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Updated: Chip Kelly is the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Oregon v Kansas State Getty Images

Apparently, Oregon coach Chip Kelly did outgrow the small pond of Eugene. So to speak.

Ten days after it was reported by multiple media outlets that Kelly would be not be the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles — with Kelly’s own boss gushing over the coach’s honesty through the whole situation — it appears Kelly has had a change of heart.

Per ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Kelly is the new coach of the Eagles. An announcement is TBD., and 247Sports are among the other outlets now reporting that Kelly will in fact be the coach of the Eagles. The Pac-12 Network’s Bryan Fischer reports that the deal came within the last 24 hours, meaning the Eagles made another run at Kelly after an unsuccessful coaching search.

Via Oregon’s Twitter page, Kelly informed the school he will in fact be the new coach of the Eagles.

Kelly had been linked to multiple NFL openings over the past month, including those with the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills. The fourth-year coach reportedly interviewed with those organizations after the Ducks’ Fiesta Bowl win over Kansas State earlier this month and was, at one point, even said to be close to inking a deal with the Browns.

Kelly is 46-7 in four years as head coach of the Ducks with four BCS bowl appearances. Oregon’s offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich is expected to be promoted to succeed Kelly.

Oregon will face the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions — reportedly this spring — as the program continues to deal with the fallout of the Willie Lyles recruiting scandal.

Updated 12:50 p.m. ET: The Eagles have announced that Kelly is the team’s new coach in a release.

“Chip Kelly will be an outstanding head coach for the Eagles,” said  Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. “He has a brilliant football mind. He motivates his team with his actions as well as his words. He will be a great leader for us and will bring a fresh, energetic approach to our team.”

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34 Responses to “Updated: Chip Kelly is the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles”
  1. bengalsstillsuck says: Jan 16, 2013 12:17 PM


  2. houndofthebaskervols says: Jan 16, 2013 12:20 PM

    I’m in shock, never thought I’d see this. Well it will be interesting no doubt.

    The big question now is, has Oregon given up on Chris Petersen?

  3. cosanostra71 says: Jan 16, 2013 12:27 PM

    Sanction City.

  4. pdcooper08 says: Jan 16, 2013 12:28 PM

    Congradulations to you Chip, I think it was time to move on to the next level. Good luck in your future.

  5. minibull says: Jan 16, 2013 12:29 PM

    Sounds like he wanted to go back to the Ducks… then he heard what the NCAA was going to do to them….

    Would it be fair to say he “Pete Carroll’ed” Oregon?

  6. bucrightoff says: Jan 16, 2013 12:39 PM

    Obviously the upcomming sanctions at Oregon are going to be pretty damaging if he’s bolting for a mediocre job he already passed on.

  7. minibull says: Jan 16, 2013 12:44 PM

    I think the telling point about the sanctions will be if he takes his OC with him to the pros or not. If he brings Helfrich with him, the Ducks are going to get -hammered-…

  8. woebegong says: Jan 16, 2013 12:44 PM

    Shades of Pete Carroll. Why stay around to see what the NCAA Infractions Committee will hit them with.

  9. theuglitruth says: Jan 16, 2013 12:50 PM

    Sux for the commits….yesterday was the deadline. What a rat!

  10. Irootforaconferencebecausemyregionsucks says: Jan 16, 2013 12:53 PM

    I hope nobody points out how LSU got away with paying Willie Lyles large sums of money while Oregon will get the guillotine for doing the same. That would make my SEC look bad.

  11. silverdeer says: Jan 16, 2013 12:57 PM

    I hear that Pat Haden has a coach that seems to do well during sanctions. He would probably be willing to give him up for a new pair of Nike’s.

  12. mungman69 says: Jan 16, 2013 1:03 PM

    Let Chip fall where he may.

  13. phreakin says: Jan 16, 2013 1:07 PM

    I have a feeling Kelly, Oregon and the Eagles had a deal last week but agreed to not say anything until the recruiting commitment date passed. If that’s true everyone involved should be ashamed

  14. slartibartfast4242 says: Jan 16, 2013 1:19 PM

    This should be great news for USC west fans. They don’t have to wet their pants in fear of facing Chip anymore, and when they can Lame Kiffin, their number 1 target is feeling the heat from ever so fickle Philly fans and looking for a way out. yay…. trojans…?

  15. normtide says: Jan 16, 2013 1:24 PM

    Can’t even imagine it – ESPN commercial

  16. beaverbeliever78 says: Jan 16, 2013 1:27 PM

    As much as the argument about sanctions makes sense I don’t think it would change his mind in that short of a period of time. I imagine that the Eagles came back with an offer that grants Chip more control over the team (from a management perspective) than previously offered.

  17. jaxputter says: Jan 16, 2013 1:29 PM

    National signing day isn’t until Feb 6th- so kids still have some time- just not much.

  18. Deb says: Jan 16, 2013 1:45 PM

    Wait … what?

    I don’t know whether to feel worse for Oregon or Philly.

  19. mhalt99 says: Jan 16, 2013 1:53 PM

    National signing day isn’t until Feb 6th- so kids still have some time- just not much.

    when you say kids, and college football, don’t you actually mean unpaid labor who is required to serve a minimum 2-3 year “internship/indentured servitude” whilst producing billions of dollars in revenue for the corporation as well as saving millions to hundreds of millions for the NFL as they as a result do not need a farm team or developmental leagues.

    if so, yeah the “kids” will be good. glad someone somewhere cares.

  20. lasseter1113 says: Jan 16, 2013 2:59 PM

    Remember when former EAGLES Qb Ron Jaworski said, “I’m not a Saban guy because I don’t like liars”? Now his beloved Eagles hire a guy that LIED to his team saying he was staying put and that he wasn’t going to go to the NFL. Then two weeks later they have to find out via TWITTER that he IS going to the NFL. How much you want to bet that now he changes his stance on how he feels about liars? That or he will spin this story to make it look like there was nothing wrong with what Chip Kelley did and that it somehow doesn’t compare to the Saban scandal (lmao).

  21. cpickles18 says: Jan 16, 2013 3:05 PM best reaction to the announcment!!

  22. pdcooper08 says: Jan 16, 2013 3:29 PM

    This should be great news for USC west fans. They don’t have to wet their pants in fear of facing Chip anymore

    FYI – not this year, but the year before that, after they had pissed their pants, they went out and worked the Ducks a good one. In fact, I think they did it up North at Nike U. You don’t want to remember that one do you.

    Yes, the Ducks beat us pretty good this year, I’ll give you that. But I doubt anyone was or will be in fear of playing in that game.

  23. phillyphannn83 says: Jan 16, 2013 3:39 PM

    presser scheduled for Thursday at 1:30 pm est

  24. tide4life says: Jan 16, 2013 3:53 PM

    lasseter1113- yeah, wonderin’ here if the fickle and feckless members of the sports media will fling the same handfuls of sh*t [at Kelly] they are still flinging at Saban . . . .

  25. crazyfootballfun says: Jan 16, 2013 3:53 PM

    OK, DEB….now i am mad! why didn’t he leave 2 weeks ago? now we are 2 weeks away from signing recruits. A kid in so Cal just tweeted, ” he was recruiting me in my house 2 days ago! ” I like Chip. I thought he was up front and until this, he was. This though, not fair to Oregon. I know, i know, college programs fire coaches all the time, but Chip should have left 2 weeks ago and given us at least a dang month before signing day.

  26. hardballtalkusername says: Jan 16, 2013 4:06 PM

    My guess is that the Eagles didn’t want to give him all the personnel control that Chip wanted so he decided to go back to Oregon. Upon other candidates rejecting the job, Philadelphia decided to cave on Kelly’s demands and now he is the new coach of the Eagles. I dunno but I just don’t think sanctions played that much of a role in this unless he heard something in the past 10 days, after all why we he be willing to return in the first place if that was such a big factor. Lastly, this isn’t like Saban as Chip hasn’t had a press conference since immediately following the Fiesta Bowl.

  27. Deb says: Jan 16, 2013 4:34 PM

    @crazyfootballfun …

    Not a lot surprises me in football, but this one really did throw me for a loop. I just don’t get it. You had me convinced I’d been too hard on Kelly, that a weekend is a reasonable amount of time to consider a career change of that magnitude. But as you say, why announce you’re staying at Oregon, then two weeks later announce you’re taking the Philly job? What on earth happened during those two weeks?

    I can’t help wondering whether, like Carroll with USC, Kelly is expecting Oregon to be sanctioned. If that’s the case, I’d like to knock Goodell in the head. I am vehemently opposed to the NCAA punishing schools while the coaches and players involved move on to the NFL. The league could and should stop allowing these guys to just move on up. And the NCAA should stop slamming coaches and players for what their predecessors may have done.

    If that’s not the case, then why drag it out for the last two weeks?

  28. crazyfootballfun says: Jan 16, 2013 4:46 PM

    I am totally with you on this, Deb- i wasn’t just trying to convince you- I believed it. Until now Chip has always been upfront and this one surprised many of us. I was getting a bit worried because he had not spoken out once on his decision and that seemed a little odd. Also completely agree that college coaches whose teams get sanctions should not be allowed to leave until those sanctions are paid. If the team is penalized for 2 yrs, guess what? The coach should be penalized for the same 2 yrs….no changes. What do you know about LSU and their Willie Lyles dealings? did they get sanctions on that- I thought they got a hand slap, but maybe i am wrong. There are 2 schools of thought here…that the NCAA refused to accept the Ducks findings purely because of wording on 1 particular issue, and that the penalties are going to be minor. The other school…we are going to get hammered. I have no idea. I actually think it was not a factor in Chip’s decision to leave…guessing he got the autonomy he was demanding . the guy wouldn’t leave for money, but he wants to call the shots. Heck, he would give up money to call the shots. Anyways, let me know what you know about seem to be able to find out the real scoop. I am really disappointed you were right about the Chipster on this!

  29. onbucky96 says: Jan 16, 2013 4:47 PM

    Pete Caroll must have talked to Chip about bailing on your school when the NCAA hammer is about to drop.

  30. kozbee says: Jan 16, 2013 5:09 PM

    I bet Kiffin is as happy as a wet trojan.IMO Chip should of stayed,a better future was at Oregon.

  31. Deb says: Jan 16, 2013 6:15 PM

    @crazyfootballfun …

    I followed the story on CFT. Several schools purchased scouting reports from Lyles’s company–which wasn’t a violation of NCAA rules. The problem is with schools that appeared to pay Lyles for steering players their way.

    As far as I know, LSU paid only $5,000 or $6,000 for reports on JUCO players and could document what they received for their money. Oregon, on the other hand, supposedly claimed to have paid $25,000 for the same or similar info? I’m not sure if there’s more to Oregon’s NCAA troubles than that, but I believe LSU is in the clear on this.

  32. swu32733 says: Jan 16, 2013 6:28 PM

    Must be a large payout from Nike U to the NFL.

  33. crazyfootballfun says: Jan 16, 2013 7:58 PM

    thanks for the info Deb. Guess we will find out if the sanctions are minor or a big deal. Right now we have recruits waffling big time, so Chip’s delay in announcing is hurting us big time. At the same time, if the Ducks didn’t want him, they wouldn’t have cared about the timing either, but i still am swearing about it!

  34. lasseter1113 says: Jan 17, 2013 1:04 PM

    hardballtalkusername says:
    Jan 16, 2013 4:06 PM

    “Lastly, this isn’t like Saban as Chip hasn’t had a press conference since immediately following the Fiesta Bowl.”


    So just because he didn’t have a press conference it’s okay to lie to the the fans, the school, the players, and the new recruits and make them believe you are staying??? I mean Oregon’s AD was gushing as reports say at Kelly’s honesty and “thrilled” to get the call on a Sunday night that Kelly would remain the head coach at Oregon. Two weeks later its SPLITSVILLE!!! But go ahead SPIN SPIN SPIN AWAY!!!

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