29 PM


    Ahh, not winning BCS titles makes you frown?

    Southernpatriots are alumni of different schools. Including LSU (thus you see the “s” on the end of their name, usually means plural). And if you are an alumni of a school, you’re allowed to use the word “we” Why? Simply because just like a football team member, you’re forever apart of that university.

    Now please hurry up and get back in line, play time is almost up. Don’t worry, you have snack time to look forward to.

  48. edgy says: Mar 18, 2011 1:31 PM

    Baby Huey, I don’t have anything against someone arguing in defense when there’s something to defend but what Tressel did is indefensible and when you come in here and get on to people for pointing that out, you become an apologist. I don’t defend what USC did NOR have I ever come in and defended what Carroll did or didn’t do.

  49. Deb says: Mar 18, 2011 1:32 PM

    @lbijake …

    Will admit southernpatriots’ use of the imperial “we” threw me at first. I’m not a fan of that construction. But in their case, it’s literal. They’re a family of retirees who take turns posting under that name. The person on the keyboard is speaking for the group–thus, “we.”

    I’m also one who frequently uses “we” in discussing my team because I consider myself a valuable part of the team family. Without me, there would be no stadiums, television contracts, two a days, mascots, or billions in revenues to colleges and pro teams. I may be part of a nameless, faceless collective. But when I’m agonizing over an interception or cheering a touchdown … in that instant … it’s all about me 😉

  50. Deb says: Mar 18, 2011 1:34 PM

    Tressel’s move should satisfy those who wanted him suspended for half the season. Now we just wait and see whether it will satisfy the NCAA.

  51. dkhhuey says: Mar 18, 2011 1:59 PM

    @edgy – I know you hear this all the time but no, you are completely wrong again! I have not argued with ONE person on this board on Tressel’s behalf about his error. What I have been arguing about is when people try to act as though he is completely dirty and dishonest based on this one incident. I will type this REALLY slowly for you in hopes it connects with the one remaining half alive brain cell you have left.

    Tressel is a good and decent man who has been a great ambassador to OSU. He has done so much for the betterment of the university, the lives of his players, and the community he lives in. When issues have come up with player behavior, he has reported it and dealt with it in an appropriate manner. In dealing with this incident, he made a huge error in judgment and committed a major NCAA violation. He has owned up to his mistake and is waiting for the NCAA’s ruling. He will abide by the ruling and has, and will continue, to make amends for his actions. I have never defended his actions in one comment on this or any other board so for you to say so is incorrect and you are a complete and utter liar. What he did was wrong and it has damaged his image, the university’s and the team. I am pissed off as hell that he made the decision to not report this to the AD. Should he be fired? No, for all of his previous actions should absolutely garner him the opportunity to pay his debt for this violation.

  52. hawkinsob says: Mar 18, 2011 2:13 PM

    So they try to get away with a 2 game suspension and gauge the reaction. They can see there is no way its going to fly. So to avoid further action by the ncaa, they arrange for Tressel himself to “ask for” a longer suspension, demonstrating what an upright person he is. The longer suspension will encompass the same 5 gimmie games as the suspension of the players. Its is completely tansparent, but I have to say it was a very smart move by the school.

  53. samboni714 says: Mar 18, 2011 2:17 PM

    How about losing some scholarships?

  54. buckeyeboy says: Mar 18, 2011 3:11 PM

    I don’t understand how you say one thing to edgy and he comprehends something completely different. This is something you expect from a child or from someone mentally handicapped.

    is there something you need to tell the world edgy?

    why is it that if someone says tressel is a good man but should be punished, you attack them and call them an “apologist” that knows nothing?

    it’s sad that you come on here and just troll the entire webpage….i mean have you been fired from your job or is it just no one will hire an incompitent baboon?

  55. buckifan4life says: Mar 18, 2011 3:32 PM

    Sooooo,.. gay-tor fans are piling on,… Big surprise….

    The fact is, Tressel and OSU are facing the music. Unlike Auburn (we all know Cam knew what was going on) and USC (Carrol and Bush took off before they got personally punished (Bush couldn’t care less about that trophy. It’s all about the “bling, bling”)).

    You all want a pound of flesh,…well, you’re not gonna get it, why? The powers that be in NCAA/NIKE/BCS will be rational about the violation and not rabid dog haters like MOST of you…

  56. buckifan4life says: Mar 18, 2011 3:39 PM


    It’s not a recruiting violation…

    These kids sold THEIR sh1t. If the NCAA wants to curb that, then lock up all their awards til they leave the University. Gee, I think I need to hit the “easy” button more often.

    I think Tressel was the fall guy for Gene Smith. If you watched the presser, Tressel nodded his head repeatedly when asked by a reporter if he had forwarded the email to anyone as Gene Smith stepped in to stop Tressel from answering. That’s my opinion though.

  57. edgy says: Mar 18, 2011 3:44 PM

    Baby Huey, I find it funny that you call me a liar. Weren’t you the one that wrong the same message in 3 separate Ohio State posts that basically called the blogger who wrote the story about Tressel knowing about this in April a liar? Didn’t you have to eat a little crow then? Yeah, you throw out that word so easily.

  58. edgy says: Mar 18, 2011 3:53 PM

    buckeyeboy says:


    Here comes the main apologist, BEG, who can’t seem to fathom that Tressel did something that should require more punishment from the school. He’d rather let the NCAA be the heavy, like the school, so that he’s got someone to piss and moan at.

  59. buckeyefan1026 says: Mar 18, 2011 3:59 PM

    Its a fact that there are players on every single team doing something that violates NCAA rules. If you don’t think your players are getting free drinks at the bars or receiving benefits in some way, than you are very naive. Those things are going to happen, some schools just don’t get caught. (Personally, I don’t think a player with a criminal history should be able to play college football without an appeal…this would hurt alot of major programs in itself, probably OSU also).

    Regardless of my point of view or support of OSU, I find it funny that everyone thinks that the non-action of one man means that the schools education is poor, the entire school is “dirty”, and we lack any class.

    I swear TP couldve been caught stealing a pen from a classmate, and everyone on here would demand that Ohio State should be banned from college football altogether. (start the thumb downs…)

  60. CBFAN says: Mar 18, 2011 4:08 PM

    buckeyefan1026: The comments on this site are really not that much of a surprise. The truth is that Tressel has made the Ohio State Football program one of the premier programs in the nation. Of course these other fans would like to see him removed. When you are at the top, everyone wants to bring you down. Whatever punishment is dictated by the NCAA will be accepted and in the end, that is all that matters.

  61. buckeyeboy says: Mar 18, 2011 4:17 PM

    edgy you are truly stupid. How am I being an idiot by sayin the NCAA should punish tressel more?

    please anyone on here, tell me how I am being an idiot?

    edgy please crawl back under your rock and please please please stop making ignorant posts

    I mean is your family embarrassed by you yet or what? you say you’ve been a football fan for 50 years but you have the wisdom of an 8 yr old

    are you this much of a jacka** to everyone around you? How can ppl stand the vile person that you are?

  62. Deb says: Mar 18, 2011 4:32 PM

    @buckeyefan1026 …

    That’s a bit melodramatic, don’t you think?

    I’ve been on this site a long time, and you Ohio State fans have piled on anytime an SEC school has had an issue. One kid in the South can get a free textbook and you’ll swarm these sites ranting about the backwardness and stupidity of all Southerners, especially those attending schools in the SEC. You’ll declare all SEC programs corrupt, all SEC coaches evil, and all SEC successes exaggerated. We’ve been listening to that for years. Now your college coaching version of Billy Graham has proved to be more of a Jimmy Swaggart, and you’re whining because you can dish it but can’t take it.

    Now having said that, I’m not one of the SECers who’s piled on. I don’t think Ohio State is a dirty program or that Tressel is a bad man, and am impressed that the school didn’t try to sweep this under the carpet. The NCAA must punish Tressel on the same scale as they’ve punished other coaches in similar circumstances, but personally I don’t think players trading memorabilia for cash and tats compares to taking agent bribes or pay for play. I’m sorry a man with Tressel’s reputation has been caught up in this mess and wish the NCAA would take whatever action it intends instead of stringing these poor people along.

    But Tressel knew the rules and brought this on himself–as did you fans with your self-righteous slamming of everyone else. So stop playing the victim.

  63. blitz4848 says: Mar 18, 2011 4:54 PM

    I’ll repeat what I posted when this story broke. If Tressel was smart he would have asked for at least “1 more game (6) than his players received”

    Tressel is the coach, mentor, recruiter and the person his player’s parents expect to set an example. They entrusted him with their 18 or 19 yr old and expect him to be a father figure.

    The unfortunate thing for OSU and their fans is that the Pearl case preceedes this and he already has served a much stiffer penalty…ie contract terminated for moral clause issues, pay reduced 1.25 mil, no off campus recruiting for a yr and suspended for “1/2” (8) the conference basketball
    season. Those penalties were imposed by the school and the 8 game conf suspension was imposed by the SEC.

    Vacating wins is a no brainer since this was done to USC most recently. FSU & Bowden vacated wins for athletes getting answers to tests and ALL games they played in after that test were vacated!
    OSU will lose the Sugar bowl $$$, the Sugar bowl win, the big 10 title as those 5 players were ineligible and any game they played in since Tressel received the emails will be subject to vacating the win.

  64. edgy says: Mar 18, 2011 5:22 PM

    BEG, you once again prove that the educational system that spawned you is as low a quality as you say that they get in the South. PLEASE show me the word “idiot” that I used to describe what you were saying. Did I say “stupid, retarded, moronic, fool, boob, twerp” or anything else — NO, BEG, I said “who can’t seem to fathom that Tressel did something that should require more punishment from the school. He’d rather let the NCAA be the heavy, like the school, so that he’s got someone to piss and moan at.” Point out any of those words and I’ll apologize to you but until then you need to admit that you are the one who throws around the word idiot when describing yourself. Seems like you know yourself enough to use a word that I haven’t.

    Blitz, right on but don’t expect them to like you saying this as they haven’t yet. They can’t handle the truth. :)

  65. edgy says: Mar 18, 2011 5:33 PM

    Poor delusional Buckeyes. The day that the non-Big-10 fans are jealous of the program is one that will never come. It’s your hypocrisy that gets everyone. You stand on your moral high ground and call the SEC fans hicks, put down their education and hold yourself up as the moral standard and then can’t stand the the heat when your panties get sullied by the coach’s inability to do the right thing. I guarantee you that besides this forum, there are hundreds, possibly thousands of forums that are devoted to anything NOT Big-10 that have fans laughing their asses off at your hypocrisy and how you’ve gotten what you’ve deserved. If you hadn’t been so high and mighty, no one would care but that’s the price you get for being the Pricks Of CFB.

  66. buckeyeboy says: Mar 18, 2011 5:33 PM

    haha once again you don’t dissappoint edgy lol don’t you have a hospital visit to attend to, I mean seems to me all you do it troll, and the sad thing is that it actually works lol

    I’m glad you have friends in real life to fall back to……..oh wait

  67. buckeyeboy says: Mar 18, 2011 5:36 PM

    I like how you call me BEG instead of the buckeyegirl that you used to lol hiding that S-O status I see

  68. buckeyefan1026 says: Mar 18, 2011 5:41 PM

    @ Deb

    I don’t speak for all ohio state fans on this site, and I prefer to not be roped in with them as well. There are always going to be trolls for each team that just throw out irrational comments during discussions. I haven’t participated in threads enough to differentiate who falls into this category and who I can take at face value. I was being eccentric just to deliver the point.

    As far as losing the Sugar Bowl, I’m looking for some clarification because I may be misinformed. The NCAA knew what the players had done before the game and still allowed them to play (only because Sugar Bowl pressure, money and ratings issues obv..), but I feel like it would be pretty poor for the NCAA to allow them to play and then remove the win with no knew info other than the players should have missed games during the season.

    They shouldnt have played in the bowl game in the first place, but the NCAA would basically be saying “we used you for the money, and ratings, but now that its over it doesn’t count”

    Some unbiased clarification would be great, so I could see some other perspectives. Thanks!

  69. southernpatriots says: Mar 18, 2011 7:17 PM

    buckeyefan12026: We know this is hard on all the faithful buckeye fans everywhere. We think our hearts would go out to all buckeye fans more if some had not spewed such vitriol against practically all other teams, especially the SEC the past few months, and according to Deb who is a veteran of the CFT for the past years.

    Over the past 40 years or so, we have taken numerous football, basketball, baseball, track, etc. athletes out for a burger, a seafood buffet, etc. Each time we had to fill out so much paperwork to satisfy LSU, GA, etc. and the NCAA that each of us thought we were purchasing a new house! As faithful alums, former player (of GA), and supporters of the teams, we were always so careful. Once, one of us reported he had given a pack of Wrigley spearmint gum from his pocket after the meal!

  70. edgy says: Mar 18, 2011 8:16 PM

    BEG, everyone knows that you’re BuckEyeGirl and just like the little Facebook girl that you are, you BEG for attention.

  71. blitz4848 says: Mar 18, 2011 9:09 PM


    The NCAA “DID NOT know that Tressel knew these players had violated NCAA rules.” You are correct that they allowed them to play and for the reasons you state.

    The difference is that Tressel represents OSU and since he knew that put a completely different scenario in play! Rather than report this last April when Tressel received the emails he did nothing which meant OSU was playing ineligible players all season.

    The NCAA did not know Tressel knew this when they allowed the players to play in the Sugar Bowl. It was the wrong decision then and now they really have “egg on their face” so that’s why Tressel is going to feel their wrath…….

  72. mdnittlion says: Mar 18, 2011 9:18 PM

    @ John Taylor

    Does this mean that someone else will call the plays during the games and Tressel will still run the day-to-day stuff during the week?

    If the only thing he has to do is his normal job and just stay at his multi-million dollar home during game time I just don’t see the punishment here?

  73. Deb says: Mar 18, 2011 10:11 PM

    @buckeyefan1026 …

    As in anything, it takes all kinds. You’ve got fans on one end who are fairly objective regardless, and those on the other end who are pretty obnoxious regardless. Most fall somewhere in between. A lot of OSU and Big 10 fans make the kind of comments I mentioned about the SEC, but not all. BrownsTown and I spar good-naturedly about the Big 10 v. SEC and North v. South, but we’re not serious (well … not too serious 😉 )

    It’s anyone’s guess what the NCAA will do. I’ve posted many times that I find rules of this type nitpicky. Maybe if the NCAA weren’t devoting so many investigators to kids selling memorabilia for tats and cash, they’d have more to focus on pay-for-play issues like the Newton situation. But these are the rules and everyone knew them. And it’s not in the players’ best interest to be dealing with men like the guy running that tatoo parlor–or to be selling their rings and trophies (that’s just sad).

    I agree that it’s ridiculous for the NCAA to clear the guys to play in the Sugar Bowl, then to strip OSU of the win because they suddenly discover the coach wasn’t honest with them. But if I were an OSU fan, I’d be more concerned about the NCAA stripping regular-season wins. They’ve been tough on other teams/coaches for this type thing, so anything is possible. The whole thing is unfortunate, and I wish Tressel were free to explain his thinking in letting it go this far. It just doesn’t mesh with his reputation.

  74. motherscratcher23 says: Mar 19, 2011 12:45 AM

    Wow, Edgy. You’re a complete and total moron.


    Far out.

  75. blitz4848 says: Mar 19, 2011 8:03 AM

    Hey Deb………

    Fished offshore Wed & Thurs and caught Cobia and Grouper…..will be eating good and healthy for the next couple of weeks……. 85 & Sunny all week.

  76. edgy says: Mar 19, 2011 9:16 AM

    motherscratcher23 says:


    Gee, I guess all you Suckeye apologists are the same.

  77. outlawjerseywhales says: Mar 19, 2011 9:58 AM

    Q: What’s the difference between Jim Tressel riding an “outlaw” Harley and a Hoover vacuum cleaner?

    A: The position of the dirtbag!

  78. dkhhuey says: Mar 19, 2011 3:23 PM

    @Deb – you are one of the more sane posters on this site and enjoy your insight and humor! Most of the other posters are decent and funny to read, and the only true troll on here is edgy. I myself don’t get into the whole SEC vs Big 10 crap because it just doesn’t matter to me and I could care less who beat who 20 years ago. Its a boring argument and reminds me of children boasting who’s dad can kick who’s dad’s ass. I thoroughly enjoy watching SEC football because the games are usually quite entertaining even though I don’t follow any of the teams.

    As for this entire disaster – I hope the NCAA doesn’t vacate last season but I have a feeling that is what will happen. I really don’t see any other path to take at this point in time.

  79. edgy says: Mar 19, 2011 4:49 PM

    Dream on Baby Huey. You can call me a troll but that’s ONLY because you Suckeyes hate being told the truth. I guess that makes John and Ben trolls, as well, doesn’t it?

  80. motherscratcher23 says: Mar 19, 2011 5:31 PM

    Edgy – I hope for your sake you really are just a troll. Because the alternative is that you really are pretty stupid.

    If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think you’re a troll at all.

    “Suckeyes” is pretty clever though.

  81. edgy says: Mar 19, 2011 6:17 PM

    motherscratcher23 says:


    I guess the whole world outside of Suckeye Nation is stupid because no one is buying your bull.

  82. motherscratcher23 says: Mar 19, 2011 8:44 PM

    I don’t even own a bull. We’re not all farmers here you know.

    And I do not think everyone is stupid. Just you. Probably some other people too, but you for sure.

  83. edgy says: Mar 20, 2011 10:14 AM

    motherscratcher23 says


    Typical Suckeye. Within a few days of posting, you guys are calling someone here stupid for their views that you guys are a bunch of hypocrites. There’s no doubt as to what group of fans on the Internet are loathed the worst and it’s the high and mighty Suckeye fans and it’s by a wide margin.

  84. motherscratcher23 says: Mar 20, 2011 1:34 PM

    I like how you keep posting and then giving yourself thumbs up.

    Are you employed Mr. Edgy?

  85. Deb says: Mar 20, 2011 2:03 PM

    Hey, Blitz!!! Envy you that good eating! Have some good fish market product in the freezer, but am too quick to reach for the Lean Cuisine LOL

    @dkhhuey …

    Thanks, I enjoy your posts, too. You got mad at me on another thread, but I really wasn’t talking to you. No telling what the NCAA will do. Seems hypocritical to me for them to vacate the Sugar Bowl under the circumstances, but what a nightmare if they leave that intact and vacate regular season wins. Just wish they’d do whatever and let the whole thing die down. They have the info–what’s left to decide. I don’t think Tressel should lose his job, and really believe that’s up to OSU anyway. Just still wonder why he took this route because it seems so out of character. Bet the kids feel horrible about the whole thing.

    This is why I caution people never to get too invested in a coach or player because anyone can let you down–even people you’ve known for a lifetime. And we don’t know our coaches and players. Everybody screws up. And no matter how much we think we wouldn’t … until you’re in that moment, you don’t really know.

  86. edgy says: Mar 21, 2011 10:30 AM

    motherscratcher23 says: Mar 20, 2011 1:34 PM

    I like how you keep posting and then giving yourself thumbs up.


    First of all, genius, IF I gave myself a thumbs up, it would be the only one and there are two. Second, I think that they’re stupid. I believe that it has caused some to be silent because they don’t like being thumbed down. I don’t give them to anyone — period — because I think they’re stupid. It’s only occasionally that I even comment on them because I think that some people will thumb down anyone that they don’t like, even if they agree with the sentiment (I proved that by changing my screen name once and got nothing but positive reviews).

  87. southernpatriots says: Mar 21, 2011 10:48 AM

    edgy: You could change your screen name to “buckeyes4ever” and get at least 40 thumbs up (or more!) over a few days! Keep posting.

  88. dkhhuey says: Mar 21, 2011 11:11 AM

    @edgy – You’re about as close to telling the truth as Sarah Palin is to intelligence! Delusional – absolutely!!! Truth – not even close!

    @Deb – I do seem to remember a little tussle a while back! I’m guessing it was an SEC vs Big 10 argument I was trying to get out of the way of!

    I don’t think they’ll vacate the entire season. There are two separate incidents here. The initial violations by the players. Reggie Bush’s violations were of the major variety that caused his college eligibility to be revoked and because he played in every game, caused their entire season to be vacated. My question is, since the Tat 5’s f@#$ ups were not in the same ballpark as Reggie’s, and if known back in April, would have only caused them to be suspended for several of the opening games and not the entire season, why would/should the NCAA vacate the season because of the Tat 5 incident.

    Aside from that original Tat 5 set of events, sits the whole Tressel fiasco. I have no idea why he chose to ignore the email but he did and it exploded in his face. What could have been a couple of game suspension for the Tat 5 in the first part of last season, had he done the right thing has now grown to ugly proportions.

    I don’t know how the NCAA will dice this up but regardless of what they do, no doubt trolls like edgy will be pissing and moaning that it wasn’t enough. Regardless, it will be one incredibly long football season!!! Thank god for the Buckeye Basketballers!!!

  89. edgy says: Mar 21, 2011 11:25 AM

    Baby Huey, it’s a fact that you boobs give me a thumbs down no matter what. Hell, I could post links to two articles from ESPN that have said EVERYTHING that either I, John, Ben, Blitz (or anyone outside of the Suckeye Nation, for that matter) has said about Tressel and you’d do nothing but thumb me down for showing you that the Emperor has not clothes, so why waste my time (Go to ESPN and see what Maisel and –gasp– Rittenberg, have to say. Surprisingly, for Suckeye Nation, it’s not that same set of excuses that are coming out of Suckeye Nation.. Want the truth, you can’t handle the truth….

  90. southernpatriots says: Mar 21, 2011 11:27 AM

    dkhhuey: You are so right that Tressel made this much harder and much more of an issue than it would have ever been without him. Probably now with hindsight, he is so heavy with guilt that he did not at least consult with the compliance officer and at least confide with the NCAA about how to proceed from the April email onward. Hindsight is 20-20 and he no longer has that option, but my oh my, this will probably get ugly for the Ohio State faithful next season no matter what. Ohio State is a beautiful (and huge!), and renowned university. We took our niece and nephew there for a visit some years ago and have visited for fb games since.

    The OS roundballers surprised us most of this year. We expect Duke, NC, even Kentucky, but OS was a pleasant surprise. Now with all the president’s #1 seeds going quickly, it is getting interesting. We want that kind of excitement in major college football with a playoff system, so we are writing the ADs and presidents of the major conferences. It would be nice to have
    “Dec/January Madness!”

  91. buckeyeboy says: Mar 21, 2011 12:51 PM

    is anyone else sick of this delusional old man edgy? I mean he literally makes me wanna vomit with how much of a jacka** he is

    but don’t worry, I’m just a “suckeye apologist” lol wheres your education old man? I’m glad your failure of a life affects only you

  92. dkhhuey says: Mar 21, 2011 2:16 PM

    @southernpatriot – Absolutely correct! I can only imagine the huge weight that now sits on his shoulders right now! We have all made poor decisions once or twice in our lives that had consequences and repercussions astoundingly amplified more than the original blow back would have initially caused and in hind sight – you can vividly see how stupid it was!!! Regardless of the initial reasoning, it proved to be a horrid decision, and now he, the players, the university, and the fans have to deal with the fallout. You were kind when you said it was only going to be ‘ugly’ next year for OSU fans. We have a very talented team that will respond but it will be the media that will beat this story every single second every single chance they get!

    All in all – its been a great ride as a Buckeye fan but right now, time to get out the flack jacket and vodka and prepare myself for the incoming mountain of sh!t oozing our way!!!

  93. southernpatriots says: Mar 21, 2011 3:13 PM


    It is sad that the remaining non-offending players, other coaches, student assistants, students, alums, and fans have to take the brunt of the trouble but this has been the case with Florida, USC, Alabama and all programs which are hit. It seems such a heavy load for those who are not offenders to pay the price, but that is life, as we have come to know it.

    We thought it would be the SEC area which would be most critical, but that is not the case. Several of us just returned from the Left Coast and in Oregon, and California the sports press and talkers are all jumping on OS. One would think that after USC and others in the West, they would temper their remarks, but there was no tempering.

    OS is a great school. We think the flak jacket may be useful, though a haz mat suit would be better. You might find vodka too weak this fall. If so, go into southeastern Ohio and get an old timer there to prepare some “special” beverage which will take the great fans through next season. My dad used to tell us that some of that stuff was over 400 proof!

  94. southernpatriots says: Mar 21, 2011 4:15 PM

    My brother just informed me that the “400 proof” was probably an embellishment by the old man who made it, it was probably 180 -190 proof, which is quite stiff enough of a drink!

  95. edgy says: Mar 21, 2011 8:23 PM

    BTW, it should be noted that Tennessee has discarded its head coach for lying to the NCAA. Of course, all he did was get them into 6 straight NCAA tournaments and didn’t win a NC so Ohio State probably will take that into account when they keep Tressel around for committing an even bigger infraction.

    Oh and BEG, maybe you’re pregnant and that’s why you need to vomit. Must be Baby Huey’s love child (or is it motherscratcher23 because you never know about those Facebook girls)…..

  96. buckeyeboy says: Mar 21, 2011 8:35 PM

    haha thank you edgy, proving your an old man with nothing to show for your life

  97. dkhhuey says: Mar 22, 2011 10:40 AM

    @southernpatriot – HA, I’ve had a taste of some Kentucky moonshine before and when I got my sight back, it was amazingly blurry!!!

    As for the media on the left coast – you know full well they will jump on OSU with everything they have in an attempt to take a little of the sting from their issues. I’ll prepare for the absolutely worst for this coming season and be pleasantly surprised if things don’t hit the ultimate low point!

  98. southernpatriots says: Mar 22, 2011 1:01 PM

    dkhhuey: We have a few men in our family tree (father, uncle, grandfather, etc.) that struggled with sight for time after they drank some of this moonshine as well…ha. Our uncle said that was the reason he now wears glasses and has since that event…(our dad says he had to wear them from a kid, so we don’t quite buy that story).

    Protect yourself this coming season. So many others out there don’t wish OS the best and don’t understand this could happen to any of their favorite teams or alma maters. So much talk is now circulating and seeming to catch on that Tressel will resign for the good of OS and his team (and himself as well) and that Urban Meyer will return home to coach OS. Urban Meyer was one of those coaches that we were always leery of. He could beat you so many ways.

    Even with the “Mad Hatter” Les Miles as our coach at LSU, it was often a heart pounding anticipation to play the team he coached. He may be a great fit for OS, if Tressel does decide to resign as things are looking that he might. If this happens you can save your haz mat suit and maybe not have to use it. You just would need some patience so Meyer could recruit some greater speed. With Meyer back in the game well rested, he would probably be able to grab some of the highest prized high school recruits from the South which has usually eluded OS in the past.

    It is usually a good truism to prepare for the worst (when it comes to things like this) and hopefully it will not be nearly as bad as could be, due to all kinds of changes that could happen, one we proffered above.

    Best to you and to the true fans of OS, a great school, a series of great athletic programs, with a great history.

  99. dkhhuey says: Mar 22, 2011 2:57 PM

    @southernpatriot – MAN I can still taste that shine burning all the way to the gullet. Holy moly that was some amazingly potent stuff!

    I truly hope that what is whizzing around the cloud is not true. I am not a big fan of Urban for all the ridiculous quit/retire/unretire/re-retire drama over the last few years. If that was actually true, then he needs to stay out of football coaching. I really want Tressel to weather the storm and stay. He is a very decent man, a great recruiter, and a fantastic coach that made a really idiotic decision. I for one would be sad to see The Vest leave OSU.

  100. southernpatriots says: Mar 22, 2011 4:13 PM

    Best we can ascertain with kin folks in Tallahassee is that Meyer really did not want to reenter coaching with Florida due to the problems he was experiencing with his health and his desire to spend more time with his children, but was lobbied very hard by Florida. At this time it seems best that Tressel stay at OS but with the NCAA possibly coming down like a ton of bricks and the media being like a dung beetle and rolling the dung around and around and around, Tressel may well see that it is best for OS, the players he loves so much, the school he has grown to love, and all to resign. Maybe, just maybe, the blogosphere and ethosphere may have it right.

    Selfishly we guess, we would like Urban out of the SEC, though he was great competition for my alma mater of Georgia and we do need better competition in the SEC East, but we doubt he would return to the SEC, but then again, Saban did.

    Left coast dung beetles continue rolling the dung. The latest is that they say there are other rules violations which Tressel also ignored but of which he was informed. If true, this would be repeated major violations and he would likely resign or be greatly encouraged to resign. Should be an interesting upcoming season.

  101. dkhhuey says: Mar 23, 2011 10:57 AM

    @southerpatriot – if there is indeed more crap coming out about further incidents of violations committed by Tressel then I would agree with you that he should step down. I can handle one of these because we all have a lapse in judgment, however, if there has been a pattern of this type of behavior then he needs to leave!

    I really had no opinion of Urban while he was coaching until he started this whole ridiculous drama around his retiring saga. It really shouldn’t have been all that hard of a decision. If he was seriously having health issues and wanted to be with his family more, then the choice was a no brainer and we would have all been spared the bad reality show script. He is obviously one of the elite level coaches and, quite frankly, given a stacked team and the keys to the OSU football program would be a scary combination.

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