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Mike Riley puts to rest Wisconsin rumors

Oregon v Oregon State Getty Images

Thursday night, a mild maelstrom erupted when a report surfaced that long-time Oregon State head coach Mike Riley was set to interview for the vacancy at Wisconsin.

Almost immediately, those in the area covering the team began poking holes in the report.  Today, a pair of one-two punches delivered by the coach himself has seemingly brought the report to its knees.

Earlier this afternoon, Riley told‘s Joe Schad that he “has not interviewed, isn’t scheduled to interview and has no interest in Wisconsin.”  After practice Friday, Riley acknowledged that there was interest on the part of Wisconsin — and he wasn’t even entirely sure of that — but laughed off the speculation as, in essence, nonsense.

“There is no scheduled interview, I have not talked to anybody from Wisconsin and that’s the truth, that’s everything I know,” Riley said by way of a video on Cliff Kirkpatrick‘s Corvallis News-Gazette blog. “It’s pretty amazing to me that you all are asking me about this.  I have not talked to anybody from the University of Wisconsin.”

Riley allowed that he was both amused by the report and flattered by the interest, but reiterated that his “intention is staying at Oregon State. That’s what I’m going to do.”

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17 Responses to “Mike Riley puts to rest Wisconsin rumors”
  1. bender4700 says: Dec 14, 2012 8:24 PM

    The line about “no interest” is a direct quote right?

    Still don’t buy it till someone else is hired.

    Lots of times these guys say they haven’t talked to anyone, leaving out “directly, indirectly is another thing”.

  2. phuckosu says: Dec 14, 2012 9:07 PM

    Brian kelly said the same thing when at Cincinnati about ND

  3. surly1n1nd1anapol1s says: Dec 14, 2012 9:09 PM

    Disappointing. As a Wisconsin hater, I’d welcome this hire.

  4. acmepackers says: Dec 14, 2012 9:10 PM

    Love it that no one wants a Big Ten job

  5. normtide says: Dec 14, 2012 9:20 PM

    For those who boasted about UW facilities on the last thread. UW is almost last, of the b1g schools. Outside the top few schools, threes B1G isn’t known for good facilities.

  6. wolftalkblog says: Dec 15, 2012 1:17 AM

    Norm tide, read the last sentence of your own article regarding Wisconsin facilities. And how does someone
    “hate” a college of university or even their
    team? How childish are you?

  7. normtide says: Dec 15, 2012 1:46 AM

    Wolf, read the first sentence said article. Contrary to what you think, I have enjoyed some UW football. Of late, I have found the fan base a little pretentious. I suppose the author of the article is an idiot, with no education as well? This is another article I based my opinion on.

    Also, I have actually enjoyed some UW football. There are very few things I hate.

  8. madtownthrowdown says: Dec 15, 2012 5:33 AM

    As i’m sure you’ve figured out Normtide. I’m a huge Wisconsin fan. Your above article is very true. The thing that kills me the most about the big ten/Wisconsin especially is that the end goal always seems to be the Rose Bowl. Don’t care about the Natl champ. game just want to get to the Rose Bowl. And also people like Barry Alvarez. How is Wisconsin supposed to get a coach (head coach according to Alvarez) from another school, if he is just there to micromanage and say we are going to get a coach that wants to play Wisconsin football? AKA Barry Alvarez type of football. I wish i wasn’t latched on to the nipple for Wisconsin football because though I don’t think there is a much better gameday experience then Madison, I would like to be able to cheer for a team that can get over the hump and not settle for mediocrity every year.

    Here is a question though (Urban Meyer related). Do the SEC/Big Ten fans actually think this guy is going to do well for years to come? I think if he does well it’s because the big ten is weak right now and he can thrive off of that. But I also think he got out of Florida when Tebow time ran out because he isn’t all that great of coach. What has he done with one of HIS recruiting classes? (and i’m asking because I am probably wrong but I just remember something like 8-5 seasons???)

  9. madtownthrowdown says: Dec 15, 2012 5:38 AM

    About this article however. I think Wisconsin in the end will find a coach who does pretty well and will continue the straight line of Tampa/Orlando/ and your occasional Pasadena. For anyone who has never attended the Capitol One bowl it’s worth the trip pretty good time and it your a drinker (Insert Wisconsin drinking jokes here) I believe it is church street on New Years is one heck of a time.

  10. wolftalkblog says: Dec 15, 2012 7:29 AM

    Normtide, my first comment was based on first article you attached regarding facilities. Yep, not so good now, as you pointed out. What you apparently missed was the last sentence about what ahead. The reality is closer to your second article with many truths in it. Big 10 isn’t the SEC, and most people who really understand get that. That is not to say that Madison, as the article pointed out, is not one of the finest experiences in college football. It is. And it is also a place where a quality coach should see as a very good job. And in all honestly, UW was one win away from being oh so close to the National Championship game just a few years ago that I so not see why, on a given few years with a quality coach, they cannot at least threaten for a top 5+. I think most of us are good with that. As your article pointed out again, it’s still one hell of a way to spend a Saturday. And that’s a big part of the whole big picture. We happen to think it’s quite fun to run the ball with big plodding lineman and enjoy the rest of the world making fun of us. And when we do win, it’s even more fun. No pretention here. Feet firmly on the ground. I know where we are at. But we have a lot to offer a coach. And we love the experience of college football. Even if we don’t win.

    The comment about hating want directed at you, it was the child father up the chain who used the word “hate”. We have enough of that in our world. My apologies since you felt it was directed at you. And thanks for the articles. Always interesting stuff..

  11. metroplexfrog says: Dec 15, 2012 9:31 AM

    Riley isn’t going there with all the things he has at OSU. UW will find a good coach.

  12. normtide says: Dec 15, 2012 10:01 AM

    Wolf and madtown- tbh, I know the facilities are being built, but if you ask me, the thing UW needs to look at is paying assistants. They are the ones doing one on one coaching. You have to be able to retain these guys. As for Urban, he is a good coach sitting on top of the best recruiting ground in the B1G. His problem is he does not handle losing very well. If a coach in the B1G can get his number for a couple years, he will be gone. Best of luck to UW on the coach search.

  13. madtownthrowdown says: Dec 15, 2012 10:39 AM

    I think we can all agree on them needing to pay assistants more. The problem is I only get to sit at my house and on a cold metal bleacher seat on saturdays. The problem in my mind is Alvarez. He has an enormous ego and thinks people should just want to live where it is 5 degrees in the winter. For what we pay to have tickets to these games i’d expect coaches could get paid a little more. But i’m not the one with the say in that. So instead i’ll just stick to, and this is also why we wont ever get a top flight coach. Sure hope we can finally get a coach who can win the big games though. Or at least be a thorn in Urban Meyers side.

  14. madtownthrowdown says: Dec 15, 2012 10:43 AM

    And We can’t pay people??? 17th isn’t bad. C’mon Alvarez!! Time to pay up.

  15. wolftalkblog says: Dec 15, 2012 6:09 PM

    Norm tide, true that. I don’t quite understand the staff turnover. It probably does come down to cash. I will venture another thought, with nothing to back up. I have read between the lines a few times that Brett B. wasn’t a fun guy to have as a boss. I suppose if the money is there and one doesn’t like the boss it’s easy to leave. As a former HC and as an AD, Barry should know this. Probably does and it’s an issue for the Board at UW. I, too, would think it would still be an attractive position for some quality HC’s looking to move. Then again, my gut tells me it will end up being a current OC or DC at a major school looking to run his own ship. I see Ash threw his hat in the ring, current co-DC. Has a standing offer with Arkansas. Short term this whole mess will put Bucky back a step. The real question will be whether the next HC can take things to another level. That might be hard to do. Although I have to tell you, Brett may not have had the program he used to have. And it wasn’t all just the staff turnover. Over 7 years he had a losing record to the top 4 teams, fired the line coach after one game (maybe justified, maybe not; but not a great way to attract other line coaches) and make some real questionable calls during games. I do think its possible to improve with the right hire. Bret will represent The Hogs very well and is a hard worker. But I really didn’t think he would last at UW. This is a good
    move by him. And maybe the rest of us needed to move on as well. We’ll see. But we are left trusting in Barry. Yep, I am nervous about it, too. Good observations on your part.

  16. pdcooper08 says: Dec 16, 2012 12:55 AM

    Disappointing. As a Wisconsin hater, I’d welcome this hire.

    Wisconsin would only be as lucky to have Mike Riley as their head coach. He’s a solid indivdual and coach in a difficult market to recruit in.

  17. wolftalkblog says: Dec 16, 2012 1:21 AM

    Yea, I agree, Coach Riley does a real nice job. What I admire most is that he appears happy at OSU and doesn’t want to get
    Caught up in hirings. The facts, I believe, are pretty simple.
    Most of the successful HC’s are preparing for a bowl game.
    They don’t want the distraction of job discussions. And the fact of the matter is most are probably happy where they are. Maybe BA hires a current major college coach. But more than likely we get an current OC or DC. Which may work out real well. I also believe timing is everything. Doeren and Chryst would be interested, I think. But Chryst needs to be committed to Pitt (even though his daughter still goes to school in Madison) and has a 6 million dollars buy out. Doeren took a good job at the time it was open. But if UW opened up first it might have been different. Who really knows. Only a select few know, and they aren’t talking.

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