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Beano Cook: ‘Urban Meyer will be the coach at Ohio State in 2012’

2007 BCS National Championship Game: Florida v Ohio State Getty Images

Well, here we go again.  Strap in.

Back in March, the Orlando Sentinel‘s Mike Bianchi was at his trolling pot-stirring best when he broached the subject of the futures of two of the most successful college coaches this past decade.

isn’t it only a matter of time before Jim Tressel resigns at Ohio State and former Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer takes over?

I am convinced of it.

Nearly a month to the day later, another pundit has stuck his ladle into the pot and is stirring it with a violent ferocity normally reserved for creatures with troll-like features.

Beano Cook, he of the “Ron Powlus = two Heismans” embarrassment, took to the ESPN radio airwaves earlier this week and expressed very specific views on the future of The Vest at Ohio State.  Specifically, he thinks Tressel will resign and Meyer will take over his home state’s most successful football program next year.  Here’s a partial transcript of Beano’s mini-diatribe, courtesy of Bob Hunter of the Columbus Dispatch:

“I think Ohio State has major problems and I think Jim Tressel has major problems. I’ve said on my Podcast. . . (that) Urban Meyer will be the coach at Ohio State in 2012. That was my prediction and I stick by that prediction. Urban Meyer will be ready to coach somewhere. He said when he was coaching Florida that there were only three schools he would ever coach at – Michigan, Ohio State and Notre Dame. I think Brian Kelly is going to do the job at Notre Dame and Michigan just hired a new coach, and I think this will be Jim Tressel’s last year. I’m not saying it should be. . . . This is a mess, it isn’t over yet and I think this is his last year coaching at Ohio State.”

“I just think that now that it’s come out that he talked about this problem with an alumnus from Jeannette, Pa., (Terrelle) Pryor’s hometown about selling these jerseys and other things and he did not tell the president or athletic director. I think Ohio State will get hit by the NCAA because they were misled. The worst thing you can do with the NCAA is not tell them the truth right away and that’s what happened. I think Ohio State is going to get hit. 

“I just think it’s a mess. … I just think he will resign. That’s my opinion. That’s all. It’s just a prediction and that’s what we do in this business. Predict.”

Just a couple of things stick out here, so we’ll take them in order.

1.) To clarify Meyer’s Michigan/Ohio State/Notre Dame coaching triumvirate Beano alluded to: in his 2008 book “Urban’s Way”, Meyer wrote that those three jobs were the only ones in which his wife had no power to veto.  They’re not the only three schools he would ever coach at besides Florida as Beano stated.

2.) Tressel never “talked about this problem with an alumnus from Jeannette, Pa.”; Tressel reportedly discussed the potential impermissible benefits received by Terrelle Pryor with the quarterback’s Jeannette handler/mentor, who is not an OSU alum.

3.) Beano Cook has a podcast?!?

4.) Again, Beano Cook is the same Beano Cook who predicted that Ron Powlus would own two Heisman Trophies by the time his career in South Bend came to an end, so you can feel free to take any prediction he makes with a grain of salt the size of Andre Smith‘s ample cleavage.

The reality is, nobody — not Bianchi, not Beano, not anyone — knows what’s going to happen with the Tressel “situation” at Ohio State, let alone who would replace him if he were to resign/be dismissed.  Thus, I’ll end with the exact same thing I wrote when Bianchi’s quasi-prediction surfaced last month.

We have no doubt that Meyer would jump at the opportunity if the Ohio State job came open before his battery-refreshing window closed and he gets back to the sidelines.  We just have serious doubts that, when all of the dust settles, there will be a job in Columbus to jump to whenever Meyer’s ready.

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30 Responses to “Beano Cook: ‘Urban Meyer will be the coach at Ohio State in 2012’”
  1. Deb says: Apr 22, 2011 12:18 PM

    It’s tough to take a guy named Beano seriously. And it would cause me physical pain for that (troll was a nice word compared to anything I might devise) Mike Bianchi to inadvertently prove right on any sports topic. That couldn’t be anything but pure, dumb luck. But if he’s offered the job, I’m sure Meyer would take it. And with Tressel’s situation being what it is, that’s not beyond the scope of possibility.

    So, JT, how would you feel about Urban coaching your Buckeyes?

  2. leftcoastnative says: Apr 22, 2011 12:24 PM

    Bean’s still alive and kicking???????? He has been such a non-factor and irrelevant for so long in the collegiate football news cycle that I thought he had been put out to pasture. Reminds me of a grandfather, or great grandfather, figure at a family reunion who talks about the old days and is humored graciously by the clan, but no longer is taken seriously.

  3. John Taylor says: Apr 22, 2011 12:30 PM

    @Deb: You know full well that I’m not an Ohio State fan, so why would I feel anything about Meyer coaching the Buckeyes? 😉

  4. whodoes says: Apr 22, 2011 12:32 PM

    If Tressel leaves, it most likely would be because the NCAA has or is about to come down hard on the program. Major NCAA sanctions would make the job significantly less appealing, as it would be harder to win but there would be no diminution in OSU fan expectations. I think everyone understands that Meyer’s real dream job has been Ohio State (grew up in Ohio, fashions himself after Woody Hayes). But that doesn’t mean that that the Ohio State job as it stands in 2012 would be all that attractive to Meyer.

  5. pjduffey says: Apr 22, 2011 12:51 PM

    [disclosure: I’m a double gator and huge Florida fan]

    Although I wish it weren’t the case, I agree with the many people who think that Urban is not done coaching. He was an amazing coach who contributed a great deal to UF, but he burned himself out and needed a break. Type A’s like him hate being out of it, and I doubt commentating on ESPN will fill that void–especially given the fact that he will probably be given offers (at least “soft” offers) to coach again, if he has not already.

    That said, there is no way he will be at Ohio State next year. I don’t think it’s very likely that Tressel will retire or be fired. JT is correct–there may well be other consequences of Tatoogate, but a job opening in Columbus is not likely to be one of them. Tressel has done too much there (MNC + whipping Michigan) to be ousted over this.

    Even if the job does open up I don’t think Meyer would take it. First, he has not had a chance to “recharge his batteries”–he literally only just gave up his responsibilities a few months ago and is still undergoing medical treatment for the issues that led to his temporary resignation last year. Second, his kids are still young and in school (other than the oldest who is at Ga Tech) and he will not want to uproot them. Third, and most importantly, why in God’s name would he take over a team that would doubtless be subject to NCAA sanctions? (unless the NCAA sanctions the crap out of them, I doubt a job would open up) Not only that, but he would be taking over the team after Spring practice is over! Its a great job in the abstract, but in this instance it is a shitty position to be in.

    Meyer will probably coach again. He may even be HBC at Ohio State one day. But he will not be coaching there in 2012.

  6. BC says: Apr 22, 2011 12:59 PM

    I think it’s plausible. Beano is what, about 157 years old? But I think its possible that this could go down. Only other place I could see Meyer going is Texas if Mack Brown decides to retire, or possibly Oklahoma if Stoops moves somewhere.

  7. thefiesty1 says: Apr 22, 2011 1:12 PM

    Doesn’t Beano have a losing record predicting games? I think this prediction is like most of his game picks. Besides that, I heard Meyer was the defacto coach in waiting for Texas.

  8. burntorangehorn says: Apr 22, 2011 1:36 PM

    I sincerely hope you’re joking, fiesty, because anyone spreading a rumor like that is probably a moron.

  9. tryagainplease says: Apr 22, 2011 1:58 PM

    Strap in.

    i read that as ‘strap on’ at first, is something wrong with me?

  10. neyvit says: Apr 22, 2011 2:02 PM

    I agree with Taylor’s conclusion that there is unlikely to be a coaching vacancy in 2012 for OSU for 2 major reasons:

    1) OSU has committed to sticking by Tressel (for better or worse). They certainly have their reasons for doing so – both for the impact Tressel has on the football program and the community. If this was a relatively new coach with limited connections in the community, you can bet your ass he would have been fired. But one bad mistake, albeit a huge mistake, does not erase the decade plus of the ‘good’.

    2) Keeping Tressel as head coach will not significantly hurt the future performance of the football team. Although there is plenty of media and fan outrage from across the country, those things don’t determine how well a football team plays. That comes down to coaching and recruits. Tressel has proved he is a top-tier coach and can haul in the top-tier talent. And, more importantly, this violation will likely NOT hurt Tressel’s recruiting ability. While I am sure there will be some recruits turned off by Tressel’s dishonesty, there will be just as many that will be attracted to the notion that the coach protected his players.

    Unless the NCAA comes down with the coaching equivalent of a death penalty (show-cause), Tressel will be the coach in 2012.

  11. neyvit says: Apr 22, 2011 2:14 PM

    “Although I wish it weren’t the case, I agree with the many people who think that Urban is not done coaching.”

    Is that the regular sentiment for most Florida fans? You would rather he never coach again? That seems a bit extreme. He is still relatively young. Heck, he’s young enough to be Joe Paterno’s grandson (~40 year difference). Or do you just mean not anytime in the next few years?

  12. John Taylor says: Apr 22, 2011 2:19 PM

    “i read that as ‘strap on’ at first, is something wrong with me?”

    (trying to think of something to say that wouldn’t get me fired…)

  13. pjduffey says: Apr 22, 2011 2:40 PM


    It’s not a bitterness thing, but more of a respect thing. If he is coaching elsewhere, we would probably end up facing him sooner or later. Meyer coaching is bad news for anyone but the team he is coaching.

    I think most Gator fans would be insulted if he went to a rival (SEC, Florida State, Miami) but not otherwise.

  14. bleachertees says: Apr 22, 2011 2:58 PM

    what a Mess for the sweater vest. check out our new shirt “sweaterMess”

  15. llcoold says: Apr 22, 2011 3:05 PM

    If he is willing to coach at michigan he can’t truly say he models himself after woody. Shame on him!

  16. effjohntaylornorelation says: Apr 22, 2011 6:52 PM

    Personally, I would have to turn my back on OSU if Urban Meyer is hired as coach. Such a move would TOTALLY alienate more than one half of the fan base. Yes, these are dark times here for sure. We all have certains visions of what “our” universities represent and Urban Meyer is not what “we” want at The Ohio State University, at least not me.

  17. Deb says: Apr 22, 2011 7:19 PM

    @tryagainplease …
    😯 TMI!! TMI!!

    Not something that’s ever popped into my head, but JT is right … there is no good way to answer that. ROFL

  18. Deb says: Apr 22, 2011 7:35 PM

    @neyvit …

    Young Florida fans think life began with Urban. They idolize the guy and have no sense of what it was like when Spurrier owned the Swamp. That’s part of it. But in fairness to them, it’s also too soon. He said he was leaving for health reasons. If he takes only one year, they’ll feel jilted. If he waits a couple of years, he can say he was burned out and feels better. And if Florida is successful with Coach Muschamp, the fans will feel much better about Meyer moving on. All I’ve heard from my friends is that they don’t want him to coach in the SEC.

    I adore Mike Tomlin. But even after five years, I’d be bitterly disappointed if Bill Cowher came back to coach in the AFC North and would prefer he didn’t coach for any team in the conference. I just don’t want to have to see him on the opposing sideline more than once every four years.

  19. Deb says: Apr 22, 2011 7:38 PM

    @effJohnTaylornorelation …

    Seriously? I’ve never cared for Urban, either, but you’d really turn your back on your team because you don’t like the coach? Who likes everyone on their football team?

  20. overratedgators says: Apr 22, 2011 8:08 PM

    @effJohnTaylornorelation …

    In addition to what Deb said, you’re sort of overlooking the fact that Urban’s coached at Ohio State already. His first collegiate coaching job ever was two years as a graduate assistant for the Buckeyes.

  21. tryagainplease says: Apr 22, 2011 8:34 PM

    @Deb & @John – if it’s any consolation i’ve never even seen one in real life. i can’t help i have dirty eyes. 😉

  22. ernestbynershands says: Apr 22, 2011 10:30 PM

    I’ve been saying Fire Tressell, Hire Meyer!
    But, nobody listens to some goofball from Tahoe with an obscure reference to northeastern Ohio football history as his username.
    I don’t have a podcast.

  23. massappeal12345 says: Apr 22, 2011 10:47 PM

    Meyer is probably chomping at the bits because of the third rate schedule that osu plays every year.

  24. thefiesty1 says: Apr 23, 2011 12:11 AM


    I believe I read that in the Statesman by either Golden or Bohls. I certainly hope that doesn’t happen. Applewhite will be the next head coach when Mack hangs em up.

  25. gatorfan1 says: Apr 23, 2011 12:05 PM


    So let me get this straight! There has never been so much as a hint of Urban Meyer EVER having the NCAA look at his programs for violations.

    Whereas your boy Tressel had issues at Youngstown State, previous issues at OSU and now the latest with him not notifying the school of emails.

    Yet you make the comment “We all have certains visions of what “our” universities represent and Urban Meyer is not what “we” want at The Ohio State University, at least not me”. You’re kidding me, right!!

    Obviuosly you haven’t been able to let go of the beatdown Meyer put on your Buckeyes!

  26. Deb says: Apr 23, 2011 3:57 PM

    @gatorfan1 …

    Obviously! As I said the other day, JT, BrownsTown, and polegojim aside, there are a lot of unbelievably immature fans from that conference posting on here. Mentality of 12-year-olds.

  27. pfitz2 says: Apr 23, 2011 4:12 PM

    @gatorfan1 @Deb

    Why is it so hard to believe that tOSU fans want nothing to do with Meyer? Yes, he has had no NCAA violations but the number of arrests during his watch have raised more than an eyebrow. Also, he left UF due to stress related health issues. What do you think it is like being the HC at tOSU? The amp goes to 11 in Cols. Not everything has to do with losing the NC 5 years ago you know. Plenty of us moved on a long time ago. Seems that ‘Gator fans haven’t.

  28. gatorfan1 says: Apr 23, 2011 4:56 PM


    You’re absolutely correct in your assessment.


    I could accept your view if it weren’t for all the issues regarding your coach. Obviously he is not the honest, ethical coach that you try to make him out to be. This will be 2 programs that have sanctions under his watch!!

    So you would rather have a coach who is unethical and about to get hit with major sanctions than a coach who has never had a hint of NCAA issues.

    You’re missing the point, regardless of the arrests, Meyer was not involved in these kids getting arrested and their actions.

    Your coach, who is supposed to be a role model, lied and covered up a very serious issue.

    BIG BIG difference. We expect more from a head coach than a 19 year old kid finding his way in life and making mistakes.

    And please don’t make me laugh with the “amp goes to 11 at Columbus”, if that’s true it should be a piece of cake for Meyer; since being in Gainesville is like a 15 on your amp scale.

    You OSU fans are the most arrogant I’ve ever seen. Your in a conference with virtually no competition at all. Right now the Big 10 resembles the ACC when FSU first entered the league and won 28 games in a row. They only had to worry about Miami, Florida and their bowl game. And quite frankly that’s 1 or 2 games more than OSU has to worry about most years.

    We’ll finally see how weak and a joke the Big 10 is this year. No doubt OSU will still win the title without their coach, all american qb and 3 other starters for 5 games. I can tell you, there’s not an SEC team that would even have a chance under those circumstances. You guys will go undefeated in the conference, AGAIN, big whoop!!

  29. Deb says: Apr 24, 2011 4:53 PM

    @pfitz2 …

    Bama fan, and as gatorfan1 will attest, not a particular admirer of Urban’s. My issue is that I don’t believe the diehard OSU fans who claim they’ll never follow the Buckeyes again if the school hires a coach they don’t like. That’s a lot of melodramatic BS on a par with the NFL fans claiming they’ll never watch pro ball again because the labor dispute has annoyed them. Awwww Not a huge fan of melodrama.

    My other issue is with the large number of junior high boys who post from that conference. Though I’ve always hated OSU, I defended Tressel, feeling the schools punishment was sufficient. I try to be objective regardless of the program involved. So I can’t help :roll: when prepubescent pissants from your neck of the woods start post that they give me thumbs down no matter what I say because they just don’t like me and wish I’d go away. As I’ve said, that’ll be the day and I’m thinking of having a thumbs-down bracelet designed … but amusing as they are, they still leave a negative impression of the community at large.

  30. dkhhuey says: Apr 25, 2011 12:39 PM

    @gatorprof – Pulease – don’t sell Gator fans short in the arrogance category. You’re up there in the top two!

    Stop acting like Tressel has been this vile cheating dirty coach all of his career. If you believe that you are an ignorant fool. There is absolutely no doubt that Tatgate was a supreme f@#$ up and a clear violation but to attempt to state he has run dirty programs all of his life is just plain wrong.

    As for Urban coaching at OSU – as long as he is not going to pull another diva move in a few years and retire/unretire/retire again, I’m all for him being our coach! He has OSU ties and is a great coach! For the other OSU fans that say they will no longer support OSU – what a crock of s@#$! Urban would be a fantastic coach and would most certainly only bring more success to OSU!!!

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