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Patrick Peterson vehemently denies connection to Willie Lyles

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As noted here earlier today, former Texas A&M assistant Van Malone accused Will Lyles, owner of the Houston-based scouting company Complete Scouting Services, of requesting $80,000 in exchange for Patrick Peterson signing with the Aggies in 2007.

Given the issues surrounding his “scouting service”, being connected to Lyles these days is not exactly optimal for one’s reputation as schools such as Oregon and LSU have learned.  Peterson’s father Patrick Sr. claimed to know nothing of the request Lyles made of Malone, calling the revelation “shocking” while comparing Lyles and his recruiting ilk to escort services.  This afternoon, Junior issued his own denial.

Peterson, a Florida native who was originally a Miami Hurricanes commitment before signing with LSU, fired off a statement through his former school vehemently denying any involvement on the part of Lyles in his recruitment.

“I have never had any type of relationship with Willie Lyles and he had no influence on my decision to attend LSU, or any other school for that matter,” Peterson said on the statement. “He had no involvement with my recruiting process and I resent the fact that my name has come up in these allegations. I chose LSU because it’s a great school with a great football program. I never received nor was I offered anything to go to LSU and anyone saying otherwise is being dishonest.”

We certainly have no reason to doubt Peterson at this point in time, but what would Malone possibly have to gain by having his name plastered on an on-the-record story like this one that turns out to be nothing more than a lie?  Or, if Malone is indeed speaking the truth — and the Petersons are as well — would Lyles really have a set of brass ones big enough to go behind the back of a recruit and his family in an attempted $80k money grab?  And, if its neither of those two scenarios, how the hell big is the gray area in this situation?

Of all the accusations and allegations that have come out against various programs over the past several months, this may be one the most head-scratching, if for nothing more than the utter randomness, seemingly out-of-the-blue nature of it all.  Hopefully, the NCAA will get to the bottom of the situation — especially as it pertains to Lyles and other street agents masquerading as “scouting services” — and make some sense of yet another tangled and murky situation.

Yeah, we won’t hold our breath either.

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8 Responses to “Patrick Peterson vehemently denies connection to Willie Lyles”
  1. Deb says: Mar 31, 2011 5:22 PM

    The NCAA has about 45 investigators to cover all of college sports. How on earth can they follow up on pimping preachers, traveling honey wagons, and booster money shakes when they’re diligently making sure no player trades autographs for tats, no bookstores give players discounted textbooks, and no restaurants comp players cheese fries?

    Priorities, JT, priorities 😉

  2. ihateannouncers says: Apr 1, 2011 1:36 AM

    Having 45 investigators to cover all sports makes me wonder if the NCAA really wants to stop all the shenanigans. Maybe they feel they can’t possibly contain the big problems, so they go after the small stuff and deal with the major infractions when they arise. Kind of a ‘Ford Pinto’ mentality.

  3. edgy says: Apr 1, 2011 8:56 AM

    Actually, Deb, your number is too high. They only have 24 full time investigators and they rely heavily on the schools to investigate and self-report.

  4. edgy says: Apr 1, 2011 10:18 AM

    BTW, in discussing events of the past year, the president of the NCAA had this to say concerning sanctions that the organization needs to impose to put the fear of God into the offenders:

    “We cannot have coaches, administrators, parents or student-athletes sitting out there deciding: ‘Is this worth the risk? If I conduct myself in this fashion and I get caught, it’s still worth the risk,'” Emmert said. “We don’t want those kinds of cost-benefit analyses going on.”

    Concerning what’s been going on all through college sports:

    “If I’ve learned anything in the six months, the single biggest concern that I have among the threats to the collegiate model is simply the threat of integrity, I’ve heard concerns expressed by people all around the country about the integrity of intercollegiate athletics right now, that people are seeing things that they don’t like and that I don’t like and that many people are concerned about.

    “As they see those things, they extrapolate across a whole enterprise of intercollegiate athletics. On the face of that, that’s inherently unfair because the vast majority of what goes on inside intercollegiate athletics is done by people who have extraordinary integrity, have extraordinary concern for their student-athletes, and people who want nothing more than to have intercollegiate athletics be successful in all the ways we all want it to be.

    “But there are those occasions where we have people from top to bottom who don’t spend enough time and care in the conduct of this business. And we see that while we have an understanding about a lot of our values, sometimes we’re lagging in that integrity. We need to be sure that we restore it. We need to make sure that people understand what we stand for. We need to make sure that we’re willing to stand up behind that. And when we have people that don’t want to conduct themselves consistent with the integrity of these games, we need to be ready to deal with that appropriately.”

  5. Deb says: Apr 1, 2011 1:40 PM

    As I said to you on another thread, edgy, no organization that so thoroughly exploits teenagers rights forever and throughout the universe should hold itself up as a paragon of integrity. I’m surprised lightning didn’t strike Emmert during this speech. Perhaps it couldn’t penetrate the pomposity.

  6. edgy says: Apr 1, 2011 1:51 PM

    Deb, as I replied, it’s the schools and NOT the NCAA that’s the problem.

  7. spoiledcajun says: Apr 1, 2011 6:30 PM

    Geesh Louise, this guy must spell spell his name Jealous of Others Who Make it. I can’t believe the audiacty of this character. If anybody should be held responsible it should be the Alumni Associations and the Booster Clubs for approaching these guys. I mean c’mon look at the way Pat Dye and his cronies court folks and geesh Mal Moore turns a blind eye as to say he doesn’t see anything wrong. Where the hell do these slime buckets come from but the on the urging of the Alumni Associations filled with folks like Pat Dye etc. I’ve come to the conclusion no matter how you spell it these agents reek of dishonesty and shouldn’t exist.

  8. Deb says: Apr 1, 2011 7:08 PM

    edge, the whole system is the problem.

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