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Texas A&M to meet ‘behind closed doors’ to discuss Longhorn Network


And here we go again.

Sort of.

Texas A&M’s Board of Regents was already set to meet this Thursday and Friday to discuss a variety of topics. Now, they’ll add a closed-door session to discuss the specifics of Texas’ Longhorn Network, set to launch next month.

A source close to the situation told the Houston Chronicle that the agenda item has been named “Big 12 Conference“.

Now, before anyone’s suppressed memories of last summer come charging back in a fit of rage, the agenda is supposed to be information only, including specifics regarding ESPN’s ability to air high school games on the network (which A&M has questioned before), and no action (i.e. a move to the SEC) will reportedly be taken.

InsideTide’s Twitter account has a different opinion on the matter, but we’ll let you judge this one for yourself; A&M has reportedly threatened to leave the Big 12 on a couple occasions.

However, the source did state the obvious: that the LHN puts the Big 12’s other nine members at a multi-front disadvantage, including, and most importantly, a financial one.

The LHN has been inked as a 20-year, $300 million deal. And while A&M claims they are a committed member of the Big 12 today, such a long-term partnership with one member institution could (shocker) create a rift down the road at some point.

But let’s remember a few things:

  • The Big 12 was stitched back and held together with dollar signs. Each and every member of the new Big 12 is getting significantly more money than they were a year ago. Not bad for a conference that was on the verge of collapse.
  • In fact, Texas A&M and Oklahoma are getting a larger amount than seven other Big 12 institutions.
  • The LHN isn’t a surprise to A&M, or anyone else for that matter. This isn’t a knee-jerk meeting, either.
  • A&M, despite its best efforts, isn’t going to beat Texas on the bottom line agenda. No way, no how. Ohio State and Florida can’t even beat Texas (financially, that is).

Does that mean A&M can’t be concerned over the LHN? No.

But, emotional decisions are bad business moves, and it would seem for the time being that A&M should gather all the facts before bolting anywhere.

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13 Responses to “Texas A&M to meet ‘behind closed doors’ to discuss Longhorn Network”
  1. bmac34 says: Jul 19, 2011 10:38 AM

    Too bad noone cares because you are in a league where if you aren’t utexa$ or uokla(in a little brother kinda way – sorry the truth hurts uokla) you don’t matter. You are all texas’ heram and that makes you bitches. Why don’t one of you (texa&m it’s you or nobody) grow a pair and leave this lopsided craptastic mess of a conference to die like it needs to. You’re like teenage girls with no self esteem.

    War Eagle!!

  2. drozman says: Jul 19, 2011 10:40 AM

    Texas A&M in SEC West and VT in East by 2015…puts SEC in Texas and Virginia. This expansion didn’t go away after last year. There are a few teams that would dump the Big 12…at least Mizz would anyway. If the SEC gets serious I could even see going to 16 with maybe Clemson, GT, FSU and a surprise team that may make A&M move easier. SMU?

  3. gorilladunk says: Jul 19, 2011 12:47 PM

    @bmac34….I assume from your closing line that you are an Auburn fan. Do you really think that Auburn is one of the major players in the SEC? I know they bought, I mean, won the Nat’l Championship last season, but when I think SEC I think of about 5 or 6 schools before Auburn even crosses my mind.

  4. bmac34 says: Jul 19, 2011 12:57 PM

    Gorilladude- we are one of a ten twelve team league and, therefore, we receive 1/12 of our conferences annual haul. Don’t care who you dream about being a fan of in the greatest league on earth. Only that we are a top 15 program in the history of college football, and that we bow to noone in our league. Ask Urban or Nick.

  5. cleanslaton says: Jul 19, 2011 1:37 PM


    #1. Use punctuation, grammar-check, and spell-check before you submit your next post. You further cement the SEC’s reputation as the ‘Special Education Conference’. Example: ‘Did you hear about the fire in the Auburn School library? Yeah, none of the books got burned, but they still had to close it because all of the Crayons melted.’
    #2. Do you really think that your Auburn national championship is going to last? The NCAA has no problem with stripping national titles. Gene Cheesedick seizes-up & gets angry every time a reporter asks/insinuates about NCAA investigations. The Auburn football office better hope that the state of Alabama doesn’t learn to read–or else some newspaper reporters might just find something in an open records request to take down another clean-cut, bible-beater.
    #3. Get used to being a one-hit wonder.

    With an extra $300 million+ in store for my longhorns, why wouldn’t aTm want to sit down and mope? We’re in the same state-school system, yet Texas has proliferated and aTm borrows money from itself. The football program at Texas is self-sustaining. If those poor little aggies ever pulled their heads out of Reveille’s butt–they’d realize that Texas has accrued more national interest & therefore makes more money because of national championships–[aTm has an asterisked 1939 one–I hear there was a famous war that year], in addition to being centrally located within the state in comparison to college station, there’s more to do in Austin, and Texas is completely devoid of the idiotic, small-town Nazi-fireworks-display-type ‘traditions’ that involve lots of whooping and hissing. At least OU doesn’t do that stuff. Poor, poor jealous Aggies.


  6. thefiesty1 says: Jul 19, 2011 1:58 PM

    Nobody else wants the AGGIES either. They still wouldn’t win enough to make a difference. They’ll just have to continue to take the HORN’S leftovers or go independent like BYU and see how their finances go straight down hill.

  7. bmac34 says: Jul 19, 2011 2:02 PM

    mr clean- your program produces soft crybabies. your coach is a joke. he picks the players he wants from a great state for football talent, then does bob stoops’ laundry every thursday. austin is a wonderful place…if you could only get rid of the people.

  8. gorilladunk says: Jul 19, 2011 3:37 PM

    @bmac…I was prepared to engage in some intelligent dialogue until I read that “we are one of a ten twelve team league” followed by “we are one of the top 15 programs in college football history”. Those two statements alone pigeon hole you as a sixth grader who has NO CONCEPT about the history of college football or a second grader who is just learning the idea of sentence structure. Don’t worry, you’ll pass second grade before you get your drivers license. Now, go back to watching cartoon network.

  9. ukeone says: Jul 19, 2011 3:47 PM

    The entire state of tEXAS should be blown off the face of our map (or let it humanely disect itself and fall into the sea). An entirely different breed of living creatures and carnivores lives down there in Austin (and surroundings) that have nothing in common whatsoever to do with anyone or anything else in the Big 12, in this country or with the whole of our human race. To be someone from Texas is to be totally arrogant, rude, disrespectful of anyone else but themselves (of course), and are easy to put down (or put to death) others because they have no respect for life in general. (The sooner we all go to electric cars, the sooner the big oil-rich tEXAS tycoons will have to start promoting their oil rigs to producing ‘asshole lube’…that’ll reduce the price of oil in this country to about $.09/barrel). Hmmm. just think of it: BEVO-lube! It could catch on!

    In regard to the LHN…I assure you that unless you are actually from that God-forbidden state, no one in their fucking-right minds outside of the tEXAS would want to watch a game from there, let alone a high school one. ESPN made a deal with Lucifer to get this network going…and I hope it burns their pocketbooks by $300M.

    If A&M wants to preserve some level of decency, they (and any other tEXAS or Big (ha-ha) 12 institution still under their dirty-ass influence) should abandon all ties with Austin (the capitol of HELL), and move toward a more equitable working relationship in the SEC or elsewhere in college football ASAP (because anywhere is better than wiping a Longhorn’s asshole for all ETERNITY). Missouri, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor (along with A&M)…take note…band together and leave Dodge, the Beebe-boobe, and back-stabbing bros OU & OSU as soon as you can. Find a decent home elsewhere so that tEXAS can fan for itself…and OU & OSU can continue to feed of their crumbs (after all, that’s what they really want all of you to do anyway).

    LHN should be independent & alone with their own kind. Stay behind….and you are the bitches of Austin! I hope and pray that the $300M tEXAS boasts of making gets shoved up Bevo’s ass where they’ll have to dig for it for all eternity. Maybe some good ‘ol tEXAS oil can be used as lube.

    You’d all need a tEXAS-sized dose of aspirin to manage the Austin-inspired headache you will get if you take the advise of this article-writer and stay in the BIG 12. LEAVE & LIVE…REALLY!!!

    By 2015: the BiG ‘oily’ 1 (+2…maybe)!!!

  10. mdnittlion says: Jul 19, 2011 8:10 PM

    Either take the money and shut up or man up decide with your pride and cost your school cash in the long run. There really isn’t anymore choices.

  11. cmatt56 says: Jul 19, 2011 9:24 PM


    You should apologize to anyone with the misfortune of reading your words. The ignorance and stupidity in your comment has tainted my mind. I hate ut, I really do. I hate the city of Austin, but nothing you wrote made sense. It was hate filled words spewing from the mind of an idiot.

  12. ukeone says: Jul 20, 2011 2:15 AM

    @ cmatt56

    “I hate ut, I really do. I hate the city of Austin,…”

    What hypocracy! ‘Hate is hate’ (whether you use 100 of my spewed words or your ‘compassionately worded’ 12). What’s the end result: the same thing, duche bag! “We both hate ut…we really do!”

    My words were purposely ‘designed’ to be rediculous, senseless & and as hate-filled as possible because I was (after all) talking about tEXAS: the epitome of ignorance, stupidity, and lack of compassion for their so-called conference-mates, for whom I have a great deal of compassion for.

    Yes, I hate tEXAS…so what! I admit it…And ‘SO DO YOU’….The only difference between what you said & what I obviously “spewed” was that your response was a stupid & ignorantly feeble attempt to blend ‘a little compassion’ with your hatred of ut….”yes, you really did.” “I hate UT…I really do”….(let’s just not express it that much, right?! Uh-huh…)

    Apologies to YOU? Hell no! If you didn’t like what I said, just don’t read it, & by all means, don’t respond to it either. Please, don’t ‘taint’ my mind further with your twistedly-less worded yet ‘shared’ hatred of ut…you poor, confused hypocrite!

    You know, you ought to work for Texas prison’s death row system…as I bet you’d give all the condemned a similarly ‘less-worded greeting card’ b4 you ultimately push the final button, reading: ” I don’t like the death penalty, but I hate you & will still compassionately (but legally) murder you…I really will!” (That’s a part of Texas’ culture I despise and ‘hate’ the most.) Man, Ut must be so fortunate you didn’t verbally ‘hate’ them as much as I obviously did.

    Oops! There I go…tainting your mind again. cmatt56. Well, I’m certain you couldn’t utilize my advise by not reading this response because your curiosity certainly got the best of you (to see if I would rspond to you)….and you did read this…so, how ‘misfortunate’ this must be for you…You sugar-worded, fellow ut hatemonger, You!

  13. cmatt56 says: Jul 20, 2011 12:23 PM

    Texas is a great state. It’s probably the most self sustaining state in the US, largely due to oil, something people need (like it or not). That’s why more people there are able to keep, or find, their jobs in the recession. The death penalty isn’t as overused as you seem to think, it’s reserved for (repeat) offenders of hanous crimes. Austin blows, it’s like every freak in the state is drawn to it. What I wrote was regarding your complete lack of knowledge, yet willingness to rant, on anything Texas.

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