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NCAA denies USC request for reconsideration of sanctions

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Pat Haden was hoping for a quick turnaround by the NCAA on his request to have his football program’s sanctions reviewed/reduced.  While the athletic director received the expediency for which he was looking, he didn’t get the response he would’ve preferred.

Saying “[t]here is no comparison between USC and Penn State,” the NCAA announced Friday that it has denied the former’s appeal, adding that there will be “no further consideration given” to the school in regards to its sanctions.

The NCAA had announced Tuesday that it would, beginning next year, be restoring some of the scholarships Penn State had lost as a result of sanctions stemming from the Jerry Sandusky scandal.  Haden, who had a previously-scheduled meeting with the NCAA on unrelated matters, used the opportunity to request that scholarship restrictions on his Trojans football team — which end this year — be eased or some redress be given to the program.

In a statement posted on one of the school’s official websites Thursday, Haden described ‘“outside the box’ solutions to the scholarship issues resulting from the injuries and transfers experienced by our football team over the past three seasons.”  It was never specified what Haden had proposed to the NCAA.

While the Trojans’ full allotment of 25 scholarships will be restored for the 2014 recruiting class — they had been stripped of 10 annually from 2011-13 — they will still be limited to 75 instead of the normal 85 scholarship players next year.  More than likely, that was the area in which Haden was seeking some type of relief.

In 2015, USC will be permitted to get back to the 85-scholarship limit.

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22 Responses to “NCAA denies USC request for reconsideration of sanctions”
  1. 8to80texansblog says: Sep 27, 2013 12:27 PM

    There’s a shocker….

  2. YouMadCauseImStylingOnYou says: Sep 27, 2013 12:29 PM

    Took them 24 hours to figure this out for a 2nd time.

    We’re here at Day 106 since the Committee on Infractions wrapped up their hearings on Miami.

  3. gatorprof says: Sep 27, 2013 12:30 PM

    Why did USC think that they would get any sympathy from the NCAA? They stonewalled and stonewalled. When it was finally nailed down, they hired the cleanest coach in college football. Kiffy.

    Well, the joke is on USC. The NCAA hammered them and they have Kiffy as a coach….at least for this year.

  4. thekatman says: Sep 27, 2013 12:55 PM

    Well, what do you know? The NCAA is consistent on this issue. Doesn’t say much for the integrity of the NCAA though.

    And yes, the PSU and USC cases are very similar in the way the sanctions and penalties were doled out. Both schools were hit with unusually heavy penalties, of which no other school has been dealt thought those schools had significantly great infractions of NCAA student-athletes rules.

    So, when does USC go after the NCAA in court? Once that happens, the NCAA will buckle under its own BS, just as they’re doing with the Todd McNair case. Can’t wait to read about the continuing saga of NCAA lies and deceit with that one.

  5. gatorprof says: Sep 27, 2013 1:02 PM

    PSU and USC have zero in common from an infraction perspective.

    USC was a dirty program according to the NCAA. PSU covered up for a pedophile long after he retired. One just involves cheating at football according to the NCAA hypocritical rules, the other involves criminal behavior and sacrificing children to a pedophile.

    Couldn’t happen to a better program. The stupidity of hiring Kiffin is amazing. It was like giving the NCAA the finger. The best part is that Kiffin is an awful coach. Great call all around.

  6. overratedgators says: Sep 27, 2013 1:10 PM

    In a statement, the NCAA added: “Fuck Lane Kiffin.”

  7. uscatjerseyshore says: Sep 27, 2013 1:17 PM

    USC lost 30 scholarship for not knowing a player’s family was taking money from a wanna be agent with a criminal record

    Penn State lost scholarships because members of the coaching staff and administration stuck their heads in the sand for 52 charges of child rape involving 10 different kids and had some of those scholarships returned.

    The NCAA is right in their statement “[t]here is no comparison between USC and Penn State,” Basically they’ve said it’s not as bad to cover up criminal activity involving a heineous act compared to USC not having oversight over NCAA policy being broken 150 miles from campus. No comparison at all.

  8. Slim Charles says: Sep 27, 2013 1:26 PM

    Yeah, USC’s defense should simply be “They covered for a serial child rapist to protect the football program. We didn’t know a guy got free money.”

  9. 10kmp says: Sep 27, 2013 1:29 PM

    ***Disclaimer*** Not a fan of or affiliated with either program in any way whatsoever.

    The USC and PSU cases are polar opposites. USC’s indiscretions were FOOTBALL RELATED. PSU’s issues were CRIMINAL in nature.

    The NCAA is a clown show run by a$$ clowns and any decision rendered by that (dis)organization shouldn’t surprise anyone. They’ve proven to be inept and kowtow to public pressure. Having said that, the difference between the USC and PSU cases is stark and dramatic and I can see why PSU received some relief and why USC did not. Bush (star tailback) and his family directly and handsomely benefited due to his status as a prime member of the USC football team. Sandusky is a pedophile. His actions were his own. Jerry Sandusky’s criminal behavior did not benefit the PSU football program or any member thereof in any way whatsoever. He is a creep and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law… but the PSU football program taking a huge beating thru no fault of their own is, in my opinion, unfair.

  10. pacific123ocean says: Sep 27, 2013 1:58 PM

    It is wrong that kids who had nothing to do with Reggie Bush, are punished for his actions.

  11. dcroz says: Sep 27, 2013 2:02 PM

    It’s quite simple: Whether the NCAA punishes you or gives you any relief while under sanctions depends on how wet of a kiss you put on the COI’s collective backside and whether you used the right shade of lipstick. Alabama found that out in the Albert Means case; USC is finding that out with this one. When the investigators come calling, you use the best silverware and china to serve them the freshest Beluga caviar and the finest French wine, put them up in the nicest 5-star hotel in the area (or build one if one does not already exist), supply them with the prettiest “hostesses” in town, laugh at all their bad jokes, tell them how wonderful they are…and they will either be unable to find anything or just wag their finger in your face once instead of twice as they tell you not to do whatever it was you did wrong again. Anything short of this, and they will call the wrath of God down on you. Face it, the “C” in “NCAA” is more and more standing for “Corrupt” or “Comedic” than it is “Collegiate”…which is why it likely will be stripped of its enforcement abilities over major college athletics sometime in the near future.

  12. ajarkoski says: Sep 27, 2013 2:07 PM


    This is to punish the school and athletics department. Most of these kids were either here at the time (given a free get out of jail card to transfer like some did) or they knew coming in that sanctions were coming. They either can blame themselves or the athletics dept.

  13. normtide says: Sep 27, 2013 2:24 PM

    If you hate the NCAA, stop watching. Stop supporting them. Just whining about them does nothing.

  14. mogogo1 says: Sep 27, 2013 2:54 PM

    This is why the NCAA is so on the ropes right now. There’s absolutely no logic to anything they’re doing.

    I don’t expect they’re ever going to rule on Miami…but they’re too stubborn to announce they’re just dropping it. I was rather stunned they backed down on Penn State, though I can wee why they did. But I can’t see at all how they justify these sanctions against USC standing being there was no evidence anybody related to the school was involved.

  15. craigmaitland says: Sep 27, 2013 3:09 PM

    Uscatjerseyshore nailed it. NCAA basically is telling us it will be lenient for a program that hides and covers up a serial child rapist. But will NOT show mercy for a programs who’s best player is paid to leave it early.

  16. Anoesis says: Sep 27, 2013 4:02 PM

    I think dcroz summed up the NCAA’s approach to any remotely possible rules violation: Suck our cock or we’ll punish you for years.

    norm: “If you hate the NCAA, stop watching.” A rather simplistic way to bury your head in the sand. The NCAA dictates college football. So if I don’t like the dictator I should just abandon the sport?

    Most of us would prefer that the NCAA find a way to reign in its enormous ego and become the fair and reasoned arbiter it was intended to be in the first place.

    Your comment, coming from someone in the enviable position of a fan of a team sitting atop the college football heap for a few years now, is beneath you. I expected better.

  17. floridacock says: Sep 27, 2013 4:08 PM

    Let me see. PSU gets involved with a horrendous act and cleans house of the coaches and executives with ANY involvement. Southern Cal hires Reggie Bush’s former OC as their head coach. Yea, no comparison.

  18. normtide says: Sep 27, 2013 4:26 PM

    Anoesis- your probably right. Trust me, I’m not in love with the NCAA. But, it’s the schools that give them their power. The money didn’t go to the NCAA, it goes to the leagues. The NCAA has hammered Bama before. I just don’t see what crying on this board will do to fix it. Write your AD’s and league commissioners. I’ve said before, if I go to eat, and hate the food and service, I simply don’t go back.

    Another issue is, every opinion differs about how college football should be run. It’s a unique sport, 125 teams and only 12 regular season games. Only about 60 teams actually have a chance at a title. Also, every big program has athletes that are breaking the rules. So yes, the system is flawed. But, I’ve yet to see a viable fix. Post solutions, not the same old gripes. One post, the SEC cheats and banish them. The next, by the same poster, stop punishing their school because the rules are bogus.

  19. swu32733 says: Sep 27, 2013 10:20 PM

    Just who the hell does USC think they are? Oregon!

  20. namriverrat69 says: Sep 27, 2013 11:24 PM

    Perhaps if Reggie Bush’s father had raped some children in the USC campus athletic showers the NCAA might have been more lenient. There is no logic to this. Even as people have stated USC’s in your face attitude, the NCAA is supposed to make their decisions based on the facts of the case (which involved a father taking money not the player), not hammer the school because they didn’t like the way they responded. Just the facts please.

    It sounds so much like Cam Newton’s dad trying to auction him off to schools. Even though he didn’t complete the transaction, he tried. But the NCAA looked the other way on that dirty deed because it was the great Cam Newton. By the way, I like Cam Newton but auctioning off Cam like that, Cam had to know what his dad was trying to do, just like I’m sure Bush did.

    Penn State, including JoPa sat on all those rapes for years and years and held that back from the NCAA.

    The argument that one was football and the other child rape makes no sense at all. They both involved the football programs. One was an assistant coach raping children within the football program in the athletic facilities and the other was a greedy father.

    The NCAA obviously has their priorities in the right place.

  21. cfuselier13 says: Sep 28, 2013 12:41 AM

    Honestly, as a father of 3 children I cannot believe that people on every sport site I go to can argue that reducing penalties for PSU is OK. I am one of the people who thought PSU should have got the death penalty and would have felt the same way if this was a school I supported. there is absolutely no excuse for their behavior in this situation.

    First, I am not a fan of either school and could really care less if USC got reductions or not, but you can’t use the argument that the players that are currently on the team had nothing to do with the situation so they should not be punished for PSU and dismiss that argument for USC. Also, all the coaches and players at PSU were given the opportunity to leave and not have to live with the sanctions, you choose to stay live with you decision and suffer.

    Second I can make the argument that PSU did have a competitive advantage by hiding this for the number of years they did. If this would have been handled properly and turned over to the authorities when it came to light, what do you think would have happened? I can make an educated guess and assume several things, one being PSU would have lost supporters and what does that mean a loss of MONEY. Also, some highly recruited players, 4 and 5 star players, at least at first would have chosen not to go to school there, which in some instances would have equaled more losses, which equates to a loss of REVENUE. I could go on, but the people that can follow logic can see my point, for those that can argue PSU was to heavily penalized, I doubt they will ever be able to see my point, so I will not try.

    DON’T sit here and try to tell me that PSU AD, coaches and everyone from top to bottom that made the decision to look the other way when they found out about this travesty, and let it continue to happen , was not thinking about the loss of MONEY and PLAYERS and school REPUTATION would do if they turned this over to the authorities.

    You can call me ignorant, brainless, redneck, whatever you want. The only penalties that I as a father think would have been sufficient in this case.

    PSU Football and Jerry S. – DEATH PENALTY
    The rest of the coaches and AD and school officials that knew about it – 10 years for every day you knew it was happening and failed to do the right thing (with a daily dose of RAPE) – and the right – BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THE GUY, THEN TURN HIM OVER TO THE POLICE , THEN GEN POP FOR A MONTH THEN DRAWN AND QUARTED

  22. scbaby2013 says: Sep 28, 2013 1:10 AM

    Not surprised that they upheld miami’s former AD paul dees decision. Hope and pray that they hammer Miami for their lack of institutional control, bet they don’t cus they love their Paul ‘jackass’ dee. Having kids who had nothing to do with Reggie bush continue to pay for his transgressionsa is just wrong.

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