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Texas AD on SEC scheduling policy: Everyone else already does that

Steve Patterson, Bill Powers

If you thought the new scheduling policy adopted by the SEC was groundbreaking or innovative, think again. Texas Athletics Director Steve Patterson certainly was not impressed with the bold new direction fo the SEC.

The SEC’s new scheduling policy will keep an eight-game conference schedule with protected crossover games between divisions and require all SEC members to schedule at least one game against an opponent from the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten or Pac-12. It has not been received well at LSU, where AD Joe Alleva and head coach Les Miles have voiced their frustrations. Patterson’s reaction?

Patterson has said before, numerous times, the possibility of reuniting with Texas A&M on the football field is not likely to happen anytime soon. The new scheduling policy for the Aggies and the rest of the SEC could have opened the door for Texas to lock horns with its historical rival, but Patterson is not entertaining the idea.

Texas will play UCLA in Arlington, Texas this upcoming season. The Longhorns also have games against schools from the other power conferences in 2015 (California), 2016 (at California), 2017 (Maryland, at USC), 2018 (at Maryland, USC), 2021 (at Arkansas), 2022 (Ohio State) and 2023 (at Ohio State). Texas also has games scheduled with Notre Dame in a four-game series played over five years between 2015 and 2020.

The bottom line is Texas will not be likely to have any room to accommodate a game against Texas A&M even if there was an interest in doing so from either side.

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28 Responses to “Texas AD on SEC scheduling policy: Everyone else already does that”
  1. auburntigers34 says: Apr 28, 2014 9:08 PM

    Everyone also plays a conference championship game….except Texas and the Big 12.

  2. jsjuba says: Apr 28, 2014 9:28 PM

    And Big XII is also the only power conference that plays a full round robin schedule…we decide it in the regular season. There is no need to make up for only playing barely more than half your conference foes.

  3. planecrashguy says: Apr 28, 2014 9:29 PM

    Wasn’t the B12 the first BCS conf to play a championship game?

  4. auburntigers34 says: Apr 28, 2014 9:34 PM

    the Big 12’s first conference championship game was in 1996. the SEC’s was 1992.

    the Big 12 pretty much has to play a round-robin schedule, since they only have 10 teams. Texas and OU are probably more than content to keep “their” conference at 10 teams.

  5. deucez2 says: Apr 28, 2014 9:54 PM

    I predict this comment thread will contain a lot of well-thought, measured responses from Big12 and SEC fans alike.

  6. greenwave81 says: Apr 28, 2014 11:13 PM

    And yet for years the schedule Texas has been playing is not nearly as tough as the schedule that must be played by members of the SEC West — especially Auburn’s, LSU’s and Arkansas (who get Georgia, Florida and the Cocks, respectively, as their permanent cross division rivals). Beginning this year A&M get’s the Cocks as their cross division rivals. Playing through the SEC West and then getting those teams from the East is bloody murder.

  7. thefiesty1 says: Apr 28, 2014 11:15 PM

    Maybe they can all play New Mexico State every year.

  8. planecrashguy says: Apr 28, 2014 11:17 PM


    My apologies, you are correct. I got the two leagues flip flopped relative to championship games. I do remember that first B12 championship game very well, James Brown throwing that 4th down pass from deep in his own territory with a few minutes left.

    The impact of SoS with respect to the new play-off system remains to be seen. Clearly the conferences themselves think it’s going to be important, but there is no established metric yet I’m aware of that defines what part it will play. Besides, the selection committee or whatever they are being called will tweek the process just like the BCS did throughout its tenure.

  9. auburntigers34 says: Apr 28, 2014 11:28 PM

    no problem, planecrashguy.

    i wasn’t sure when the Big 12 played their first CG until i looked it up. Hopefully, they’ll be able to add a couple of teams in the near future and get back to playing a championship game.

    with the new playoff system, it seems like CGs will be more important than ever, when it comes to helping to sort things out.

  10. goodfieldnohit says: Apr 28, 2014 11:34 PM

    Patterson just needs to STFU. They fired a guy who won them the National Championship, and hired the 9th guy on their list to replace him.

    Saban, lol.
    Harbaugh, lol.
    Other Harbaugh, lol.
    Briles, lol.
    Sumlin, their first choice for a black head coach, lol.
    Mora, lol.
    Shaw, their second choice for a black head coach, lol.
    Pete Carroll, lol.

    That’s a lotta braggadocio for a team that is scared to play Texas A&M.

  11. planecrashguy says: Apr 28, 2014 11:48 PM

    But if you are the B12, who would you invite? BYU seems like an obvious choice, but where to from there? Cincy? Memphis? USAFA? If the B12 adds glorified mid-majors just to get to a CG, what good would that do them? I think their best teams would be better off using that extra regular season game to play a quality non-conf opponent, similar to what FSU did when the ACC was weak.

  12. auburntigers34 says: Apr 29, 2014 12:30 AM

    No offense to either team, but I wish that they could take A&M and Missouri back and the SEC could go back to 12 teams. :)

    BYU would be a great fit. How about Houston or SMU?

  13. sportsguy3434 says: Apr 29, 2014 8:45 AM

    Steve Patterson misread the quote. He thought they were talking about running conference opponents off permanently to the pac 12, b1g, and sec. Texas has been helping do that for years.

  14. hrudey says: Apr 29, 2014 9:01 AM

    Everyone does that obviously does not apply to Baylor, who plays SMU, Northwestern State and Buffalo out of conference and hasn’t played an OOC game against another BCS conference since Wake Forest in 2009.

  15. dhardy8207 says: Apr 29, 2014 9:07 AM

    goodfieldnohit say;

    “Patterson just needs to STFU. They fired a guy who won them the National Championship, and hired the 9th guy on their list to replace him.”


    Uumm, no they didn’t fire him. He voluntarily resigned to take a job making almost 5 mil less yearly and he gets to hobnob with all those billionaire boosters….Who wouldn’t trade 5 mil a year to be able to do that…. 😉

  16. chunkala says: Apr 29, 2014 9:34 AM

    The hypocritical problem is that Big 12 now wants a CCG with only 10 schools, the same proposal they blocked for years when the B10 and Big East made the same requests.

    In terms of expansion candidates (if necessary):
    1) BYU – almost a done deal 2-3 years but in typical BYU fashion, they went crazy with their demands and probably have burned this
    2) Cincy – execs not sure if they move the needle enough but I wish they had been brought in with Louisville a few years
    3) Air Force – school looked into it but realized that they wouldn’t be able to compete in
    4) Memphis – brings FedEx sponsorship, nothing else

  17. coolhorn46 says: Apr 29, 2014 9:50 AM

    Take a look at the list above my post and you’ll see why there’s no groundswell for the Big XII to expand. A serious question…Which of those four teams would any other conference be willing to add? I’m not bagging on BYU, Cincy, Air Force, or Memphis…each has the potential to someday play in one of the P5 conferences, but they’re not nearly there yet.

    BYU is the most-ready of the four, and was, at one point, seriously considered for Big XII membership, but as was pointed out, some things were said, some demands made, that didn’t sit well with the conference, and these days, I think that IF the Big XII considers expansion, they’d look east, not west. West Virginia is on an island as a Big XII member and I think that getting them a traveling partner is a consideration.

    Whatever Deloss Dodds’ position was regarding expansion, he’s no longer the UT A.D. Steve Patterson is, and he’s more open to innovative ideas. U.T. doesn’t oppose the Big XII adding a couple more teams, but they have to be teams that bring something to the table for the Big XII as well, and right now, there just aren’t any of those teams out there available for expansion.

    Reference the discussion of playing a true round robin schedule versus playing in divisions and having a CCG, the round robin schedule is harder to get through undefeated, and a real champion is made on the field. That would be true for the other conferences too, but they can’t do it because they have more than ten teams. Sometimes, bigger isn’t necessarily better.

  18. wolfman55h says: Apr 29, 2014 9:57 AM

    Looks like UT has replaced one pompous ass AD (Dodds) with another. Anytime you Austin flower children want to join the SEC and real football you let us know. We ll have a Beevo bar b que in Baton Rouge, or Tuscaloosa, or Athens, or …

  19. coolhorn46 says: Apr 29, 2014 10:32 AM

    So much for trying to have a rational discussion here. The SEC homerism makes that impossible. Keep patting each other on the back, since that’s what you do best, and I’ll just look for someplace where the fans don’t derive their identity from the conference their favorite school happens to be in. It’s been real, and it’s been sorta fun. We go.

  20. dhardy8207 says: Apr 29, 2014 11:00 AM

    coolhorn46 says;

    “The SEC homerism makes that impossible. Keep patting each other on the back, since that’s what you do best, and I’ll just look for someplace where the fans don’t derive their identity from the conference their favorite school happens to be in”


    Like you don’t take up for your conference and your favorite team? If not you wouldn’t be a frequent visitor to this site. Just because others see it differently doesn’t mean we are all incapable of having objective views of the subject. Look I will be the first to admit that some fans just can’t have a productive debate because of their bias towards their favorite team. But realistically thats EVERY fan to a certain extent and yes my longhorn friend that includes Texas and you…

  21. v2the4 says: Apr 29, 2014 11:47 AM

    Baylor played UConn the week after they played Wake Forest and lost….Uconn was in the then big east, which was a BCS conference…

    not all big 12 teams play BCS quality opponents every year(looking at you Kansas St and Texas Tech), but here are the B12 non conference opponents this year:

    SMU(AAC), Northwestern St(FCS) at Buffalo(MAC)..pathetic

    Iowa St: North Dakota St(3 time defending FCS champ, beat K-State in 2013 opener), at Iowa(B1G) Toledo

    Kansas: SE Missouri St(FCS), @Duke(ACC), Central Michigan(MAC)

    Kansas St: Stephen F Austin(FCS), Auburn(SEC), UTEP(C-USA)

    Oklahoma: LaTech(C-USA), at Tulsa(AAC), Tennessee (SEC)

    Oklahoma St: Florida St(ACC-@Cowboys Stadium)
    Missouri St(FCS), UT-San Antonio (C-USA)

    Texas: North Texas(C-USA), BYU(Ind), UCLA (Pac-12, @Cowboys Stadium, part of a day/night doubleheader with Texas Tech/Arkansas)

    TCU: Samford(FCS), Minnesota (B1G), at SMU(AAC)

    Texas Tech: Central Arkansas(FCS), @UTEP(C-USA), vs Arkansas(SEC, at Cowboys stadium, part of day/night doubleheader with Texas/UCLA)

    WVU: vs Alabama(SEC, @Georgia Dome) Towson(FCS), at Maryland(B1G)

    tale of the tape:
    vs ACC: 2 games FSU, Duke
    B1G: 3 games: Iowa, Minnesota, Maryland
    PAC 12: 1 game UCLA
    SEC: 3 games: Arkansas, Auburn, Alabama

    9 games vs power conferences
    8 games vs FCS schools
    5 games vs Conference USA
    3 games vs American Athletic Conference
    3 games vs MAC
    1 vs Independent

    going forward, here are opponents scheduled for Big 12 schools:

    WVU: 2015-Georgia Southern, Maryland
    2016: BYU at FedEx field

    Texas Tech:2015
    Sam Houston State UTEP at Arkansas
    2016 Stephen F. Austin at Arizona State
    2017: Arizona St, at Houston
    2018 Houston
    2020 Wyoming
    2021 at Houston
    2022, Wyoming, Houston

    2015 at Minnesota SMU Stephen F. Austin
    20162017 South Dakota State at SMU – Arkansas
    2017 SMU, at Arkansas
    2018 Ohio St, at SMU
    2019 at Ohio St

    Oklahoma St: 2015- At Central Michigan, Central Arkansas, UTSA
    2016 Central Michigan, Pittsburgh, McNeese St
    2017 at Pitt, Rice, at South Alabama, Tulsa
    2018-South Alabama, Boise St, Central Michigan
    2020 South Alabama
    2021 at Boise St

    Oklahoma: 2015-Akron, at Tennessee, Tulsa
    2016 UL-Monroe, Ohio St
    2017 at Ohio St
    2018 UCLA, Army
    2019 at UCLA
    2020, at Army
    2021 NEBRASKA (rivalry renewed)
    2022 at Nebraska
    TBA: home and home vs LSU

    Kansas St 2015 South Dakota, at UTSA LaTech
    2016 Charlotte 2017 Central Arkansas 2018 UTSA 2019 Bowling Green

    Kansas: 2015: South Dakota St, Memphis at Rutgers
    2016-Ohio at Memphis, Hawaii
    2017 at Hawaii, Central Michigan, at Ohio
    2018 at Central Michigan, Rutgers
    2019 at Houston
    2020 Houston
    2023/2024 Illinois, at Illinois

    Iowa St:
    2015: Nothern Iowa, Iowa at Toledo
    2016 Nothern Iowa, at Iowa, San Jose St
    2017 Nothern Iowa, Iowa, at San Jose St
    2018 South Dakota St, at Iowa, Akron
    2019 Nothern Iowa, Iowa, at akron
    2020 South Dakota, at Iowa, UNLV
    2021 Northern Iowa, Iowa, at UNLV
    2022 at Iowa
    2023 Northern Iowa Iowa

    2015: at SMU, Lamar Rice
    2016 Northwestern St, SMU at Rice
    2017 UTSA, Duke
    2018 at UTSA at Duke
    2019 Incarnate Word(for real..Ricky Williams is the current RB coach there), UTSA, at Rice
    2021- Liberty.

    09/05 – at Notre Dame
    09/12 – Rice
    09/19 – California
    2016 Notre Dame UTEP at California
    2017 Maryland UCF at USC
    2018-at Maryland (at FedEx field), USC
    2019 Notre Dame
    2020- at Notre Dame
    2021-at Arkansas
    2022/2023 home and home vs Ohio St

  22. drummerhoff says: Apr 29, 2014 1:17 PM

    This is all about Strength of Schedule …

    The SEC has so much SoS, they need 8 games in conference so they don’t beat each other up too much…
    The ACC has too little SoS, so they’ll go with 8 in conference because they NEED an extra-tough game to improve their SoS.

    Everyone know this, but no one is saying it.

  23. coolhorn46 says: Apr 29, 2014 3:25 PM

    @ dhardy…I will always stick up for the Horns, not-so-much for the Big XII. My background was the old SWC, and I never got carried away by the Big XII, even when Nebraska, Colorado, Mizzou, and agricultural were still in it. It always felt sorta like a shotgun wedding to me, and yeah, I resented the idea that the Big 8 somehow “rescued” the four SWC teams. We brought by far the biggest tv markets into that conference.

    I’m a UT fan, but I’m NOT a UT “homer”. I am capable of discussing college football at any level with fans of any team or conference. I’m also capable of criticizing UT when and where needed.

    Yeah, I’ve come on here in the past trying to carry on civil discourse, but it’s kinda like being a masochist…the guy who beats his head against the wall because it feels so good when he stops. It’s so in vogue these days for every school with problems to blame UT for those problems. Hell…If I were trying to defend UT against all of those complaints, it would be a 24-7 job. As for UT running scared of the SEC, check the Horns’ record against that conference and you’ll find it’s patently not true.

    I love college football as much as the next guy, and I love my Horns as much as you love your teams. I don’t mind smack talk at all, but mama taught me better manners than to insult somebody just for the sake of making me feel better.

    Okay, I got what I wanted to say off of my chest. I think from this point, when I come back on here, I’ll just lurk, since trying to have a discussion seems to be pretty pointless.

  24. h0c2000 says: Apr 29, 2014 4:50 PM

    The Aggies have found greener pastures. Too bad for bevo and tu.

  25. dhardy8207 says: Apr 29, 2014 5:11 PM


    I agree with your sentiments above, I am a serious BAMA fan and I like yourself, have to deal with every Joe and his brother making derogatory comments about the Tide, the coach, the university, and hell the whole state in general. I was raised the same way, can’t say anything nice, keep your mouth shut. But unfortunately everyone wasn’t raised that way. I think some come on here and act like that because they are so socially inept that they have no other social interaction.

    Don’t let anyone discourage you from posting your thoughts on any thread. There will always be trash talkers and some that just can’t grasp the concept that their opinions are not annointed and carry no more weight than anyone else. That is what makes this site great, fans that LOVE college football having the opportunity to connect and debate the various aspects of the sport. I know some don’t understand how to go about this task without insults and stereotypes, but that shows their ignorance not intellect.

    I love college football and always have and I guess one of the positive things among many about the Bama/Auburn rivalry is that it will make you thick skinned.

  26. coolhorn46 says: Apr 29, 2014 5:35 PM

    @ dhardy…LOL…Yep, UT and OU makes you pretty thick-skinned too.

    I don’t discourage all that easily, and since I spent a long time in the media, I can swap insults with the best of ’em. I just prefer that it all be kept in good fun…and yeah, there are a lot on this site, and some other places I surf, that don’t get that concept.

    I love UT, and love for them to win, which they do a whole lot more than they lose, but my life isn’t built around my team affiliation. By the way, don’t get me wrong about the SEC. I respect what the conference has done for the last decade or so, but in truth, it’s built much like all the other conferences. The top two or three teams in the SEC hang well with any other conference’s top teams. There’s a middle ground in your conference of good to sometimes great teams, then a lower echelon of teams that spring an occasional upset, but virtually never win titles.

    The SEC got the right team out of Texas. A lot of fans of the agricultural school live, breath, eat, and dream TAMU. They insist on maroon cars, try to grow maroon carrots, and insist on singing the aggy war hymn at their weddings. You should also know that they do such things as throw horse dung on the band of their big rivals. That’s a little over the top for me, but at least, they’ve gotten into their new culture well, shouting “S-E-C” at any and every opportunity.

    I’ll still post here from time to time, and nope, I don’t care how many neg reps I get…but I would like it if, like you and I have done, I can get into some rational discussions of college football. I’m certainly enough of a fan to be interested in what’s going on in other conferences and sections of the country. Besides, who knows…if the Big XII blows up someday, the burnt orange and white might be headed to another one of those neighborhoods.

  27. dhardy8207 says: Apr 29, 2014 6:32 PM


    Yes indeed, I do agree that all conferences have their cream of the crop and then every conference has those teams that are a hit or miss event to see a conference championship let alone a national championship. Several mentioned Vandy earlier in relations to the SEC, I think Vandy is not as competetive on the field because they’re like Duke they put more into academics as far as you have to have a higher GPA to apply and be accepted. Those type of institutions are more geared to cater to the professional degree such as medicine, engineering, and other such degrees. Every team has their season, as my dad used to say; “the sun shines on a dogs’ arse every now and then”. BAMA has been elite for awhile and hopefully will continue to be for a spell longer. Who knows with the play off system maybe the horns and the TIDE will meet again soon….

  28. psl1196 says: Apr 29, 2014 9:18 PM

    Everyone accepts as fact that the SECis the toughest conference. Have not Mizzu and aTm proved that to be questionable? Their performance in the SEC seems just as good or better than their performance in the Big XII.

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