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Sorry, Aggies: Texas says no room on schedule for OOC game


(Writer’s note: Yes, based on the featured image, Texas would be Megan Fox and Texas A&M would be the kid with the rose. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if the analogy really fits. It’s Megan Fox.) 

Earlier today, we noted that the Lone Star Showdown between Texas and Texas A&M still had a fighting chance at survival after A&M president R. Bowen Loftin authorized athletic director Bill Byrne to pursue the game with Texas as a non-conference matchup.

What we meant to say was the game had a fighting chance at revival after 2018.

That’s supposedly the next available year when Texas has an opening on its non-conference schedule. Aggies beat writer Brent Zwerneman tweets that he spoke with Byrne this afternoon, and that Byrne said Texas told him that would be the earliest the previously annual Thanksgiving game could could be played.

The Longhorns currently have some non-con games against Arkansas, BYU, Cal, Notre Dame and USC scheduled through 2017. And, looking at the football program’s official site, it looks like the earliest slot open is in 2018. Of course, Texas could always opt out of a non-con matchup, but it doesn’t look like Texas is too eager to do so for the Aggies.

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28 Responses to “Sorry, Aggies: Texas says no room on schedule for OOC game”
  1. burntorangehorn says: Oct 14, 2011 7:18 PM

    This is what I posted in the other thread. Here’s the Houston Chronicle story on it:

  2. medtxpack says: Oct 14, 2011 7:50 PM

    Smart move by UT, Aggies will be back begging for the game in a few years.

  3. alligatorsnapper says: Oct 14, 2011 8:01 PM

    Texas declined the offer…it takes two to make a successful marriage and it takes two teams and administrations (ADs, Associate ADs, etc.) to keep the rivalry alive. After 117 years it would seem there would be keen interest in the continuance. Maybe some good people in Texas that have some influence, can affect a continuance of this rivalry before 2018.

    I live on the border and would like to see this rivalry continue.

  4. ugabugkiller says: Oct 14, 2011 8:03 PM

    This is the dumbest, most petty pile of bullcrap (literally) from Texas.

    What a bunch of morons, that reside in the most overrated college town in the country.

    If Texas wants to see how it’s done right, just look at the stable, rich conference of excellence that TAMU is joining.

    Georgia-Georgia Tech.




    These SEC teams play their hated, in-state rivals who play in other conferences EVERY YEAR.

    EVERY YEAR without a single problem. Yet Texas can’t do the same? What a bunch of little bitches.

    By being a bunch of little bitches, the only people DeLoss Dodds and Texas are hurting are their OWN fans.

    Trust me, TAMU fans, in adding teams like LSU, Bama, and a natural rivalry with Arkansas, are going to be okay for the next six years.

  5. TxGrown says: Oct 14, 2011 8:14 PM

    Whoa!…C-USA and MWC ARE going to merge?

  6. southernpatriots says: Oct 14, 2011 8:23 PM

    My family and I (we) are looking forward to rekindling the rivalry between LSU and Texas A & M. It was a heated rivalry and one we could never take for granted. We look forward to our Cajun tailgating once again in Texas and again at home in Baton Rouge.

    If Texas won’t schedule Texas A & M, then we will see if they will schedule LSU. We could play them for the first game of the season in one of the next few years as we did Oregon this year, and hopefully Boise State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Michigan, etc. over the next years. We will mention it to the Associate AD at LSU who schedules the games.

    It is sad that Texas would not see the importance to this rivalry with A & M to continue it. Maybe some saner minds will prevail over the next few years. Maybe that is something that Rich Perry can bring up to the president of Texas?

  7. deadeye says: Oct 14, 2011 8:50 PM

    Texas comes off looking like wussies.

    TAMU’s big SEC games will make losing the shorthorns all worth while.

  8. lbijake says: Oct 14, 2011 9:33 PM

    I agree with deadeye. Texas looks like a pu##y. If I can’t make the rules, then I am going to take the ball and go home. You would think down in the Lone Star State, they might actually have a pair of balls. You would think Texas would look forward to beating the sh@t out of them every year. Now it appears they are a tad intimidated. Backin’ down like a 57 chevy.

  9. floridacock says: Oct 14, 2011 9:37 PM

    Texas is scared. A&M is going to be able to recruit the best now with an SEC schedule. In my old state of SC, the legislature made it a law the Carolina and Clempson had to play each year. As it should be.

  10. thefiesty1 says: Oct 14, 2011 9:42 PM

    This is about as dumb on Texas part as the Ags going to the SEC. They both need to get over themselves.

  11. Deb says: Oct 14, 2011 9:56 PM

    Texas wants to think it’s Megan Fox. Really it’s just some big-haired, blue eye-shadowed gal in hot pink frosty lipstick and a too-tight faux leather jumpsuit from a bad reality show.

    A&M made a business decision to change conferences, and it’s kinda creepy that Longhorns fans keep making all these jilted lover analogies. No wonder the Aggies were so anxious to get away.

  12. namestim says: Oct 14, 2011 10:38 PM

    I’d be worried too if I was Texas. The Ags should be out-recruiting them for years being the only TX team in the SEC. Would you want to continue playing your rival for years knowing that they will have better talent? That could put their winning record for the series in jepardy. Smart move Horns, you’re better off chickening out now than waiting until you start getting beat to do it. Looks much better this way…

  13. pasote says: Oct 14, 2011 10:57 PM

    I love the fact people are saying Texas looks like the team that is running scared. Texas A&M is the one that jumped ship here. Don’t blame Texas because they’ve filled their non conference schedule through 2017 already. Sounds to me like Texas A&M wants to have one’s cake and eat it too. I would love to see the Rivalry continue but A&M is as much to blame here than Texas is.

  14. ugabugkiller says: Oct 14, 2011 11:05 PM

    Um, pasote, you might want to get your crap together and dump that weak ass argument that has no place in reality.

    TAMU isn’t “running scared.”

    In fact, as many have pointed out, TAMU is going to a MUCH more difficult and better conference.

    What TAMU is doing is making a sound business decision based upon the fact that Texas wants to act like a little bitch with their network instead of strengthening their conference, which is what the SEC teams do.

    TAMU is going to make about 5 million more a year playing in a tougher conference, but they’ll be able to recruit better, they’ll be on television more, and again, they’ll make more money.

    Texas will remain selfish and petty. TAMU and their fans will be fine.

  15. v2the4 says: Oct 15, 2011 1:20 AM

    Well, the truth is, Texas does not have room on their schedule to fit A&M in for a non conference game. Since UT is a national name, and sets their lineup years in advance, there is not anything that can be done.

    Im sure if TAMU wants the ooc game with UT, let them pay any financial penalities associated with UT having to cancel any of their games. Should UT drop Ole Miss for the next two seasons in favor of the Aggies? or Arkansas in 2014-2015? who do you think has more national appeal, Tamu or Notre Dame? UT is set, sorry Aggie….guess this years game will be the last for a while.

    Aggie, you wanted to leave and get out of UT’s shadow so bad, so now is your chance…..get to stepping, and enjoy your beat downs you are about to receive from LSU, Alabama, Auburn and others….Arkansas already owns you snitches…

  16. waynefontes says: Oct 15, 2011 1:21 AM

    thefiesty1 says:
    Oct 14, 2011 9:42 PM
    This is about as dumb on Texas part as the Ags going to the SEC. They both need to get over themselves.

    In what way is Texas A&M going to the SEC dumb?

    Leaving a sinking ship where every other week there’s a report that some school/schools are leaving?

    Leaving a conference where it is uneven to the point that one team has it’s own network partnered with ESPN?

    Going to the best conference in America as far as sports goes? (Spare me PAC-12, nobody but you cares about national titles in sports like water polo)

    Going to a conference where revenue is shared equally?

    Going to a conference that will break the bank in the next round of TV contract negotiations?

    Texas is a joke. All that talent, and one national title in the last 30+ years. Get over yourselves. You’re not nearly as great as you think you are.

    But I am glad you beat the U$C “dream team” ^^

  17. g8r8u2 says: Oct 15, 2011 3:03 AM

    Dear Longhorns,

    If you’re skeered, say you’re skeered.


    Dawgs, Yellowjackets, Gators, Seminoles, Wildcats, Cardinals, Gamecocks, and Tigers

  18. blueglaze says: Oct 15, 2011 7:22 AM

    Texas is being a big diva right now. Somebody get them a snickers bar stat! Dumb move Texas.

  19. tifosi73 says: Oct 15, 2011 9:01 AM

    Last time I checked the world doesn’t revolve around Texas A&M.

    Texas didn’t leave the Big (XII-II).

    Texas shouldn’t have to break existing contracts just because Texas A&M chose to leave.

    If Texas A&M wants to play Texas, they should be willing to pay the penalty fees to one school Texas has to break an existing contract with for each of the next 6 years.

    If A&M is willing to do that, then I would have a problem with Texas not playing Texas A&M.

    Don’t expect Texas to pay for the honor of playing Texas A&M.

  20. Derty Ernie says: Oct 15, 2011 9:37 AM

    What’s the issue. A & M is leaving due to revenue issues, that mostly concern Texas and yet they want to get some revenue for themselves by playing Texas. Duh.

    If I was Texas I would definitely tell them we will research this and see if we can slot you in around the 2025 season. Adios enjoy your new league, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out………..

  21. ugabugkiller says: Oct 15, 2011 9:37 AM

    Um, V2the4, are you REALLY this dumb?

    Monetary penalties? Do you think Ole Miss and Arkansas are going to enforce monetary penalties on Texas for canceling their games if it means that our new conference member gets to keep their historic rivalry going?

    The answer you SHOULD be saying is, “NO!”

    Why? Because in the SEC, it’s all for one and one for all, not like in the Big-Whatever, where it’s Texas for itself, and all for Texas.

    It’s a weird concept, I know, for you to wrap your head around: The idea that in a conference in which probably 6 or 7 teams could have their own television networks on cable (Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Bama, and LSU for sure) just like BevoTV, but instead, we do what’s best for ALL the teams, to make the conference as a whole stronger, not weaker… Texas and their fans just can’t understand that, can they?

    So, once again, Texas, and you and all the other fans, have NO EXCUSES for refusing to continue playing TAMU.

    Well, unless, “we’re little bitches” is an excuse. More like a reason, I guess.

  22. acieu says: Oct 15, 2011 9:44 AM

    FTA now has a new meaning since I left the Army and moved to Texas.

  23. deucez2 says: Oct 15, 2011 11:53 AM

    Those proclaiming ATM will be better in recruiting since its moving to the SEC are seriously off base. They have lost 2 recruits and there is talk of two more wavering on their commitments because games in the SEC will require their families to travel more during the season. One of the advantages of the Big 12 is proximity of games for families. Most schools are within 6 hours by car. Texas isn’t scared of a team that is finally relevant for the first time in over a decade. Continuing to play ATM after this whole debacle (when only a year ago Bill Byrne said the Aggies were committed to the Big12 and even voted for the current revenue sharing agreement) would be akin to buying your 4 year old a toy after he throws a fit in the middle of the aisle at the store. You don’t reward broken promises and bad behavior. Spread your wings and fly Aggies. And to the SEC: you thought you played some schools with weird traditions? Wait until you come to College Station.

  24. burntorangehorn says: Oct 15, 2011 12:45 PM

    ugabug, you’re spouting nonsense. People keep saying that aggie will be able to recruit better, but not one person has yet articulated a logical argument for why that’s going to be the case.

    And you’re full of it if you think Texas is scared of little brother. Texas just sees no reason to breach contracts with the likes of Notre Dame or Arkansas to reward the little farmers for running away, just because the little farmers consider Texas their biggest rival. The agricult cares a lot more about Texas than Texas does about them, because UT’s #1 rivalry by far is with Oklahoma, not aggie.

  25. barbeaux says: Oct 15, 2011 12:51 PM

    I lol at all the talk of how being in the sec will land a&m better recruits. That’s worked well for Vanderbilt, right?

    It’s a free country. Texas has made prior arrangements about who they’ll play in future non conference games. Teams don’t frequently drop those plans. The other Big XII schools approved the Longhorn Network. If they did not like it then they should have stopped it when they could have done so.

  26. waynefontes says: Oct 19, 2011 8:07 AM

    I’m not a fan of Texas. I don’t hate Texas.

    The fact that they beat the U$C Dream Team (you know, the greatest college football team EVER) will ensure that I could never hate Texas.

    Not like they or their fans care what I think. Not like they care what most people think. Nor should they.

    Do I think the Longhorn Network is wrong? Yes. Do I blame Texas for doing it? No. What school wouldn’t turn that down?

    Notre Dame has their own network. Except it gets to show all the classic EPIC FAILS of the last 15 years. Which is entertainment that is priceless.

    I would hope that they could keep the Texas vs A&M game. I find it usually entertaining, but it doesn’t matter to me if they play each year or not.

    But I bet it matters to a lot of Texans.

    Somehow, I think they’ll work this one out.

  27. southernpatriots says: Oct 19, 2011 8:35 AM

    waynefontes: We agree. Alot of non-Texans want to the see this rivalry continue as well. It is good for Texas and it is good entertainment for all college football fans.

    We think that there are private conversations taking place between the Texas president and major boosters and renowned graduates, state politicians, etc. urging the continuation of this rivalry. Somehow, somehow, we think saner minds will prevail and the rivalry will continue.

    If LSU can get Oklahoma to agree to home on home games (albeit in 2018 and 2019), when previously they would not stating their hard schedule in the Big 12 was already enough, and get a game with TCU and working on games with Stanford, Notre Dame, Michigan, etc. we believe Texas can find a way in their schedule to continue the rivalry with Texas A & M just as USC finds a slot in their schedule to continue the 65 game/year rivalry with Notre Dame.

  28. thetruthforsure says: Oct 25, 2011 10:27 PM

    Texas A&M has already cried that HS recruits are being told they will not play in Texas again….THE BIG 12 will have FOUR TEXAS teams…the best state for recruits will ignore A&M when they can play throughout Texas in college instead of the SEC….HEAR ME THE SEC IS GOOD BUT OVERRATED….Seriously they are GOOD at the top but the bottom half is weak….TOP TO BOTTOM BIG 12 can beat anyone on any given Sat. Sec this is a TWO TEAM CONFERENCE..Ark is decent ant the rest are nothing…IN THE BIG THE TOP EIGHT could be anybody….A&M recruiting will only go down…Texas high schools will shun them in the future and the rest of the South will not want to be clear out west in a worthless boring town like College Station…. SIMPLY THE TRUTH!!!! Oklahoma State wins the National Championship this year….SEC is a two team conference which is why Alabama and LSU is whipping everyone…Conference is weak after the TOP TWO TEAMS and THAT IS THE FACTS! A&M IS A BUNCH OF CRYBABIES thought they could go to the SEC and keep old games…Screw them they next rivalry will be OL MISS..who cares…TCU SHOULD be the thanksgiving weekend now with UT…..A&M out in the cold and CRYING now….the Houston Chronicle got it right on that too!!!

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