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Hokies happy in ACC, too; not buying expansion rumors

Jim Weaver

By all appearances, the ACC’ and its very existence is under assault if the latest churning of the rumor mill is to be believed.

In fact, the board of trustees at both Florida State and Clemson has done the rumor mill one better, publicly hiking up its skirts confirming they’d be willing to listen to overtures from other conferences, specifically the Big 12.  Miami has also been specifically mentioned by a soon-to-be Big 12 athletic director, forcing the Hurricanes to issue a public “I (heart) you” statement of support for remaining in the ACC.

Virginia Tech has kinda, sorta been on the periphery of expansion discussion as well, although — much to the chagrin of the Richmond Times-Dispatch — that’s seemingly more related to a potential future interest from the SEC than the Big 12.

Late this past week, the Hokies became the latest school to publicly scoff at the latest round of expansion speculation, with athletic director Jim Weaver telling that his school is not looking at jumping the ACC ship.

“I can tell you I have not talked to anybody about relocation,” Weaver said. “Nobody whatsoever. But people write that stuff just to keep the topic hot.”

(Writer’s note: of course, Weaver doesn’t address whether anyone connected to Tech has spoken to other conferences about relocation.)

As for the speculation connecting other ACC schools to other conferences, Weaver said he takes his fellow AD’s words of commitment to the conference at face value.

“The thing about communicating with the ADs in our league is, I believe we can take their word for gospel,” Weaver said. “If they tell us there’s nothing to it then I believe them. They’re not going to lie to us.”

Of course they wouldn’t.

Also, for what it’s worth, Virginia athletic director Craig Littlepage was singing the same tune, telling the Times-Dispatch that the speculation connecting ACC schools to other conferences “is unfounded.”

“No one is talking about other conferences. No other conferences have been in touch with schools from the ACC,” Littlepage said.

(Photo credit: Virginia Tech)

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9 Responses to “Hokies happy in ACC, too; not buying expansion rumors”
  1. kcrobert10 says: May 27, 2012 4:06 PM

    Well since were speculating on conf shifting again I wish some one would just push the nuclear button. Let’s just get on with it and get to 4 supper conf. Virginia and va tech to sec. Nd, clemson, Fla st, miami, Georgia tech, Louisville to big 12. Pitt, cuse, duke, north Carolina to the big 10. Boise st, byu, and pick 2 out of Nevada, unlv, fresno st, Idaho, and Hawaii. Teams left out in the cold are Rutgers, uconn, Cincinnati, and Boston college. Bc is the only one with football tradition but someone is going to be on the outside looking in when its all over and they unfortunatealy don’t have a dance partner like n Carolina and duke to tack on to.

  2. beanengelby says: May 27, 2012 5:27 PM

    The a.c.c is going to blow up !!!!

  3. thefiesty1 says: May 27, 2012 5:51 PM

    VT happy and not interested in expansion because nobody wants them. They’d maybe fit in the MAC.

  4. halbert53 says: May 27, 2012 9:26 PM

    Super conferences max out at 16 teams. Big 10 is in holding pattern until they see what ND is going to do. SEC’s first choice would be Duke and NC as package deal to greatly bolster basketball, but that likely won’t happen unless ACC is raided by Big 12; backup plan would be NC State and VA Tech.

    Bottom line is whether Big 12 is willing to jump up to at least 14 teams (to leave a slot in hopes of landing ND) by adding teams such as Georgia Tech, Clemson, FSU and Miami.

    The TV rights assignment of the Big 12 members financially precludes teams from bolting from that conference. Having a conference championship game is a high risk, high reward decision for any conference in terms of a national championship game or 4 team playoff but a financial windfall. No conference championship game means you must have a high strength of schedule and no more than one loss (narrow loss to high ranked team) to make playoff. A conference championship game gives a team with one loss an opportunity to pick up a quality win, since a division champion typically is going to be a good team. Virtually forgotten in all the hate of the Alabama-LSU rematch is that OSU would have edged out Alabama for the second slot in the national championship game IF THE BIG 12 HAD EXPANDED SO THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN A CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.

    By and by, the Big 12 is going to overcome Texas and realize that the best long term solution is to join the SEC, Big 10, PAC 12 and lesser conferences in having a conference championship game. Once they realize that, expansion will follow and dominoes will fall.

  5. deadeye says: May 27, 2012 11:12 PM

    The SEC is in a bind.

    If the BIG12 nabs FSU, Clemson, and/or GT, that is tantamount to war being declared against the SEC. Of course BIG12 supporters would counter with the argument that taking TAMU and Mizzou was the declaration of war. And they would probably have a point. Oh, and by the way, the BIG12 is getting at least two of those three universities. Listen to this for details:

    The reason this is such a big deal to the SEC is that Texas, Oklahoma, and OSU would all gain recruiting inroads in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. That is the heart of SEC country, and the most fertile area for high school football talent in the nation.

    But according to the current SEC model for expansion, they have to go into a new area to increase their “footprint” for television revenue purposes. Realistically, that limits them to Virginia and North Carolina. Now because the BIG12 is sitting at 10 universities, they can accommodate six more new members. Doing the math:

    1 – FSU
    2 – Clemson
    3 – GT
    4, 5, 6 – ???

    Three open slots COULD in theory be filled by a Virginia school, a North Carolina school, and last but not least, Notre Dame. It would provide the BIG12 with a television footprint along the Atlantic coast from Florida all the way to Virginia. This is a huge move for the BIG12.

    Now I’m sure the SEC isn’t scared per se, but anyone can see that if these moves happen, the BIG12 on paper is every bit as powerful as the SEC, with a larger television footprint if I’m not mistaken. The SEC is going to have to make a seriously strong move to counter this amazing turn of events from the BIG12.

    I tip my hat to the BIG12, a dead conference has been resurrected.

  6. bradentonbuc says: May 28, 2012 1:25 PM

    You people must be bored

  7. guinsrule says: May 28, 2012 2:03 PM

    I doubt the SEC is worried about the Big12 gaining a recruiting footprint in the Southest. The ACC has been there for years and it hasnt hurt the SEC. Most recruits want to play for/against the teams they grew up rooting for/against and if there is a quality program nearby, that’s where they’ll go. How many Florida kids really care about playing Texas or TCU?

  8. pastabelly says: May 28, 2012 9:52 PM

    Clemson and FSU don’t seem like great fits for the Big 12 unless it’s just a money move and the Big 12 seems like a consolation prize for them as they both would rather be in the SEC. One thing is clear is that neither has much loyalty or interest in the ACC and, in the long term, Swofford should come up with a plan to replace them among Rutgers, UConn (probably the school the ACC member schools want least to do with), and Notre Dame.

  9. deadeye says: May 28, 2012 11:14 PM

    “Swofford should come up with a plan to replace them among Rutgers, UConn (probably the school the ACC member schools want least to do with), and Notre Dame.”


    I hate to break this to you pastabelly, but if FSU, Clemson, and GT leave the ACC, that will be followed closely by VT to the SEC and the ACC going away altogether, at least as a football conference.

    When all of this realignment is said and done, there will be four power conferences: Pac-12, BIG10, BIG12, and SEC. Expect the SEC to get VT and either UNC or NC State. If UNC does not go into the SEC, they’ll go into the BIG10. Look for the BIG10 to get UVA and possibly Maryland.

    If FSU really does follow through with their plans to leave the ACC, it’s going to be a bloodbath.

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