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Statement from Arkansas’ Jeff Long denies interest in Texas AD job

Long, Jeff AP

And then there were two.  Or, more than likely, one.

Over the weekend, a report surfaced that Texas had zeroed in on three finalists, West Virginia’s Oliver Luck, Arkansas’ Jeff Long and Arizona State’s Steve Patterson, to replace DeLoss Dodds as UT’s men’s athletic director, with Luck serving as “No. 1 and 1A” on Texas’ to-do list.

Sunday evening, Long issued a statement through the university in which he stated he is “proud to be a Vice Chancellor and the Director of Athletics at the University of Arkansas” and is “not seeking a position or engaged in the search process of another University.”

Long, along with Patterson, were expected to be interviewed by the eight-member search committee this week.  Luck has already begun the interview process.

It’s believed that the job is Luck’s to lose, with an announcement coming at some point after Saturday’s UT-WVU football game.

Anyway, here’s the text of Long’s statement that not only takes him out of the running but seemingly denies he was in the running in the first place, in its entirety:

“I do not comment on the searches of other Universities or on unsubstantiated rumors. I am proud to be a Vice Chancellor and the Director of Athletics at the University of Arkansas.  Further, I am not seeking a position or engaged in the search process of another University.

“We have a tremendous amount of work to do to move our entire program forward and with the support of Razorback fans we will succeed.  I have an outstanding team of coaches and staff to work with and have a deep appreciation for their work with our student-athletes. 

“Chancellor Gearhart is a tremendous leader and a man of high integrity; it is a privilege to work for and with him.  I have also great appreciation for the support of President Bobbitt and our Board of Trustees.  Together we have made critically important decisions to advance our athletics program during my time with the University and we will have more important decisions in the future.

“I am excited to lead this program and I am energized by the the prospects of providing the student-athletes and coaches the facilities and resources they need to compete and excel in the SEC and nationally.”

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10 Responses to “Statement from Arkansas’ Jeff Long denies interest in Texas AD job”
  1. polegojim says: Nov 4, 2013 9:59 AM

    So… Arkansas is a model of success right now to imitate and emulate?

    Why would TX want that?

  2. burntorangehorn says: Nov 4, 2013 11:44 AM

    Exactly. Petrino was a good hiring, and Arkansas isn’t an easy place to win these days, but I fail to see what the appeal is here. Maybe that he did OK dealing with the Petrino fallout?

    No thanks. Tom Jurich, please.

  3. wps501 says: Nov 4, 2013 7:02 PM

    Jeff Long is better than the other 2 options and Arkansas is a better program than both of the other programs. It prett much shows hoe irrelevant Texas has become. Jeff Long is one of the best AD in all of college sports and Texas would be lucky to get someone of his caliber. Back in the day, Texas could have just called anyone they wanted and the conversation would be over but now nobody would leave their current job for Texas unless it wasn’t near as good of a job. Texas is a joke in all sports now and that’s why top AD are turning them down. There’s no excuse for Texas sucking so bad considering they have probably the largest recruiting areas and the largest university in their state. Texas is a joke and that’s why nobody wants to go there. They’re better off firing Mack Brown and making him AD because they will have to settle for the AD at UTEP, Idaho, Deleware State or some program like that if they want an AD from another university.

  4. villainousjake says: Nov 4, 2013 7:56 PM

    wps501, that’s one of the silliest things that I’ve had the displeasure of reading today. Of course those guys are going to deny interest in the job. It’s been said numerous times that the only way Luck doesn’t get the job is if he totally bombs the interview. The other two candidates would be stupid to admit interest in a job they are long shots to get. Why would they piss off people at a job they currently have and will likely have after the Texas job is filled? Also, Arkansas being a better program than Texas… Really?

  5. wps501 says: Nov 4, 2013 8:40 PM

    Villianousjake, did I ever say that Arkansas is a better program than Texas? I’m sorry that you’re so ignorant that you have a problem comprehending what you read. Jeff Long doesn’t want to go to Texas. I’m sure Luck is the only one who’s interested because West Virginia is a program than is only getting worse so he’s better off getting out before he’s let go and Texas would be a great place to go because they have so much money. If you can’t win at Texas, you’re not going to be able to win anywhere. If Jeff Long was to go to Texas, he would have that program on top in all sports, but there’s not a chance he’s going to go there. He has a good thing going at Arkansas and he doesn’t want to leave what he has built. So Jake the Dumbass, you might want to read everything 2 or 3 times before you respond to it because you just made yourself look like an idiot. I’m sure people who know you know you’re an idiot but you just let those that have no clue who you are see you’re an idiot too. Maybe you should live up to your username and go steal you an education.

  6. greggatx says: Nov 4, 2013 10:39 PM

    They all deny any interest until it is a sure thing. Nobody in their right mine would refuse an AD job at a high profile university with deep pockets. Texas can have just about anyone they want, but they need to choose wisely.

    villainousjake: I agree with everything you said except that last sentence. wpss501 was not comparing Texas and Arkansas.

    wps501: As far as Texas being a joke in all sports I have to disagree with you. A couple of seasons of poor performance does not make you a joke of sports. Even nick saban had four very bad years at Michigan State. And his first year at alabama was pretty pathetic. Anyone that turned down a job offer like this would be an idiot or insure in their own ablity to succeed and produce a winner. I know AD and head coaches have very big egos and this job can make or break them.
    Hook’em Horns!!

  7. villainousjake says: Nov 5, 2013 12:27 AM

    wps501, I see where I misunderstood what you wrote, but it doesn’t change the fact that your obvious, seething, hate of Texas clouds your judgement. On a side note, if I was going to write a long, sustained attack on someone else’s intelligence, I would make damn sure that I spelled the person’s name right.

  8. wps501 says: Nov 5, 2013 1:01 AM

    The reason I said they’re a joke is because there’s no reason they shouldn’t be competing for championships every year in all sports because they have everything they need or want in their own backyard. There’s not many schools that are the top school in a state that is a state that produces the most top players in the country. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be playing in the conference championship game every year and in at least a BCS game every year. They have everything they need right there to be the best every year but they seem to have a problem doing anything. I don’t think that Texas is the school in Texas anymore. I think Texas A&M is a better program now and even Baylor. A&M is in the SEC so I think they get the edge over Baylor. Baylor is succeeding in all sports right now so they have a good argument about being a better program than Texas. If A&M was still in the Big 12, there’s a good chance that they would have gone to to the championship last year and would be undefeated now looking at returning to the championship. Texas uses to make fun if A&M about being the little brother to Texas, but I don’t think they can make that joke anymore. I know y’all aren’t going to like what I’m about to say, but I think A&M could say that Texas is there littke stepbrother now and Baylor is the big brother to Texas.

  9. wps501 says: Nov 5, 2013 3:55 AM

    Villainousjake, I’m sorry that autocorrect changed the spelling of your name. It tends to do that on a regular basis without me noticing it. It’s also does it regularly on words that don’t need it. If the incorrect spelling of your stupid name, is all that’s wrong on what you call a “a long, sustained attack” then I don’t think I did too bad. I don’t think you should attack the grammar of a person a person with 3 college degrees, an MBA and a Doctorate’s Degree. My believe my accolades speak for themself and I don’t need you trying to bash me for the misspelling of something that is made up.

    As for my “obvious, seething, hate for Texas that clouds my judgment” as you put it, that would make sense if I hated Texas. I don’t hate Texas. I really have no reason to hate them. Arkansas doesn’t play them anymore do I have no reason to have any hard feelings towards them. I wasn’t old enough to understand the rivalry at the time it was in its prime. All I’m saying about Texas, they have resources available to them that majority of teams don’t have and will never have available to them in their own front and backyard and still can’t take advantage of it and be successful year in and year out. You give any other large program their resources and I bet those programs would be successful on a regular basis. There’s no reason that Texas shouldn’t be competing for a Big 12 Championship, National Championship or at least be in a BCS Bowl every year. To say otherwise is pretty ridiculous. Not only are they in the 2nd largest state by population and usually have the most highly rated recruits every year, they also neighbor Louisiana which produces highly rated players every year and are in decent proximity to California, where they can go and recruit with success, which is the largest populated state in the country and produces ample amount of highly rated recruits too. I believe Mack Brown is the problem, but it seems like they’re at a school and location that is perfect for getting anything you want that Sandusky could be released and hired there and be able to get the players they need every year to win conference and national championships. There’s just no excuse to not win regularly there. I have a hard time understanding it. The last two Heisman Trophy winners came from the state of Texas and he didn’t even try to recruit them. I think he went after RG3 but recruited him for a position other than QB. Just off the top of my head you think of Lamichael James being from Texas. If one was to sit down and come up with players from the state of Texas that Texas passed up on, you would come up with a list of Consensus All Americans. That right there is a problem if recruiting which goes back to the coaching staff. I think Texas would benefit from having Brown resign and hire him as AD and try to lure Muschamp away from Florida. I have no hate for Texas. I don’t care for them and I think it’s pretty irritating to have everything a football program could ask for knocking your door down and you turn them down or don’t pursue them. I guess it wouldn’t matter if you were still going out and winning championships regularly without them but when you’re not and you’re seeing other teams be successful with players that should be at your program, it has to be frustrating. I have no experience as an AD or HC, but I bet I could come in and hire a HC that would put a staff together and recruit players that would be on top every year or be a HC that would win championships like Alabama is currently doing.

  10. villainousjake says: Nov 5, 2013 7:48 AM

    wps501, you don’t have to defend your intelligence to me, as I didn’t question that. You’re clearly a smart person. I just thought that the “misspelling the name” thing showed a carelessness (like when I misunderstood what you wrote).

    I just totally disagree with your assessment of the Texas athletics program. Just because A&M (who I am a big fan of) and Baylor are doing better on the field currently, doesn’t mean they have the better program. If they stay better, then your points are more valid, but it’s looking like Texas is on the upswing (look how much improved the defense is just by adding Greg Robinson…Greg. Robinson.).

    I also think that your first post was hyperbolic, while your last one was much more rational. In the end, I don’t see how anyone can deny that the UT jobs (AD or coach) aren’t some of the most attractive jobs in college sports.

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