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Storm Klein reinstated to Ohio State

Eric Page, Tyler Moeller, Storm Klein AP

Well, that didn’t take too long, as I suspected it wouldn’t.

One day after the formerly ex-Ohio State linebacker Storm Klein reached a plea agreement in his domestic violence case, Urban Meyer has in fact reinstated the senior to the team.

He will face at least a two-game suspension, however.

“As I had indicated previously, if there are any changes in the charges against Storm, I would re-evaluate his status,” Meyer said in a release. “The charges that would have violated our core values have been totally dismissed. I have spoken extensively to members of both families and that has prompted me to re-assess his situation and allow him back.”

Klein’s plea agreement was made so that he could potentially return to the team. He was dismissed from the team over the summer after he allegedly “violently and purposely grabbed” his girlfriend by her arms and slammed her into a door. However, Klein’s girlfriend said he “didn’t hit her, didn’t intend to hurt her” and that “she wanted the charges dropped,” per court documents.

The decision on Klein’s reinstatement — one way or the other — needed to be made quickly because classes at OSU are starting up. The senior started 10 games for Ohio State last season, but likely won’t be a starter this season.

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12 Responses to “Storm Klein reinstated to Ohio State”
  1. thraiderskin says: Aug 23, 2012 9:55 PM

    I’m not sure how I feel about this (like it matters)…

  2. normtide says: Aug 23, 2012 11:05 PM

    I a totally and fully against any domestic violence. However, many times anger plays a role in stretching the truth. This seems to be the case here. A man should never put his hands on a woman in anger, but that does not give a woman the right to hit a man either. My policy is to let both sides cool down and then hear the story. Civility goes both ways.

  3. vincentbojackson says: Aug 24, 2012 1:12 AM

    Sitting out two non-conference games will teach him a lesson.

    Way to confirm our suspicion that there’s still no accountability at OSU.

  4. mauldawg says: Aug 24, 2012 1:43 AM

    UM has never changed.If you can help win a football game you can do anything short of killing someone and still paly for him.Just take a look at the players the played for him at FSU.He is one of the worst.Football games come first,winning above everything else.OSU fans should be proud to have him as head coach.College football has become a school of thugs and bottom feeders.Being a criminal gets you a free education.One given to you not earned.

  5. canetic says: Aug 24, 2012 7:37 AM

    What a shock. Nobody could have predicted this. I guess at OSU “indefinitely” means until you are needed for football season. Why doesn’t Honey Badger just transfer there?

  6. bigbuckeye76 says: Aug 24, 2012 9:16 AM

    Apparently her family agrees that he should be reinstated. Not sure exactly what really happened between these two, but remember its football…priorities people.

  7. dkhhuey says: Aug 24, 2012 10:47 AM

    I was not there that night, nor was I there in court, nor was I there when Urban talked to all parties involved. I do not know any of the parties involved but I have been involved in enough divorce and domestic violence court cases to know that when situations get heated, people say and do things that did not actually happen just to get even, get revenge, or prove a point.. Given that, I will go with the decision Urban made since he is much closer to the facts than any else on here passing judgment on the situation they aren’t even remotely knowledgeable about!

  8. brutusbuckeye2011 says: Aug 24, 2012 11:09 AM

    Here we go again. All the disgruntled Florida Urban Meyer haters need to get the facts straight regarding this incident. Storm Klein did not hit his girlfriend. They were having an argument. He told her to leave and she refused. She was in his face yelling and making a scene. In her words he “wrapped his arms around me to get me out of the house.” This is a far cry from beating somebody up.

  9. ndrocks2 says: Aug 24, 2012 12:31 PM

    Brutus you sound like you were there, you have stepped in. Look no one is surprised that he is playing again. But in the heat of the moment the police were called for a reason. Good or bad cooler heads got together later and got their story straight that allowed this to happen. What happened that night is more than likely not as simple as we are told now.

    Happens all the time look for the video on the net from a couple of days ago of the high school basketball player who just got three years prison after a similar situation. Who was crying as much as anyone? His old girlfriend who called the police. People feel guilty they are ruining these kids life and in retrospect downplay the incident to give the guys a second chance.

    Make the most of it Storm and don’t make people regret it with a repeat misunderstanding.

  10. dmarado says: Aug 24, 2012 1:46 PM

    Storm Klein apparently couldn’t afford tOSU without a scholarship. Making a mistake shouldn’t cost you your education. The two-game suspension is a fair punishment for an incident that has been dismissed. Klein is what, 21? I’m sure many of the commentors on this blog were not the calmest people around at that age. He made a mistake, he paid the price.

  11. bigbuckeye76 says: Aug 24, 2012 8:50 PM

    Sure…”a mistake” just like OJ. Another athlete that that is sent a clear message, do whatever you want and you can get away with it because you play football.

    Hope this punk never sees the field.

  12. thetooloftools says: Aug 25, 2012 12:58 AM

    it is what it is.

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