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Updated: Big 12 reportedly looking to oust Beebe Thursday

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Shortly after the Pac-12 decided that it would not expand any further, Associated Press reports came in that Texas and Oklahoma, the two schools which ultimately hold the decision-making power for the Big 12’s future,  were planning a pow-wow to discuss a possible five-year contract of sorts to stay in the conference.

It appears that idea has spread to include the remaining seven members of the Big 12, as a teleconference over Big 12 stability has been scheduled for Thursday, the Tulsa World reports.

Among the ideas that will reportedly be discussed to ensure long-terms stability in the conference will be the replacement of current commissioner Dan Beebe, high-ranking Big 12 sources tell the TW. Additionally, former Big 8 commissioner Chuck Neinas has had his name thrown around as a possible replacement.

The report states Big 12 CEO’s will also attempt to make one final push to keep Texas A&M in the conference. That, however, appears to be a sailed ship. The Aggies made it clear yesterday that, despite what happened in the Big 12, there were no plans to stay beyond this season.

As a nine-member league, the Big 12 seems to, once again, be on the hunt for replacements. BYU’s name continues to trend, along with TCU and Air Force. All three have been reportedly mentioned as favorites by Oklahoma president David Boren.

(Writer’s note: The desire to maintain a 10-or-12-team Big-12 is understandable; the conference must be at least 10 members to avoid financial penalties with their TV deal that goes into effect next year . However, this was a conference that, not 24 hours ago, looked to be on the verge of extinction. Equal revenue sharing and addressing the Longhorn Network seem like bigger issues that should be addressed first — see below.) 

TCU was reportedly in New York last night in a meeting with Big East officials about its own conference future. As far as we can tell — which isn’t far at all — the Horned Frogs are a committed member of the Big East. Air Force has been mentioned by the Big East as a possible football-only member.

It’s also no guarantee that BYU would join the Big 12, given it’s very, very recent question marks. As a football independent, the Cougars can control every aspect of their destiny.

But the Big 12’s destiny may not be signed and sealed on Thursday during the teleconference. Texas AD DeLoss Dodds told Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News that Big 12 AD’s plan to meet next Tuesday and Wednesday in Dallas in what will surely be another meeting over the details of conference stability.

How the LHN will fit into that discussion, and the one tomorrow, is yet to be seen. Dodds added that UT still has no plans to share any third tier TV rights (i.e., the LHN) with any other members of the Big 12.

But equal revenue sharing for first and second-tier TV rights is still apparently on the ballot. The TW indicates that Oklahoma has submitted an equal revenue proposal for Thursday’s meeting. The Sooners, as you’ll recall, were still publicly undecided on such a proposal several weeks ago.

As I stated (very) early this morning, the Big 12 can survive, but it will take more than band-aid medicine. There are deep bruises that cannot be fixed without major reform by all parties.

Otherwise, expect to see the same conference drama a year from now.

UPDATED 9:22 p.m. ET: Dennis Dodd of CBSSports reports that the Big 12 is indeed looking to oust Beebe as soon as Thursday and that former Big Eight commissioner Chuck Neinas would take over.

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28 Responses to “Updated: Big 12 reportedly looking to oust Beebe Thursday”
  1. seanmmartin says: Sep 21, 2011 1:39 PM

    Unbelievable how the conference can be in shambles and about to crumble, to signing a five-year stability extension.

    Just doesn’t taste right.

  2. gatorays says: Sep 21, 2011 1:54 PM

    Stable…..unstable….then stable again. I dont buy it. I also dont buy that the Big 10 is not done nor the ACC or SEC. These commisioners are sneaky and sly…look for one more big move before its all done

  3. phelbin says: Sep 21, 2011 1:55 PM

    This is the battered wife syndrome. Texas apologized and they really mean it this time. Things are going to be different…they promised. Five more years…why not make it 20?

  4. rubbernilly says: Sep 21, 2011 1:56 PM

    I, for one, was enjoying the superconferocalypse, if only because it seemed to be bringing us closer to a true playoff.

    That said, with the conference alignment cooling down (for now), it bears stating that 4×16 was not the only way to get to a playoff.

    So long as the BCS gets junked and a playoff instituted, I have no problem with the Big12 getting a little stability… (not that I think it’s going to last).

  5. chmba says: Sep 21, 2011 1:57 PM

    What a bunch of clowns…If you want a stable conference then kick Texas out and find another school such as TCU and let Texas go its way. The SEC doesn’t want them; the PAC-12 clearly doesn’t want them and I really doubt the Big 10 wants to put up with them. ACC – fine its still a second tier football conference and having Texas won’t change that.

  6. TxGrown says: Sep 21, 2011 2:09 PM

    You clearly don’t get it. No Texas…no OU. No OU no BIG XII or whatever conference. OU talks like it’s indy of Texas…it”s not. They need each other plain and simple. OU is not going to the SEC and become a mid tier team when it can rule in the BIG XII…it always does…every year. Just not in the revenue though. Like I said it’s all a soap opera no matter what anyone says…they’re in a love-hate relationship and always will be…they feed off each other. One more note. Just like in our fight song…”and it’s goodbye to A&M”. As a Longhorn fan it truly breaks my heart to see them go. Good luck Aggies!

  7. tulsacyfan says: Sep 21, 2011 2:14 PM


    My sentiments exactly. Worshipping at the altar of the Longhorns has resulted in the loss of Nebraska, Colorado and A&M. Dan Beebe needs to be fired and the seven other schools need to stand their ground and let Texas go if need be. I have been saying since all this started that they need to go after TCU, Pitt and West Virginia. Big 12 could have gotten all three of these if they had any forethought and Dan Beebe wasn’t in Texas’ back pocket.

    BYU? Air Force? Are you kidding me? Stop throwing names around that have no chance or else won’t do anything for the league.

    Forgive me if I see no victory in this for the Big 12. The only winner here is A&M.

  8. WingT says: Sep 21, 2011 2:29 PM

    I say give Dan Beebe a new 5 year contract to remain as commissioner of the Big Whatever.

    He;s earned it, lol

  9. andymcdandy says: Sep 21, 2011 2:34 PM

    I really don’t understand the appeal of Air Force. BYU I get. Good athletics, great facilities, huge fan base. Makes sense.

  10. tradeassociation says: Sep 21, 2011 2:59 PM

    “It’s also no guarantee that BYU would join the Big 12, given it’s very, very recent question marks. As a football independent, the Cougars can control every aspect of their destiny.”

    Nope. BYU is a football independent, but so are Navy and Army. The question is the exposure, revenue and status that you get as an independent. Notre Dame is an independent, but still a major school. Were Texas to go independent, they would also be a major school. BYU is a mid-major, independent or otherwise.

    And the “five year contract” is all about BYU. BYU specifically stated that they would not join the Big 12 unless Texas and Oklahoma agreed to stay for at least 5 years. Sure, it’s only 5 years, but during that time BYU would get a ton of money, be on national TV a lot, and cement in everyone’s mind the idea that they are an AQ program. Their talking about this is proof positive that an offer to BYU is forthcoming.

  11. tradeassociation says: Sep 21, 2011 3:01 PM


    The appeal of Air Force is that after BYU, they’re probably the best team that the Big 12 can get.

  12. Deb says: Sep 21, 2011 3:16 PM

    Told you guys yesterday the only thing that ever comes out of a Mizzou curators meeting is a statement of commitment to the Big 12 😀

    The Pac-12 was wise to take itself out of this mess. And I hope the denials are true regarding any SEC overtures to Mizzou. A well-managed Big 12 is better for college football than a geographic crazy-quilt and the infighting bound to occur when powerhouses like USC and Oklahoma try to bond.

    Fire Beebe, bring in a strong-minded commissioner who’s committed to the good of the conference rather than the Longhorns, commit to revenue-sharing, and work out a more equitable arrangement re the Longhorn network. Then pursue replacements for Colorado, Nebraska, and A&M that bring comparable qualities to the table.

    This is doable.

  13. thefiesty1 says: Sep 21, 2011 4:03 PM

    The only expansion that the Okie-Tex (and others) Conference will add is someone else they can dominate on a regular basis. If they think they would gain $$$$ from some sort of revenue sharing – think again. It’s obvious why any kind of deal with the PAC12 fell through – Texas WILL NOT share until DeLOSS is dead and gone. This makes me sick. They (texas and oklahoma) could screw up a wet dream. Can they fire DeLOSS and Beebe at the same time??

    A consensus formulated revenue sharing is the only way to move forward at this point. Maybe based on student population (which would still give DeLoss the majority) perhaps would actually work for a reconstituted Big XII.

  14. Deb says: Sep 21, 2011 5:17 PM

    @thefiesty1 …

    Don’t think you’ve said–are you a Texas fan?

  15. thefiesty1 says: Sep 21, 2011 5:58 PM

    Yes Deb, I’m not too proud to admit that with these recent developments, but I am a fan of the horns. I attended UT, my wife graduated from UT and both our daughters graduated from UT, one with a masters and still works for the university.

    All of this is driving me crazy but no more so than their idiot former offensive coordinator screwing up at the National HS player of the year and losing to Your Bama bunch in the NC a couple of years ago and then going 5-7 last year. The star at UT is unfortunately slipping down the Tower.

    Better things to come on the field now that Mack separated Greg Davis from his hip and hired Harsin. As long as they don’t screw Applewhite, again.

  16. WingT says: Sep 21, 2011 9:49 PM

    Beebe is the poor guy that is being blamed for all of this mess – I don’t totally buy that. He is the sacrificial lamb here

  17. draconian1111 says: Sep 21, 2011 9:58 PM

    Bye Bye Beebe.
    Whatever made you think that showing obvious favoritism to one team would work?
    Amazing it didn’t happen sooner – a testament to the patience of the people of the midwest.

  18. Deb says: Sep 21, 2011 10:03 PM

    @thefiesty1 …

    Hey, Texas is a great university with a proud tradition, and Mack Brown is a fine coach. My only issue with Texas is that I’m a strong believer in revenue-sharing in the NFL and the NCAA conferences, and think the powers there are being very shortsighted. I really don’t know anything about the TV network, but imagine they have a similar all-for-me attitude about that. They’re hurting no one as much as themselves.

  19. Deb says: Sep 21, 2011 10:05 PM

    @WingT …

    Beebe may be the sacrificial lamb, but he walked over, hopped up on the spit, stuck the apple in his mouth, and handed someone a match.

  20. WingT says: Sep 21, 2011 10:09 PM

    Deb , he’s a puppet. OU and UT are tired of him and he serves them no useful purpose other than to deflect some of the blame for the mess the these two fine institutions have caused.

  21. wcnine says: Sep 21, 2011 10:11 PM

    Beebe has (or had) an impossible job. Can you imagine trying to represent the Big12 in any negotiations? Kinda like being Charlie Sheen’s PR guy.

  22. draconian1111 says: Sep 21, 2011 10:19 PM

    Not seeing how anyone could feel sorry for Beebe.
    I’m a Husker fan – born and raised – we finally got tired of being treated as second class – and the Huskers are not a joke program.
    Colorado – they may be down a little now – but they have at least shared a NC.
    Oklahoma – nothing needs to be said.
    All the other programs that are showing that they have had enough.

    The Big 12 turned into Texas gets what they want – and everyone else should just be happy you are here. News flash – can’t do that.
    As soon as revenue wasn’t shared equally – the clock started ticking. The Texas network – final straw – now – we are going to let Texas have an obvious recruiting advantage!
    Beebe bent over to Texas – if he had kept it fair – a REAL conference – there wouldn’t have been any problem.
    Fire him – period – he has had it coming.

  23. Deb says: Sep 21, 2011 10:27 PM

    WingT, I agree with draconian1111. Beebe signed on to lead the Big 12–which was a conference of 12 schools, not a monarchy. Did he have to be a puppet to Texas to get the job? I don’t know. But if he did, then he chose to be a puppet. And when you choose a path that makes you someone else’s lapdog, this is the usual outcome.

  24. WingT says: Sep 21, 2011 10:35 PM

    Deb, I hear you and draconian and don’t disagree that he should be released of his duties, whatever those might be. I am just pointing out that Beebe is not the sole problem here. The Big Whatever probably needs the commander of Seal Team 6 to rule the conference – you know, somebody that has a little backbone so to speak

  25. wcnine says: Sep 21, 2011 10:56 PM

    Way too easy. I believe the conference has a board of directors that represents all the members, that would be were the fault lies. They hired him and even gave him a huge raise last year. Apparently he was doing what they wanted.

  26. blackshirtz says: Sep 21, 2011 11:15 PM




  27. ukeone says: Sep 22, 2011 12:51 AM

    Dear Beebe:
    Good freacken riddens!
    My Middle Finger
    (it’s been waiting for this day a long time now…)

  28. Deb says: Sep 22, 2011 12:43 PM

    @WingT …

    Yeah, I hope the new guy has his own body armor :)

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